December 14, 2011 – Jordanian Member of Parliament Abdul-Karim Abu-Alhayjaa, made it clear yesterday that his government would not be enforcing the Arab League decision to punish Syria.  His statement on the record was that Syria was too important to Jordan as a trading partner and as a leader of the Arab World.  We told you so in a previous post.  What this means is that Qatar’s single-minded effort to bully Syria into supporting  treasonous schemes has blown up, literally, in the face of Sheikh Humdrum son of Doldrum Incestuous Son of Madame Banana, the Qatari foreign minister.
Algeria is also griping about sanctions and is continuing flights to Damascus.  Iraq and Lebanon were never on board anyway with non-Arab Turkey now paying the price in billions of dollars in lost revenue. 


No broad smile can depict the pure frustration of Prince Podgy as he says “goodbye” to the Arab League sanctions against Syria

Syria’s sleep-inducing local committee elections went fine with little disruption.  The so-called dissenters, defectors and dissidents are learning that attacking infrastructure in the country has the effect of alienating the population.  Witness last week’s explosion (near Homs) of the pipeline leading to the refinery there.  All this attack did was slow down petroleum refinement and deprive ordinary Syrians of oil needed to keep them warm during their short, but somewhat chilly, winter.  Dr. Assad’s government is reaping generous rewards from the inane practices of these mostly rural, befuddled and incompetent “rebels”.

Some strange military events took place on Monday in Syria.  A skirmish was fought outside Qatana between terrorists and Syrian security units.  All this would be quite ordinary but for the fact that Qatana (being well known to me) is a few miles northwest of Damascus and hosts the largest forward armor base for the Syrian army (First Army Group).  I do not believe the report from Syrian government media which allege that terrorists were training at some camp outside Qatana.  And I don’t like to speculate about events in general.  What I am certain happened is a group of deserters were identified by either Political Security or Military Intelligence and were intercepted en route to another location by helicopter-borne commandoes who annihilated the entire group of traitors.

In Idlib Province, where much of the fighting is taking place between the criminals and the Syrian government,  two efforts to smuggle weapons in from Turkey failed miserably when well-coordinated ambushes were sprung on the miscreants resulting in four deaths.  Reports by internationally renowned liar, Rami Abdel-Rahman of the Syrian Observatory (sic) for Human Rights, that a Syrian army unit was ambushed by defectors is a made up story.  No such event took place.