The Romans famously believed: De mortuis nil nisi bonum dicendum est (Tran. “Of the dead I say nothing but good”).  The aphorism, always funereal in context,  is meant to protect the reputation of the deceased who are not available to defend themselves.  Unfortunately, this maxim, is as irrational as the idolaters who uttered it.  Does this mean that one should only speak well of Genghis Khan or Adolph Hitler?  Hardly.

Today, it’s time to reveal the real reason how Anthony Shadid, Tony Blair International Liar Award Nominee and husband of equally talented menseuse,  Nada (Bint Musailima) Bakri,  died while “on assignment” in Syria for the Zionist NYT.  That he was there illegally is not disputed, only avoided or covered up.  You see, when it comes to Syria, the Western press does not feel obliged to make ordinary, rational remarks about a particular embarrassment.  He was there to cover the Flee Syrian Army sympathetically for international termagant Zionist princess, Jill Abramson, Editor of the NYT.  Ms. Abramson is a bed mate of Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton. 


The Shadids, Anthony and Nada (nee, Bakri), seen above,  displace more lies in a teapot than all of Buddha’s well-upholstered derriere.

Now, the story goes like this:  Shadid volunteered to enter Syria from Hatay Province in Turkish occupied Syria during February of 2012.  He and his photographer, one Tyler Hicks,  both worked for the notoriously liberal, Slavo-Zionist, yellow-rag, the New York Times.  What a scoop!  Let’s hook up with the democracy-loving, bearded warriors and get the real personae behind all the fawning prose in the Western press! 

According to Shadid’s father, who spoke about his son after his death, Shadid knew he had a serious allergy to horses and other animals.  So, when he and Hicks met up with a couple of horse backed smugglers, he could have said:  “Whoa.  We gotta go back and get some wheels for this!”  But, if you read the reports, Shadid went on with his quest despite his own deep reservations.  If you read the reports issued by Tyler Hicks, you get the impression that they had made it into Syria,  conducted their interviews and were on their way back to Turkey when Shadid broke down with the asthma attack that would kill him.   Not true. 


Tyler Hicks, giving some speech at Boston University, has the physique of Jean Paul Sartre.  If he looked like a young Schwarzenegger, we might believe his story.  

Only SyrPer can bring you the real truth behind the curtain of falsehood so tastefully hung by the impresarios of schlock and deception. 

Shadid never told Hicks that he was allergic to barnyard animals.  And Shadid did not know that his FSA contacts in Hatay had made reservations for him on “Flicka Trailways”.  He thought they were going to be picked up by motorcycle and driven to Idlib where he could fabricate his usual palette of lies for his American audience.  Although being picked up on horseback in the Syrian outback sounds very romantic, this is the, (pardon the expression), fodder of adventure,  it would mean that Shadid and his citified photographer, Hicks, would have to sleep, at least, three nights under the stars before getting to their destination.  Shadid and Hicks were not explorers on assignment for National Geographic!  They were professional liars working for international Zionism! Essentially, a desk job for dweebs.

No sooner had Shadid and company entered Syria than he began to complain of sluggish breathing.  He brought with him a battery-powered nebulizer and prescription drugs to combat the effects of the asthma.  It gave him only temporary relief from the allergens carried by the equine brutes who would prove to be his Nimrod’s curse. Hicks became worried about his partner in deception and suggested they abort the mission, go back to Turkey and make new reservations with the Cheaper Syrian Army and their Turkish minders.

Hicks still did not put 2 and 2 together.  It may be that Shadid was succumbing to asthma occasioned by heavy physical exertion.  We will never know since no autopsy was performed by a competent examiner.
Bur, SyrPer knows, for a fact, that Tyler Hicks is not Steve Reeves, Dolph Lundgren or even, Andy Griffith.  So, how could he carry the 200 lb. Shadid out from Syria into Turkey where he was DOA anyway?   Hicks claimed he “carried” Shadid out of Syria. This could be one of the labors of Hercules if it wasn’t for the fact that Mr. Hicks looks more like Arnold Stang than Ed Fury.

Please note, o reader, that neither Hicks nor Shadid had anything to report about the FSA after their putative mission to Syria.  Shadid had no notes or tapes.  The fact of the matter is the operation was aborted once Hicks realized his friend was dying of some respiratory ailment whose cause was not then known.  The only way for Hicks to carry out his companion was to put him on the back of the self-same animal who was, evidently, the cause of death.  Imagine being allergic to some horse, then, being tied to it face down in order to fully appreciate all the infectious bugs crawling around its pelt.  Oh, woe! 


Syrian soldiers stare down at a valley in Idlib Province, one very similar to the valley out of which Mr. Hicks carried Anthony Shadid.  Now if you believe that……

Poor Mr. Hicks.  He wouldn’t have dumped his buddy on the back of that beast if he had known.  And Mr. Hicks did not use his head and get a hold of local Syrian Army Intelligence for help.  That could have saved the miscreant’s life.  Thankfully, he did nothing right and the world is free today of Anthony Shadid whose legacy will be for composing elegant lies that garner Zionist prizes.    
In the aftermath of Shadid’s long-awaited departure from this life,  Syrian Army Intelligence agents were ordered to investigate how Shadid got into Syria and who helped him.  The evidence is now in and is irrefutable.  Shadid was receiving his orders from the NYT which was asked by Qatari  royal pedophile, Prince Hamad the Sludge,  to write a great story about Syrian oppression and the bravery of the Cheaper Syrian Army.  Promised a boatload of money and a minimum of 72 houris in the afterlife, Shadid convinced his wife and life-partner in deception that it was worth the risk despite his physical condition.  Let’s not forget that Shadid had a dream of building a house in South Lebanon.

Military Intelligence also learned that the Turks turned a blind eye to this crackpot’s adventure and facilitated Shadid’s entry into Turkey and departure into the Syrian hills.  Colonel Riad Al-As’ad, the COMMANDER OF THE FAITHFUL, FIELD MARSHALL OF THE CHEAPER SYRIAN ARMY and WORLD SWALLOWING CONQUEROR, blessed their mission during a meeting in Southern Hatay.  The two individuals who met him on horseback were local trash known more for brigandage than logistics.  They were warned not to do that again and it is evident they have not repeated their felony.  One source tells me that the two horses were shot as a warning.  However, that is not confirmed.  Now, I do feel bad about the horses.  ZAF