MAY 23, 2012 – THE GREAT CHEAPER SYRIAN ARMY, F/K/A THE FREE SYRIAN ARMY, has courteously released all 15 Lebanese Shi’ite males whose bus was commandeered by a unit from its immense forces and taken hostage, ostensibly, to win the release of some feckless inhabitants of the Air Force Intelligence Bureau jail in Homs. They were courteous in releasing the men’s wives and children in a boundless act of charity which will live on in the immortal rhymes of the peripatetic bards of Der’ah and other intellectual capitals of Syria.

Don’t believe a word of what I wrote. They released the men whom they were holding because Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Hizbollah, sent word through the Turkish ambassador in Beirut, essentially, telling him that if the men were not released immediately, he would invade the area around Tel Kalakh and lay waste to every trace of the so-called Free Syrian Army. YOU DON’T MESS AROUND WITH HASSAN NASRALLA. The men were let go and the prisoners whose freedom was demanded by Colonel Riad Al-As’ad remain in
custody. Boo hooo, hooo.

As it turns out, the men were in Iraq’s Najaf area for some pilgrimmage. Their bus was taken over by the FSA brigands outside Aleppo. This is not surprising as the FSA conducts almost all of its robberies and criminal acts close to the Turkish border. There is some interesting news about this infiltration business.

I am not going to print up the next section, which addresses some landmines planted by the Syrian military in the north, until I get this blog platform properly on track. Be patient, O’ Lecteurs!