THIRD POST – JULY 17, 2012 – Oh will the saints preserve us from the professional liars.  They rushed like obnoxious little squealers to tattle-tale on the Syrian army.  They pointed fingers and screamed: “Massacre” every time our army surrounded their miscreant deserters and dispatched them.  But now, they are being exposed by a whole constellation of journalists and writers who, like us, are sickened by the shameless way they lie and filter out the truth.


In the NYT today, I read an article about how the FSA was moving in to the capital to “test” the defenses of the Assad government.  This reminds me of a scene from a horror movie in which a young research assistant insists on checking out the “bite radius” of a simian monster in a crate underneath a stairwell.  His efforts proved counterproductive as he got more than he bargained for.  And so, the FSA is now going up against a well known quantity:  The Republican Guards commanded by Lt. Gen. Hafez Makhlouf. 

              In this picture, Lt. Gen. Hafez Makhlouf is in his civvies contemplating a date palm. 
The Republican Guards are a force of not less than 20,000 soldiers cross-trained in infantry tactics, counter-insurgency, tank warfare, artillery and intelligence-gathering.  They are an elite force with the most improved Russian T-72 first line battle tanks containing new anti-RPG shields and radical turret depression servomotors which enable the tank to fight effectively behind sand walls while having clear, accurate and unimpeded visual acquisition of the target.  It’s just wonderful.  But, that’s not all.  The RG is completely mechanized, giving it the ability to be anywhere in Damascus within minutes.

On top of all that are the security services which field more than 40,000 agents in Damascus Province.  All have state-of-the art communication systems impenetrable to the rabble which is the FSA and its salafist allies.  With that are Baath Party militia which are also trained in anti-insurgency tactics.

If the FSA thinks that occupying a house in Kfar Soussa or in Al-Tadamun is going to affect the balance of the conflict, they must be crazier than we thought.  Because, not only do we have so many boots on the ground in the Damascus area, we also have Iranian manufactured drones which are being used very effectively during daytime hours to spot infiltrators and gun smugglers.  The Syrian government does not announce actual numbers of killed terrorists, but SyrPer estimates that whenever the murderers go up against our army, the fatalities are 10-1 in favor of the good guys.

The FSA has areas around Damascus where it can find safe haven.  The poorer neighborhoods of the city with their endemic anarchy are ideal for the leprous criminal murderers.   My source, Monzer, told me some time ago that the biggest fear was the FSA convincing some of the villagers that there would be a day when all wealth would be spread around.   This can increase enthusiasm and willingness to host a squad of Islamist killers.  It’s all folderol, of course. 

For our readers. When you see a picture of a plume of smoke rising up from the top of a Damascene home, don’t assume the worst.  Most of the time, its our rangers calling in an artillery shell to take out terrorists who have occupied a top floor of a building.  It’s much more efficient than going after them floor by floor.  But it makes good copy for the liars and recreants at the BBC and CNN.

                              Can you see the bad guys going up in vapor?  I can.  It’s wonderful.
In any case, the smoke usually goes away after a few minutes. 
Caveat: I am worrying a bit about the possibility of infiltrators and quislings among our forces. I hope Generals Qudsiyya, Mamlouk and Zeitoun pay very close attention to this problem.  The U.S  is constantly trying to make contact with our officers to see if they can be “turned”.  This must be monitored carefully to avoid any disastrous surprises like the actions of Iraq’s former Defense Minister, Ahmad Hachem Al-Jabbouri Al-Taa’iy.