We are delighted to report that the useless town of Al-Rastan in Homs Province is finally getting what it deserves: a good drubbing.  Units from the 4th Armored Division have surrounded the town from all sides and have begun softening it up for infantry, militia and security units.  Two civilians have been killed with over 5 deserters dispatched to the nether regions.  As we write today’s post, the fighting continues.


Prince Muqrin Bin Abdel-Aziz will be charged with crimes against humanity for this involvement in last weeks horrific double-bombing in Damascus.  SyrPer has it from authoritative sources that the Russian Federation is awaiting the results of forensic testing in both Damascus and Moscow to buttress the charge against the Saudi Arabian regime for its complicity in the murder of over 55 innocent Syrian civilians and officers. The Saudis have already begun preparing for the worst by hiring a New York law firm to coordinate a response to the Russian charges against Riyadh.  The United States has given the Saudis assurances that any resolution condemning Saudi Arabia’s involvement would be “vetoed without hesitation” by the U.S.’s knee-jerk team of sycophants led by Susan Rice, universally recognized diplomatic dunderhead and “scream-queen”.


In this mini-photo, readers can detect the in-bred ignorance that is the hallmark of the Saudi “royal family”
Fighting has erupted in my hometown of Tripoli, Lebanon, with pro-Assad heroes fighting the lowest of the low produced by the Bab Tabbaneh quarter of the Lebanese Second City.  Since most of you have not visited Tripoli, let me tell you that the city is an ancient Mediterranean port which has enjoyed greater significance historically than today’s laureled Beirut- what with all the hoopla about its nightlife, vitality and whore-mongering.  Tripoli is, actually, a more interesting city.  It’s cafes and salons are more authentic; its atmosphere curiously redolent with Ottoman ghosts; brick roadways and hawkers everywhere. 

Yet, there remains the Bab Tabbaneh quarter.  The name means “Milky Way”, if you can believe that.  The quarter and its sister, Al-Tal, represent everything that is reprehensible in thuggish, mindless Islamism for the sake of being Muslim.  The educational level of the average “Tabbanite” is fourth grade with an ineluctable drift toward the menial vocations. 


These denizens of the Bab Tabbaneh quarter are brought together by their mutual hatred of minorities and strong belief in Allah’s preference for the Sunni ignorantii.
In any case, when I was a little boy in Tripoli, my grandfather, Abu Fouad, used to refer to Bab Tabbaneh as “Bab Dubbaneh”, or “Gate of the Fly”. 
We are rooting for the pro-Assad forces which are much more numerous than the pesky, inept and brutish Tripolitan “brownshirts”.  The media, especially Time Magazine with its hilariously “linkisch” (German for “clumsy”) Bassam Mroue, who can hardly conceal his delight at being employed by an American zionist propaganda factory that looks aside at his receipt of “good boy wages” from the pedophile Prince of Catarrh, is insisting that the fighting is between anti-Assad Sunnis and Alawites of the Jabal Muhsin suburb of Tripoli.  This is false.  The fighting involves Saad Hariri-financed Sunni bigots and a whole spectrum of pro-Assad and progressive forces running the gamut from the Syrian Social Nationalist Party to the Lebanese Communist Party.  Hizbollah has not taken any position on this matter,….. yet.      
It is clear that General Qassem Solaymani, Irans’s chief of the Islamic Republican Guard – Qods Force- is opposed to any up-tick in the level of violence in Lebanon – fearing, rightly – that a civil war in Lebanon would only make matters worse for security units in Syria.   The Russians are on board here, also, with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov promoting a U.N.-sponsored “Observer Force” to provide the kind of rebuttal to those who are clamouring for some international military intervention to “stop Assad’s killing machine”.  The Russians hope to show that the “killing machine” is the terrorist element sponsored by the reactionary regimes of Qatar and Saudi Arabia.  The coordination between Iran and Russia/China, here, is quite impressive. 


General Solaymani, seen here, spends much time in Damascus overseeing the training of Quds Forces outside the town of Zabadani.  He also participates in consultatory meetings with Dr. Assad.  They have not yet joined the fighting for obvious reasons.
There is a sense of satisfaction today in Damascus, Teheran and Moscow with the way the military effort is going.  The opposition cannot succeed.  But there is much more to come.  We, at SyrPer, believe that it is only a matter of a short time before the Saudis and Qataris begin to deal with their own “Arab Spring”.  It will be a bloody mess in the Arabian Peninsula.