January 9, 2012 – The Admiral Kuznetsov, Russia’s massive aircraft carrier, has docked in Tartous at the new Russo-Syrian port facility designed especially for Russian ships.  While the NYT claims it is only there for 6 days, they fail to mention that the carrier will be in the area for much longer.  My sources in Tartous tell me the ship is (obviously) massive and that Russian sailors are expected to spend their furlough time in the city and in Latakia.  If anyone thought that Syria was going to be subjected to any internationalization, like Libya, they had better think twice about this.

With the Russian navy now patrolling Syrian waters, Turkish machinations have been demolished. Russia is a nuclear world power whose experts have determined that the Syrian coast cannot be sacrificed to the Western European powers under any circumstances.  Russia is further convinced that Bashar Al-Assad, notwithstanding any shortcomings in his aggressiveness portfolio, is a loyal and reliable ally.  They may differ with him over tactics in controlling his cities’ streets, but they will back him up to the very end.  This means curtains for the Syrian Transition Council. This is an unsung death for traitor and religious apostate, Burhan “Le Pipe” Ghalioun.  This is an invitation for Ramazan Kadyrov to visit Damascus and give the Syrians his take on how to bring order back to Homs.

It is beyond belief that the BBC continues to quote that professional liar and fantast, Rami Abdel-Rahman, who seems to have some kind of metaphysical contact with the city of Dera’a.  We spoke yesterday to Mufid in Damascus and he said that no fighting took place in Dera’a.  Like so many Syrian nationals to whom we talk regularly, they wonder where we get our news.  When I tell them laughingly, the BBC, they laugh in turn and compare these news sources to Al-Jazeera.

I am going to post several times every day to avoid the kinds of techinical problems I’ve been having for the last four days.  It is safer that way because I have been losing whole reams of reports when I press the wrong button. 



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