FIRST POST – April 26, 2012 –

SYRIAN OPPOSITION MEDIA VIPERS ARE AT IT AGAIN.  The BBC reported two interesting events today in Syria. The first was an explosion in Hama which, according to the “opposition” killed over 70 people.  The Syrian state media reported 17 people dead.  My friend in Hama, Nazir, told me that the explosion was “clearly the work of the Free Syrian Army” and that “everybody in the city knows that”.  Well, isn’t that precious? 


Annan claims he wants heavy armor out of the major cities, like Hama seen in this photo.  But, the people of Syria want them to stay as protection against the Islamist felons.  In this scene, our T-72 tanks roll through a suburb of Hama to exterminate some Islamist slugs hiding out in Al-Hadhir. 

The Syrian Danny’s are at it again. The “opposition” now claims they have a video of Syrian security men burying “alive” a man accused of filming for the foreign press.  He is heard begging for his life as Syrian soldiers laugh and accuse him of being a dog for Qatar.  In any case, the scene is straight out of Cecil B. DeMille.  As the condemned man cries out the Islamic “Shahada” in anticipation of death, the soldiers respond: “Say there is no Allah but Bashar! You dog!”.  Can anyone believe this nonsense after Syrian Danny and Arwa Damon?

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