Nima has contacted me regarding some skepticism.  Here’s her message in full:

[Syrian Perspective] New comment on FIFTH POST – AUGUST 29, 2012 – THE GANGS OF ALEPPO….

Sunday, September 2, 2012 6:27 PM

Nima has left a new comment on your post “FIFTH POST – AUGUST 29, 2012 – THE GANGS OF ALEPPO…“:

Hello Ziad,

though I would like to believe your many victory messages in favour of the syrian army I think your sources are not that credible.
Many weeks ago you predicted the death of Al-Oqaidi in Aleppo, building your view on information by “Imad” and “Monzer”. Al-Oqaidi is unfortunately alive, while the army still has problems in Salaheddine. It also does not seem to control Saif al dawleh. Also the rebels inside Aleppo whom you thought to be trapped, out of ammunition and “starving” are still alive and sniping soldiers. Aleppo is more a stalemate than an army victory. Even worse, the rebels are back in Damascus.
Far from being in the backward move the rebels have achieved to launch almost simultaneous attacks on different military airfields and air defence installations, not only destroying jets and helicopters on the ground but also capturing Cobra “SAM”s. How comes the army cannot properly defend its best assets, namely the airforce? It seems intelligence totally failed to detect rebel troop and tank/artillery movements towards Taftanat, Kuriss, Al-Zuhour or other areas. Do you have explanations for all this or are we to believe that these reports are totally un

Yes, I predicted that Al-Oqaidi would be killed.  I stick to my prediction.  According to all reports, he is still in Aleppo and is moving from quarter to quarter in an effort to avoid certain death.  He may be already killed, an event that would be kept very secret by the terrorists and their NATO puppet masters lest his demise turn into a morale-destroying blow.  It is very likely his body would be cremated to prevent identification.  In any case, my information is solid.  The criminal is alive or dead in Aleppo City.
It is beyond cavil that the terrorists are routed in Aleppo City, especially in Saif-al-Dawla.  Salahuddine is already history.  Sure they can pop up in unit-size groups, skirmish with police, militia or security, but, their days of enjoying a “base” are over.  The Salahuddine area has been pulverized and presents little chance of finding sustenance.  Saif-al-Dawla is now thoroughly surrounded and presents few opportunities for infestation.  
I believe that Nima is falling into the psych-ops trap set by CIA and MI6.  Even the BBC is part of this propaganda machine.  Note how stories are couched in phrases that impact on the reader’s mind; e.g. using the word Aleppo for any part of the Province of Aleppo.  If you read BBC sludge, you get the impression that heavy fighting continues in Aleppo City when the article really refers to the countryside.  Most people, I have noticed, tend to believe the headline without critically reading the entire text of the item.
Let me give an example:  BBC regularly reports from Beirut and quotes “opposition activists”.  They never, and I mean never, give you any names.  That they are reporting from Beirut and not from the actual scene is missed by readers who have come to view, in error, the BBC as the Old Lady of Journalism.  If they mention any names, it’s the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an organization established by the British foreign office, and led by a certain Rami Abdel-Rahman.  This man is a wanted criminal in Syria and operates under a nom de mensongerie which we know but will not reveal out of fear of violating British secrecy laws, which given today’s attitudes in London, could result in my being detained at Heathrow.  Secrecy and chicanery aside,  he comments only from Coventry or London and definitely uses a Ouija Board for his statistics.  He is funded by Qatar and makes regular trips to Prince Fatso Husband of Madame Banana for the greenbacks-filled Samsonite hand luggage he has come to expect for all his fabrications.
The BBC also uses the Local Coordinating Committees which are anything but “local”.  This is a group of Hariri-funded jackals who operate out of Beirut and concoct stories consistent with the needs of the CIA which handles them.  If CIA needs morale-boosting hot air, the LCC reports through BBC or CNN that “rebel forces have seized control of a major ammunition depot outside Der’ah”.  While completely false, the news percolates down to the miserable rats in Southern Turkey or in Idlib Province who are given an incentive to go on fighting.  This kind of media warfare is not new but interesting for its intensity.  It’s a new technology meant to manipulate your mind.  It’s quite frightening, really.  
As far as our airbases are concerned, they are definitely safe.  All Syrian air force bases are located inside  division-strength perimeters.  And if they were not in the past, be assured they are today!  Syria does not allow its MiG 23s, MiG 27s, MiG 31Bs, Yaks or Hind helicopters to simply sit there as convenient targets for these roving criminals.  Syrian generals are aware that the U.S. keeps satellite surveillance over their country and pinpoints positions of aircraft.  So do the Russians, by the way.
Do not allow the news of a few “downings” to depress you.  The United States has suffered large losses in helicopters over Afghanistan, and, yet, the American army seems to trudge along, its “strategy” relatively uncompromised.  Syria has a huge military establishment with very sizable numbers of aircraft and access to replacement by the Russian Federation with funding from Iran at the ready.  
In conclusion, Nima, I think that the reports you are reading about Aleppo are meant to confuse you.  They always make it sound like what’s happening in the countryside is happening in Aleppo City.  Not true.  Same in Damascus. Please note that the “rebels” are attacking in the countryside which the media always portrays as “Damascus”.  My reports are that life in Damascus, whether in Kafr Soussa or Al-Mazzeh, is normal.  
I hope I answered your comment thoroughly.  I have more in subsequent postings today.  Please read them. I thank you for your interest and commentary.  Ziad. 
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Can you explain what you think the Syrian government’s strategy is, and how you would improve upon it? Also, what do you think the enemy’s strategy is? My view is that they do not have much time, because they want to blow up most of the Middle East as quickly as possible, and bring oil and gas on line that is in areas the Western oligarchs control, such as North America. If I am correct that they are in a hurry, it may get ugly soon, as blowing up Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon may well be part of the plan.

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