December 6, 2011 – What is the big deal with the Arab League?  I cannot understand why Syria’s foreign ministry is so determined to placate this organization known more for its frivolous pronouncements than for any practical contributions to the welfare of the Arab people.  Syria, as many of you might know, liquidated all debts in 2004 and is now debt free.  Syria has substantial, but undisclosed hard currency and gold reserves, in numerous accounts with some experts estimating its operational piggy-bank at between 18 billion to 38 billion American dollars.  Syria has the backing of Iran, Russia, China, India, Venezuela, Brazil, South America and other, perhaps less important, countries. 

We, at SyrPer, are perplexed by the announcement delivered by Foreign Ministry spokesman, Jihad Makdisi, that the SAR is willing to entertain 500 Arab League observers.  It is our position that these observers should be hanged upon arrival, their bodies cremated and fed to the four riotous winds of the Syrian Desert. 


Jihad Makdisi sticking his finger into the eyes of all self-respecting Syrian nationalists with the declaration that Syria is collapsing before Scarab League presssure.
This president has precious little of the characteristic steeliness of his predecessor father who used to strike fear into the hearts of the slovenly, night-shirt bedecked Arabs who are the source of all this so-called “pressure”.  They knew that Hafez Al-Assad would make their world a hell-on-earth if they persisted in harrying his country.  Dr. Bashar Al-Assad could, for example, make it impossible for Qatar Airways to fly.  Syria has substantial human assets in the Gulf who could make travel to Qatar a real risky option with accompanying diminution in the enclave’s business.  Syria might also attack Qatar’s oil and natural gas producing sector with missiles.  The Qataris are powerless and the U.S. is not interested in any protracted wars in the Near East especially for those feckless grub-infested tin cans called Peninsular Arabs. Syria could sabotage shipping in the Straits of Hormuz. 

Syria turned a major strategic corner this weekend with massive and successful military maneuvers in the northeastern sector of the country.  The operations were close to the Turkish and Iraqi borders in a largely desolate area.  Missile technology and air support for complex armored and infantry ground operations were not missed by the Turks who just received another warning this weekend from Russia.  Turkish dams are right in the cross-hairs;  and the government in Ankara had better take into consideration its lack of preparedness for a missile assault from its southern neighbor. 


     A Syrian T-72 tank (enhanced) participates in ground operations in the northeast of the country

We are still waiting for the Lebanese government to expel Nada Bakri and her husband, Anthony Shadid, from Lebanon.  They have been deliberately producing prevaricatory articles for the zionist New York Times for 8 months without action by Beiteddine.  We are working on this issue with other Lebanese officials to have this pair of snakes put on the road to Coventry.  There, they can confabulate with another exceptional liar, Rami Abdelrahman, the fictional head of the Syrian Lavatory for Human Rights. 

The BBC has really found new bottoms below the other bottoms they have reached in previous reports.  Today, in a short burst of fabrication, the BBC quotes the same Abdelrahman who tells them “based on his contacts” that Syrian “shabbiha” (read “militia”) killed 36 people in Homs and dumped their bodies in a town square.  Oh, please!  Will the BBC ever get the message that it has zero credibility with its readership.  Reporting of this kind brings long-lasting shame and disgrace upon what was once a respected and honored news service. 

My brother-in-law’s brother, talked to their sister in Homs and no report of any such massacre was transmitted.  People in Syria are bewildered by the amount of disinformation being spread by agencies such as the BBC.