January 14, 2012 – SECOND POST – The Qatari Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem of the Second Rater Tribe, has announced that he now supports an Arab interventionary force in Syria.  Qatar?  That’s right.  Qatar whose army is made up of mostly chronic child molesters and somnambulatory amnesiacs is acting out some kind of perverse dream of being more than a mere enclave in the UAE – you see, if the truth be told, Qatar has a population of close to one million if you count all the Pakistanis, Palestinians, Sri Lankans and Filipinos who work there.

And what army is going to arrive in Syria?  There is no army.  There is not even a credible Arab League team of observers. 

Anwar Malek, as I told you yesterday, IS a relation of salafist scoundrel, BURHAN GHALIOUN, the putative head of the Syrian Transition Council.  General Dabi, chief of the Arab League monitors in Syria, described Malek as someone who was tasked with observing events in Homs, a supposedly restive city, but spent all his time in his hotel room pretending to be sick.  Malek, if you remember, appeared on Al-Jazeera and exclaimed that the entire Arab League project was a farce (masrahiyya hazaliyya) and not worth his participation.  He also claimed that others in the group were going to quit.  This has not happened and General Dabi appears pleased with his team. 


                                       This is Sudanese General Moh. Al-Dabi in mufti

What is troubling the Qataris is that the observers in Syria are confirming what Dr. Assad has been telling everyone and the Qataris are afraid their little plot is going to explode in their face.  And yet, that is what is going to happen.  

Dr. Assad appeared the day before yesterday in Omayyad Square with his wife, First Lady Asma Al-Akhras and their two boys.  Noticably absent were his bodyguards.   He radiated confidence and promised the Syrians massing before him that “victory is near”.  He means something by that, and we at SyrPer know exactly what it is.

It’s called the “Duck in a Row” scenario.  If you are a trained scientist or physician, you perform best when your entire team is on the ground, your surgical strategy is clear, the instrumentalities you require are within reach and you have a deep understanding of what is taking place.  Dr. Assad is such a physician.  Before he is going to annihilate the opposition, he has to get his ducks in a row. The Russian navy is now in Tartous with a full complement of aircraft carrier and battleships.  Iraq has committed itself to Syria’s financial security by guaranteeing to cover any shortfalls in military budgeting.  Iran has warned Turkey that any attack on Syria would result in the opening of another front on the Iranian-Turkish border. The PKK is now on board as part of Syria’s broad strategy to block intervention by the non-Arab Turks.  Jordan, fearing for its own financial welfare, has steered clear of sanctions called for by Catarrh and is doing a brisk business with Damascus. Lebanon is actively pursuing Syrian army defectors and rendering them back to Syria for some gallows humor.

We predict that over the next two weeks, the Syrian army will intensify its assaults on traitors and dissenters.  Even demonstrators, peaceful or not, will be targeted in an effort to prepare the country for the coming tourist season.  Russia has given Syria assurances that no Security Council resolution can be advanced against Syria without a “veto” from at least Russia, and most likely, China. It is with this level of confidence that Dr. Assad is proceeding to eradicate the Western-sponsored terrorists.  We stand with him and pray for his success.


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