February 29, 2012 – FIRST POST – Leap year extra day.  Don’t assume the universe has bequeathed you another 24 hours of life. 

THE BBC, always ready to fabricate and disseminate information deleterious to the Syrian government, has reported that the Syrian Army is on the verge of routing the “rebels” (read: islamist terrorists) in Baba Amr.  We at SyrPer reported to you last week that the army was already in Baba Amr but that some neighborhoods might still need extra work.  In any case, T-72 tanks are rolling inside Baba Amr and the terrorist position is hopeless.

IT IS REPORTED that terrorists have mass-executed their own militiamen who have tried to surrender to the Syrian Army.  SyrPer saw photos of the dead terrorists on both Syrian state tv and Iranian “Al-Alam”.  This is a sign of an Alamo-type stand that will require Syrian artillery to take down whole buildings.  The remaining terrorists are “jihadists” who believe that Allah, although handing them military defeat, will give them a real good time in Paradise. You figure.

The U.N. Human Rights Commission with Madame Chaiwalla Pillay, is at it again. This time, the U.N. is trying to pass a resolution which calls upon the Syrian government to allow “humanitarian aid” to be delivered to the terrorist murderers in some parts of Syrian.  The Russian position is not necessarily opposed as long as the language does not cast blame on the Syrian government for the unrest. This has to be Russia’s position.  After all, last month they tried and failed to get the “Syrian National Council” to visit Moscow as part of a reconciliation process.  The Russians are now convinced that the government of Dr. Assad is not responsible for the unrest.  SyrPer predicts that China will follow the Russian vote.  As of right now, it’s a veto.  Hurray.  In any case, the Syrian government is under no obligation to adhere to such a resolution which violates Syria’s national and territorial sovereignty.

Hamas has relocated to….? Well, everywhere after being kicked out of Damascus.  The Hamas organization of islamist zealots is no longer welcome in secular Syria or theocratic Iran.  Iran, in fact, has cut all funding to the Muslim Brotherhood-allied organization.  In Qatar, these pious muslims can engage in every perverse sexual activity imaginable in the nation that promises to welcome you to “WHERE THE BOYS ARE”.

I have just received a call from my wife who told me she was chatting with her sister in Latakia. Her sister, Umayma, informed her that Baba Amr’s entire area along with the Insha’aat district and Khaldiyyeh are under control of the Syrian government.  Break out the champagne but, make sure I’m invited.  I’ll bring the caviar.