SECOND POST – January 16, 2012


See if you can think your way to a fabulous prize to be announced tomorrow.  You can use paper and pencil, but please don’t team up.  Only one person will be granted the deluxe prize for this week. Get ready and start:

1.  How many Qataris does it take to install an ordinary light bulb?

a.  One.  A Qatari is capable of screwing in a light bulb.
b.  Two.  One stands below and rotates the stool on which the other stands.
c.  Three.  Qataris often need to consult about engineering problems.
d.  Sixteen.  Qataris view such tasks as major engineering projects.
e.  Zero.  Qataris cannot screw in light bulbs and rely on foreign workers to accomplish this.


2.  Kuwaitis differ from Qataris in the following way:

a.  Kuwaitis are not known as child buggerers;
b.  Kuwaitis wake up early and like to work;
c.  Kuwaitis have a true democratic form of government with an elected president;
d.  Kuwaitis freeze when someone mentions Saddam Hussein;
e.  Kuwaitis live in a different country about 400 miles from Qatar.


3.  The average weight of a male in Qatar has been established at:

a.  125 lbs ;
b.  250 lbs;
c.   258 lbs;
d.  300 lbs;
e.   Half a ton.


4.  Prince Hamad of Qatar has built a bridge in his back yard.  Where does the bridge go?

a.  Fantasy Island;
b. Gilligan’s Island;
c.  Pitcairn’s Island;
d.  Coney Island;
e.  The closest U.S. army base at Camp Doha.


5.  What word or set of words best fit(s) the Prince of Qatar?

a.  Overweight slob?
b.  Inflated prize Iowa hog?
c.  Hot air balloon?
d.  Gasbag?
e.  The Hindenburg?


6.  What advice are physicians giving to tourists attending the upcoming World Cup event in Qatar?

a.  Fly to Oslo instead?
b.  Cheer for the Qatari national team?
c.  Bring organic detergent for the big oil spill?
d. Take a clothing pin to pinch your nose shut?
e.  Bring heat stroke medication and sit close to an ambulance?


7.  Prince Fatso of Qatar wants President Assad to step down because?

a.  The prince hates people who are slim and trim?
b.  Prince Fatso covets Mrs. Assad and thinks she comes with the furniture?
c.  Prince Fatso knows President Assad eats bananas with his Rice Chex?
d.  Dr. Assad can give eye examinations whereas Prince Fatso can’t clean his own ear with a Q-tip?
e.  Dr. Assad has bright blue eyes?


8.  What is Qatar’s plan in the event of an oil spill caused by an Iranian attack?

a.  Order all Filipinos to mop it up on their knees?
b.  Bring in white people to take care of the mess?
c.  Curse the Persians volubly on Al-Jazeera?
d.  File suit against General Dynamics and Raytheon for making a bad defensive shield?
e.  Move to England and manage Manchester United?


9.  Qatar has contributed this to world culture or science:

a.  Quantum optics;
b.  Barium enemas;
c.  The Pocket Size Qur’an and Helpful Wordfinder;
d.  The banana split;
e.  Nothing.


10. The race of peoples who populate the Arabian Gulf broke off from what ancestor?

a.  Mighty Joe Young?
b.  King Kong?
c.  Cheetah?
d.  Grindl the Gorilla?
e.  The Gibbon Monkey?


Tomorrow we will announce the lucky winner and his/her prize.  Good luck!