February 6, 2012 – I needn’t tell you about the celebratory atmosphere here in Dearborn subsequent to the news that Russia and China vetoed the so-called Arab League “plan”.  With this came the call from Renee indicating that Syrian armed forces began the much-awaited assault on Khaldieh and Baba Amr in Homs.  We keep hearing about people begging the president to get rid of this infestation without much success.  It appears that Dr. Assad is finally getting the message that these salafists will not go away unless he makes them go.  Zabadani is also being cleansed as we speak to the adulation of the citizens there who have had to put up with radical islamist criminals.

Susan Rice, the slovenly, inarticulate and awkward, U.S. representative at the U.N., is hell-bent on making her foolishness downright historical.  Not only is she despised by most diplomats there, the Russians are befuddled by her ostentation, hyperbolic announcements and lack of self-control.  She is a disgrace to the diplomatic profession. 

I have to interpret today at a lawyer’s office in a divorce case.  I just got a call from Anne at the BBC asking me to make myself available for commentary at around 1:00 p.m. our time; that’s the exact time my appointment starts.  Other than that, life grinds on feverishly. 

I’ll try to post a lot tomorrow when I have more time to sit and think.