SECOND POST on November 4, 2011 – The Arab League has given Syria until today to accept its terms for positioning observers in Syria.  Tuzzz!  SyrPer wants to have nothing to do with this and will view any concession to that herd of bovine as a sign of cowardice.  We have said this before:  Syria must withdraw from the Arab League and set them adrift.  You are giving the League too much power by remaining a member, albeit a supended one.

The President of Syria flanked by Lt.Gen. Dawoud Rajiha, then Chief of the General Staff, and Lt. Gen. Ali Habib Mahmoud, Defense Minister.

Given Syria’s military power and support from nations such as Russia, China, Brazil, India, South Africa, Venezuela and Iran,  why would you cede over one angstrom of sovereignty to the filthy, treasonous Arabs who are trying to sow sectarian discord in your country?  We still believe that the Arab League cannot impose any sanctions on Syria without their backfiring on the simian authors of this political chimera.  Jordan would go bankrupt.  Iraq already refuses to cooperate with the Arab League.  Lebanon cannot and will not go along.  Algeria is opposed to any constraints on flights. Even Turkey, despite all the bellicosity, is still trading normally with Syria. 

Dr. Assad, you have to be like your father:  a man of steel.  We don’t want a wimp or a Casper Milquetoast.  We want to see you standing at the podium with your fists pounding the marble as you excoriate the treacherous, venal and hypocritical Arabs.  Send a missile to Qatar with a fully loaded warhead of the purest VTX gas.  Please.  Send units of commandoes to the gulf and sink one or two oil tankers.  Stop being the whipping boy.  Syrians want a powerful president.  Remember, Siffin.  We don’t want a repeat of that.

We are all praying for the untimely deaths of Prince Fatso and Burhan “Le Pipe” Ghalioun.