May 11, 2012 – FIRST POST – THIS JUST IN…….

We at SyrPer can now confirm the involvement of the Saudi Arabian General Intelligence Service (S.A.G.I.S) in the double suicide bombings in Damascus.  The planning for the operation took place in Iraq in the presence of a “Mukhabarat” officer in direct contact with Prince Muqrin Bin Abdel-Aziz, chief of the S.A.G.I.S.

Here is a photo of Prince Muqrin looking puzzled after being told that “Ahab the Ayraaab” was just a joke
Our source tells us that the Saudi operative offered Al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia $5,000,000 to pull off the massive bombing in Damascus.  The only problem was that the terrorist cell with whom the operative spoke did not have a sufficient amount of high quality explosives to maximize fatalities.  It seems the terrorist           organization had only questionable ordnance collected from Saddam-era missiles and anti-tank weapons.  
That was taken care of with a call to a Qatari contact in Doha who arranged for a truck load of Semtex and military-standard TNT to be delivered across Arabia into Jordan and then, to Iraq.  The planning took place on April 23, 2012 and was supervised by Prince Muqrin at his office in Riyadh.  The suicide team of one      Iraqi and one Syrian crossed the border in the North near Qamishly and made its way to Damascus in two commercial vans.  There, the suicide bombers were met by a yet unidentified group of agents working for     both the SAGIS and the FSA who familiarized them with the Al-Qazaz quarter, especially the offices of the Syrian Military Intelligence Directorate – Palestine Bureau.