February 22, 2012 – Homs has been liberated completely by Syrian ground forces yesterday. If any of my readers hear anything different, it’s a lie.  I just received conclusive confirmation from my brother-in-law in Latakia whose nephew is in Homs with the 4th Division.  He is in the Baba Amr Quarter.  Syrian forces killed over 200 terrorists and took 7 prisoner.  In this assault, the headquarters of the terrorists was overrun and seized by Ba’ath militia.  The head of the terrorists was either killed or taken prisoner.  His name is unknown at this time but Iranian and Syrian television have confirmed separately that he has been neutralized. Also, among the killed and captured were Saudis, Bahraynis, Qataris and Libyans.  The Libyan connection has already been tied to Qatar and its perverse leader, Prince Hamad.  This is wonderful news for those of us who stand for secular and progressive government. 


                                 The flag of the Syrian Arab Republic has been raised over Baba Amr. 

But the battle is not over yet.  While Homs is the most significant victory of this war against backwardness,  Idlib, so close to the Turkish border, remains a suppurating boil to be lanced at a future date.  I shall finish in a moment, a client just walked in for a consultation.