Despite the wishful thinking of the usual grouping of Western media, their false prophets of doom, their fabricators, actors, clowns, mercenaries and pimps and other assorted factotums of in-bred apes from the Arabian Peninsula; despite all the evidence to the contrary and the horrific acts of the so-called “opposition”; this one thing remains quite clear:  the so-called “Free Syrian Army” is now trapped in a maze of its own making with little or no way out. 

The battle scene is Aleppo; sometimes called Syria’s biggest city and sometimes its second city and sometimes its industrial backbone.  The city was declared by NBC to be the “size of Chicago” in an effort to underline the drama of its siege, the significance of the warfare.  All this without ever mentioning that the Russian fleet has now grown to over 30 battleships off the coast of Tartous; or the arrival of the Chinese battleship which will join Iran’s other two in a major naval maneuver perilously close to Turkey’s territorial waters.


The new defense minister, General Fahd Jassem Al-Furaij, inherited Gen. Dawoud Rajiha’s strategy for Aleppo.  He is a much more aggressive tactician.   

I have this on good authority: that the Syrian army’s strategy in Aleppo was meant to attract the bulk of the FSA into the city in order to confront it and destroy it at once.  The ease with which the FSA moved into certain neighborhoods in Aleppo, despite warnings from the populace and intelligence agents,  indicates that their infiltration was planned by both sides.  What the FSA did not know was that the Damascus front would collapse much more quickly than anticipated.  Only a few cells now remain in the capital and they are desperately trying to make it to the Jordanian border while Syria’s numerous security services hunt them down for the final kill.  

Aleppo was a different story.  It is even more strewn with alleyways and Ottoman-style, labyrinthine paths which defy the use of heavy armor.  Naturally, the FSA directed its terrorists into poor areas like Salahuddine, Hanano and Al-Sukkari and the like.  Here they would take up position in inhabited crevices peopled by downtrodden Sunnis who would sympathize. 

Map from BBC internet site.

Yesterday,  on Syrian state t.v., “al-Ikhbariyya”, and on Iran’s excellent “al-‘Alam”,  reporters were allowed to follow Syrian soldiers battling the terrorists on the border between Salahuddine and Hamdaniyya.  An unnamed Syrian officers whose insignia indicated the rank of captain, told Hussain Murtadha, Iranian t.v.’s anchor in Syria, that the “mercenaries were over 500 in that area”.  This indicated that the number of criminals in the whole theatre could be over 3,000 as indicated by a boastful Brig. Uqaidi.  This is an interesting escalation in that the Syrian high command was apparently convinced that it would be better to trap the largest number of these killers in one area rather than have them run loose throughout the entire rural countryside of Idlib and Alepp.  I think their was cynical, but, solid.

Our relatives in the area central areas of Al-Aziziyya and Sulaimaniyya tell us that, as of yesterday, the rats had fled to join other units elsewhere.  I asked my wife’s nephew whether he had seen any sophisticated communication instruments in the possession of the terrorists.  He indicated he saw nothing unusual.  They mostly communicated by cell phone.    
The fighting in Hanano and Hamdaniyya is fierce.  This means that artillery has not been used for reasons of a large civilian presence in a target area.  What is happening instead is nighttime raids to keep the terrorists on edge, without sleep, while continuing constant sniping at their foot soldiers on the ground.  When a group of terrorists is identified as having collected in one building,  the orders are to send in units of infantry to surround the building, cut off water and electricity to it, and wait for the criminals to surrender or make a break. 

Noise has been one of the Syrian army’s best weapons.  Blaring out demands for surrender and constant berating of their capabilities with very loud microphones,  Syria has also flown some of its MiG 21s and 27s at supersonic speed over areas infested by the terrorists in order to crush their sense of comfort.  The noise is obviously deafening, as my wife’s nephew said, and its taking a toll on many of the FSA’s younger recruits. 
There is no question any longer about the identity of the mercenaries.  Many are from Libya, Tunisia, Mauritania and Egypt.  Some mercenaries are Chechens who are quickly turned over to Syria’s Russian allies for questioning.  Their fate cannot be very encouraging.  In the Damascus conflict, many of the foreign fighters were from Jordan – often bumpkins driven by Sunni zeal to exterminate all non-Sunnis.  Their effort came a cropper.  With the exception of some minor skirmishes in Bab Touma, a Christian quarter of the capital, Damascus is not completely in the hands of our forces. 

The terrorists are going to rue the day they separated their forces into two large groupings: one in Salahuddine and one in Hanano.  What happened here explains their ad hoc tactic of moving to the center of the city.  The clown can’t see that the Syrian army’s double-pincer-like maneuvering is forcing them into the most inhospitable and most inescapable part of the old city.  Dr. Assad just wrote a letter of support to the armed forces on their anniversary and exhorted them to undertake their responsibilities with the greatest amount of effort “for the battle to come will decide the future of Syria.”  I know what he means.  If the traitors cannot win in Aleppo, they have very little left to stand on.  And now the Russians.  Our wonderful allies, the Russians.       

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I hope you are right with your assertions, Ziad.