February 7, 2012 – The news is very optimistic. Russia wants to trumpet her victory on the world stage by sending her stalwart foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, to Damascus for a reception fit for a returning conquering general.  I saw the reception on Syria state t.v. and it was tumultuous with people raising the Russian tricouleur and signs expressing gratitude to Russia and China for vetoing the preposterous Arab League-inspired resolution in the U.N.’s Security Council.  No doubt, the Russian media will have a feeding frenzy on this occasion, ratcheting up the poll numbers for the Russian titan, Vladimir Putin.

But pay attention to this:  Accompanying F.M. Lavrov is Mikhail Fradkov, Russia’s head of its CIA equivalent.  This is extremely important.  Whilst we cannot know the information that Secretary Fradkov is carrying for Dr. Assad, we can speculate that it must be of the most significant kind.  These face-to-face meetings are usually arranged in order to avoid security breaches in international communications and it can be expected that the tete a tete will take place in one of Syria’s most secure sites.  SyrPer believes that Secretary Fradkov is going to reveal analyses by Russia’s experts on the following subjects:

1.  U.S. funding for expanded violence in Syria;
2.  The state of the Syrian opposition and efforts to infiltrate it;
3.  Russian naval plans in the Mediterranean;
4.  Russian suggestions for containing the violence in some of the cities of the country.
5.  Russian strategy for isolating America politically.


Fradkov is born to a jewish father but is known for a completely professional approach to matters Russian.  He can be expected to be frank with his Syrian counterparts.
F.M. Lavrov will be essentially basking in the limelight as he absorbs kudos for his President, Dimitri Medvyedev and future President, Vladimir Putin.  It must be very heartening for Mr. Lavrov to have his political position vindicated by the presence of over 300,000 Damascenes waiving the Russian flag.  And all this after he described American protest as “hysterical”. 

All the while, Syrian army troops from the 4th Division supported by tanks, helicopters and infantry are tightening the noose around Khaldieh and Baba Amr in Homs.  SyrPer believes that this is it: The President has given the order to his generals to trounce the deserters without mercy.  Although the western media report that there is much misery in Homs owing to the lack of heating oil and basic necessities, they don’t report that Homsi businessmen have been lobbying the president to “bring the house down” on the heads of the traitor criminals.  Renee reports from Fayrouza that there is a sense of relief now that the army is in full thrust against the rebels. 

The NYT reported falsely today that a tank unit of 7 tanks and its crew defected to the rebels in Zabadani.  This is a ridiculous story that cannot be taken serioiusly. First of all, the seven tanks are part of the Syrian army attack force and were referred to as such in every report I read.  Two, the tank unit belongs to the Republic Guard, arguably Syria’s most loyal military divisiion.  The very idea that someone would write that the unit changed colors is evidence of the propaganda war being fought against the Syrian government. 

Yesterday, on Al-Suriyya, I saw weapons being displayed by security personnel after routing a band of criminals near Idlib,  just at the mouth of the Wadi Al-Ghab.  One of the weapons was a Douschka anti-aircraft gun.  This is a disturbing revelation in that the Douschka, while not being very effective against fighter aircraft,  can have devastating effect on civilians in their homes.  Let’s see how that plays out.  And, also, Israeli manufactured rifles were also discovered among the cache of weapons. Now we know that the SNC is linked, indeed, to the neo-con establishment in Washington and is working with the zionists.  Burhan Ghalioun is a traitor, a convicted felon and a stooge of the zionist abomination.