January 12, 2012 – FIRST POST – WE CAN ANNOUNCE THAT OUR EFFORTS TO REPEL A CYBER-ATTACK ON OUR BLOGSITE HAS BEEN COMPLETELY SUCCESSFUL.  You can all look forward now to the same, reliable and incisive reportage to which all of you have become accustomed.

ANWAR MALIK, alleged Arab League monitor in Syria is a relative of BURHAN GHALIOUN, gas-bag leader of the bogus Syrian Transition Council.  That’s right.  You won’t get this from the BBC because, as you know now, the BBC is bought by Catarrh and will not publish one atom of supportive news for Dr. Assad.  But who cares?  The BBC has now been so exposed as a competitor to Al-Jazeera and the NYT in the fabrications category that very few people even communicate their articles to me anymore.  Even my colleague, John P., Esq., sends me reports from some Canadian broadcasting service.  That’s how desperate everyone is getting for good, solid news. 

In any case, Mr. Malik, alternately a Tunisian and an Algerian, is a relative of Ghalioun’s.  He just quit in a fit of pique because he just couldn’t stand it anymore.  Aw, Shucks, Ma’am.  It just so happens that this pilgrim is already ill and was only able to visit two sites when he had this epipahany.  Oh, the Syrian government is just so bad.  What a coincidence!  Isn’t that what Ghalioun says?  He appeared on Al-Jazeera and condemned the entire Arab League effort as a “farce”.  Well, of course it’s a farce because the organization is farcical.  But don’t let that get you down Mr. Malik. 

Didn’t we at SyrPer tell you a while back why the Syrian security establishment did not want reporters in the country.  Well, didn’t we?  Come on.  Remember when I told you that Lt. Gen. Dib Zeitoun and others informed the president that having journalists running around the country would consume time and resources of security agents.  What happens when one of the reporters is taken hostage?  What happens when a reporter is in trouble and needs to be extricated?  You can see now why that was so true.  Talk to you more in a bit.