December 4, 2011 –  For those fatheads who think Turkey is a useful ally for the treacherous Syrian terrorists and traitors, think again.  Let’s count the number of hydroelectric dams in Turkey today; some finished;  some still under construction until the target year of 2012 when the project called GUNEYDOGU ANADOLU PROJESI is to be completed.  There are 21 soft targets in Turkey, mostly found on the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers whose source is found in the mountain fastnesses of Anatolia.  One dam is only 4.5 km’s from the Syrian border:  the Karkamis Dam. Others are within easy reach of Syria’s massive arsenal of ground-to-ground missiles.


        This is a nice view of the Karkamis Dam on the Euphrates only 4.5 miles from Syria’s border.

In the event the Turks decide upon something rash or foolhardy like encroaching on Syria’s soil to establish some half-baked zone for traitors to congregate, the Turkish general staff must figure in the response from Syria to what is an act of war.  First of all, Syria manufactures her own missiles today and has perfected the Scud-B whose range and explosive warhead are more than sufficient to reach the Ataturk Dam and destroy it with attendant catastrophic results for the Turkish populace and Erdoghan’s future in politics.


             This is the Alstom Dam – a fat, soft target for Syria’s missiles and other weapons
But that’s not all.  Any search of biological and chemical warfare production will disclose Syria’s as being one of the most advanced in the world.  Syria’s research center outside Homs has reportedly conquered all impediments to the production of Sarin, VTX, Ricin and Anthrax.  These substances have been competently developed for deployment on Syria’s strategic missiles.  Needless to say, the expectation was to use such weapons as a deterrent to the Zionist nuclear threat.  Notwithstanding previous anticipated uses,  Turkey has now blustered its way into the real world of mass destruction.

Syria deploys Russia’s most advanced anti-aircraft network, the S-300, partly financed by Iran.  This system is not well known to the West such that the Turks will be operating in the dark during the initial phases of any war with Syria.  While the F-16 is one of the greatest fighter-bombers in the world,  it will still be up against one of the best anti-aircraft systems in the world. 

With the Russian Navy massing on Syria’s littoral with the aircraft carrier, Kuznetsov, and two nuclear armed submarines,  Turkish naval superiority, if it existed, has now been rendered a non-factor.  In any case, the Turks know very well that Syria deploys both the highly effective anti-ship cruise missile, Yakhont, and Iran’s anti-ship silkworm missile.  Syria did buy and paid for a wing of Russia’s most advanced aircraft: the Mig-31B.  However, it has not been seen flying in the country’s skies so we cannot assume this jet will be deployed.  Pilots are trained on this jet, though, and a surprise for Turkey may be around the corner.


And yet, that is not all.  Syria haa the ability to arm the PKK with weapons sophisticated enough to cause Turkish army rear lines to crumble.  The PKK is aggressive and extremely hostile to Turkey.  They are waiting anxiously for a collapse of the peace between Syria and Turkey.

Iran has already begun sending troops to the Azerbaijan area of the northwest as a precaution.  General Firouzabadi is not going to be caught unprepared in the event Syria, Iran’ closest ally,  is attacked by Ankara.  Iran’s own missile program is larger than Syria’s and destruction to Turkey’s infrastructure will certainly assure Mr. Erdoghan’s commitment to the darkest asylum in the country’s medical system. 

But Iran also knows that Turkey would not act without the treacherous collusion of Prince Fatso and his crude, in-bred moron of a nephew: Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassem Al-Thani shown in the photograph below in one of his many incarnations:


 This photo of Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassem, Catarrh’s foreign minister and head of the Scarab League’s Foreign Ministers Committee of Virulent Disease-Carrying Dungbeetles,  was taken before the edict prohibiting the import of bananas to the country. 

And we, at SyrPer, believe that Iran will have a special gift for this race of pustules and apes.

Iraq’s position on the matter is clear.  Iraq will stand with Syria against Turkey and will not permit the non-indigenous neighbors to the north to tread on Iraqi soil.  This is virtually certain since Iraq has refused to comply with any of the Arab League’s impositions of sanctions.  With Lebanon’s Hizbollah and army on Syria’s side, Turkey is heading for the worst bloodletting since the fall of the rotten Ottoman Empire.