You will not get this from any Qatari-bribed news source like Reuters or AP, Al-Jazeera or Al-Arabiyya.  This is straight from the Syrian front.  GERMAN SPY SHIPS AND HANDLERS ARE DELIVERING DEATH TO THE TERRORISTS BY SHEER INCOMPETENCE.

Here it is:  The reason why FSA terrorists first took up position in Salahuddine was because of a plan drawn up for them by British intelligence agents working for MI6.  The plan required on-going intelligence which was to be provided by the Germans who have over 60 spies in Encirlik, Turkey.  They are liaised with a spy-ship off the coast of Syria (in international waters) and SATINT from the NSA.  Through this, the Germans were to guide the FSA deserters into battle against the Syrian Arab Army.

The British picked Salahuddine because of its largely poor Sunni make-up which they thought would guarantee a favorable reception.  That was the first blunder!  Aleppans do not feel any sympathy for the FSA and view it as a creation of anything but Syria.   Even the Aleppans of Salahuddine suffered because of the deteriorating economic situation with Turkey and held the FSA and Erdoghan responsible.  When the FSA infiltrated the district, people fled.  They did not stay to be kept as hostages or as shields for the terrorists.  The miserable FSA found itself in a largely empty district with one escape route – through Saif-Al-Dawla.  This mistake by the British numbskulls cost the FSA over 350 terrorists – all dead and useless except as fertilizer.

Here are some of the great fighters of the FSA.  These are civilian volunteers who surrendered in Saif-al-Dawla and were taken in for prosecution.  The deserters were executed along with any Libyan trash.  

At Hanano Boulevard and Bab Al-Faraj, a Libyan terrorist in an FSA unit called the Abu-Ubeida Brigade,  was blown up by his own comrade who mistakenly pressed the “enter” button on a cellphone while the Libyan troglodite was preparing an IED device.  How do I know?  We just got off the phone with Sgt. Nader ____ of the 2nd Division of the Third Syrian Army Group who spoke to my sister-in-law who, in turn, took down what he told her.  Apparently, the German handler in Gaziantep was speaking through a translator into an encoded cellphone and told the young man to essentially “fire” the device – which he did obediently.  The young man was arrested and interrogated by Military Intelligence.  His story caused laughter among Syrian officers because it seems the German mistakenly thought that the Libyan had both armed and deployed the device at a junction where a Syrian truck was parked.  We are assuming that the German received confirmation of the truck’s position by satellite.  According to the young man,  the Libyan did not seem adept at rigging the bomb and faltered until the moment of truth when his carcass flew up twenty feet and landed in several parts.  Allahu Akbar!!

Other German-inspired bungling took place on the road to the Aleppo International Airport where FSA thugs tried to interdict both traffic to the airport and resupply to the army in Aleppo.  The German handler who concocted this fool’s errand failed to appreciate one salient fact:  The position of the FSA terrorists was set up only one kilometer from a fully armed and mechanized army infantry regiment with extensive experience in Homs.  The FSA ran for the hills and tried to regroup later around the Industrial Park.  They were hunted down and dispatched like rats.  Schade, schade. 

But that’s not all.  Riad Al-As’ad, stumbling, crumbling, inarticulate rube and former Kentucky Colonel of the FSA, has lost all control of the small band of deserters he used to call “his men”.  They are now either trying to get paid by Prince Champion Pedophile of Qatar or are working for the same Germans who are inadvertently leading them into their own immolation.  Command and control of the FSA is now precariously in the hands of these German geniuses.     

This is Col. Al-As’ad speaking to his warriors from the void the Germans call Nibelheim.

But there is so much more.  Over four days ago, most of the terrorists lost contact with their German puppetmasters in Turkey and began to think for themselves.  This was an even bigger disaster.  When a group of terrorists made their way ever-so-carefully into central Aleppo, they found themselves in Sulaymaniyya which is an exclusively Christian Arab and Armenian district.  The Armenians, I am told, were avid hunters who kept firearms in their home.  Twelve thugs of the FSA were killed right outside Buthaina School as they hied to the closest gate to enter the courtyard.  They did not get very far.  Most were shot-gunned down like rabbits.  Those who survived were made into a new kind of basturma.

The Syrian Army is now encircling Saif-Al-Dawla and mopping up the dregs of these insolent terrorists.  Libyans can expect little consideration.  They are a valued catch for those soldiers who prize a trophy to send to us here at SyrPer.  We are informed that Abdel-Hakim Belhadj, Libyan terrorist extraordinaire
and personal friend of Nicolas Sarkozy is in Turkey offering support to the demoralized FSA.  

Here he is smiling after correctly spelling the word “ahbal”