THIRD POST – December 15, 2011- My sister-in-law spoke to my good friend, George, today who says his sister in Homs is just fine.  There’s some commotion around the Khaldiyya quarter of the city but business is going as usual despite the pathetic lying of Rami Abdel-Rahman, Tony Blair Liar’s Award laureate.  Fighting in and around Idlib to the north is sporadic and reflects the bankruptcy of the so-called defectors who apparently take pride in sniper-shooting legitimate Syrian soldiers.


This is the work of freedom-loving democracy activists in Syria.  The bodies of these fine soldiers are laid to rest after being shot to death by cowardly “patriotic” soldiers-terrorists-deserters

The Arab League Foreign Ministers committee is meeting this Saturday in Cairo to discuss the sanctions issue concerning Syria.  Damascus has agreed to allow monitors from the Arab League as a condition for the lifting of sanctions against the country and suspension of its membership.  But we at SyrPer suspect something better this time around.  We now can tell you that Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon will be lobbying hard to defeat Prince Blowhard’s efforts to isolate Syria.  Algeria is also suspected of being in Syria’s camp, never forgetting the support given to the Algerian resistance by Syria during the War of Independence against the treacherous French.  Algeria is under intense pressure from the French government with Alain Juppe, frenzied belfry denizen and cheap trick, regularly contacting President Bouteflika to warn him of “consequences” if Algeria fails to support the western track.  It is believed, however, that Bouteflika is not so far removed in time from his own revolutionary past and is being cajoled by others into following the path of Boumedienne, his predecessor.  What is surprising is Sudan’s position what with all the hoopla about its president’s troubles with the World Court.  We shall see.  But, we predict a day of gnashing of teeth for the beleaguered and inept scum F.M. from Catarrh, a man who is the product of an incestuous cross-pollenation of Madame Banana and her brother, Sheikh Plantain.

The world is abuzz with talk of Hizbollah’s financial schemes.  The Lebanese-Canadian Bank is now accused of acting as a depot and transit point for the Lebanese organization’s world-wide money laundering operations.  Well!  What a zowie shockeroo.  You mean Hizbollah has international financial dealings?  American diplomats favored revealing this information about Hizbollah as a way to besmirch the reputation of Sheikh Nasrallah, after all, some of the money comes from cocaine smuggling, or so the American sources say.  But what all this means is that Hizbollah has come out on top here.  If its rich Europeans and Americans who are buying up the cocaine from the group’s agents,  then the west is aiding and abetting it in its war against the zionist abomination.  It is all so beautiful, and so ironic.  Isn’t it?   

I don’t believe much of this story.  I think Hizbollah’s outing of ten American spies in Lebanon is behind all this business of hurling slime at Sayyid Nasrallah.  And it makes no difference.  Hizbollah is not recognized by the USA as anything other than a terrorist organization.  So what’s the surprise and what’s the harm?