Alot of you might find this one funny but it begs the question also:  why now?  Why not one year ago?  What about the French spies?

Bob the Bear sends this one to SyrPer about Benghazi, a Canadian take on the Snafu:

This is major stuff.  Who told you about Turkey first?  Now it’s not only the South, but secularists rising up against this inept buffoon, Erdoghan.  Keep it up.  But, he’s killing his own people. These are peaceful demonstrations.  He must step down.  Yadda, yadda, yadda.

So much for polls in the Zionist Abomination.  Obama might as well be Jewish:

As’ad Abu Khalil gets a lot of bad press, but in my book, he’s aces.  On this one, look carefully at how the Syrian opposition lies.  Note the words “Gaza” to indicate the source of the picture and how the Syrian traitors used it.  Don’t mind the occasional misspellings, As’ad wrote once that he doesn’t have time to edit his posts.

Monzer left one message telling me that the Syrian Air Force could be seen strafing areas infested by the criminal mercenaries in Harasta.  That town is not particularly important and the army has not tried to enter until the Jihadists have been properly softened by starvation, thirst and lack of sleep.  The orders are to kill them all.  There are no tunnels in Harasta and there is no escape. 

Latakia is totally calm with life going on both there and all along the coast in a normal fashion.  Tartous just held some maritime competition and schools are proceeding in an uneventful manner.

The absurdist Turkish government of Erdoghan is holding another one of those wasted SNC conventions with Abdel Bassett Seida spouting preposterous slogans and making plans for absolutely nothing.  All this while Turkey boils over with secularist and pro-Assad fervour.  Keep watching Turkey, Aslan says it’s going reaching critical mass.

Lots of comments on SyrPer’s story about Wissam Al-Hassan.  Alot of people didn’t know he was a March 14 member and a maid chamberboy for Hariri.  Well, now you know. 

And just when you thought fantasy was a lost art, read this:

A letter from one of my anonymous readers about the Russian article we wrote yesterday:

Indeed it’s sad how russia seems so weak and dont protect at all his allies , nothing , there solution is to bring back for the 4th time international observer and implement a unilateral cease fire for the syrian autorities until the terrorists have drained all of syria’s ressource:men , military and population support.Just see how the USA have protected bahrain where 90% of the population are against the dictator.It’s a big shame for a country that pretend itself as a power, at the end , assad could tell to russia to go and align with the USA and all the the bloodshed will stop just like in jordan

 Thanks, Hieronymous. 

From the fertile mind of our Gute Freund Anonymous, a story about Bear Grylls and his survival equipment in German.  Give it a shot, Bob the Bear:

Hans, from Germany, sends us this comment about our article on Russia’s seemingly puzzling policy in Syria:

It is not Putin or the Russian intelligentsia it is a faction in the Russian Orthodox church which has held steadfast with the current government in Syria, Putin will honour his pledge he gave before the elections to support them, but he will only provide political support. The Greek, Serbian, Vatican, Bulgarian Churches have all been bought by the Zionist.

What is happening is a re enactment of the Khazar empire, but this time its capital is in Haifa, occupied Palestine. The celestial alignment since March 2011 are the same as when the Khazar empire was at it’s peak. Read the Thirteenth Tribe to get an understanding where this was leading to. However since they lost the battle of Aleppo especially the taking of the Citadel their dreams are diminished. I have said the weather will defeat the evil empire (not only this hurricane but also many earthquakes). Watch and see. Read the Mayan Ninth Wave to understand celestial alignment.

Paul writes about the Russian issue as follows:

It is not exactly an uncommon view to think that Russia and China were not deceived in Libya. Instead, they were bribed and told that they could take the bribe and let the chips fall as they may, or resist, and watch it take longer, but with no bribe. And these bribes are not simply money to officials; there are all kinds of deals with the EU or oil politics that are very important to Russia, and China has countless problems these days with the US, and those involve lots of bargaining – plus there is reimbursement of lost contracts.

A similar situation is in Syria. Lavrov and Putin know all about ZATO’s evil and threatening nature. That’s not in question. What is in question is how to take that energy, as in judo, and use it against them, or to at least stay out of the attack.

There are many reasons the Russians have run away from being associated with Assad. One is to seem somewhat neutral. Another is to still get something from ZATO if things go south – and Russia wants to conduct lots of business with Turkey and Israel, including in the gas business. Finally, if the government in Syria falls, they don’t want the world saying that they didn’t help their friends – it will be the rotten regime’s fault.

It’s been obvious for a long time that Russia is going to help in the UN, but not so much on the ground or with punishing Turkey. Can Syria acquire supplies from other sources?


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Ziad, You have undoubtedly seen the US go down the drain over the last few decades. The owners of FUKUS are trying to build a global dictatorship, a dictatorship based on private central banks, control of gas and oil, and an incredible infrastructure of destabilization and attack. The debates center around how to go about this, not whether to do it. One can assume that their biggest challenge is how to keep others from uniting against this agenda. After all, it is basically not logical or profitable for Jordan or Turkey to support the blowing up of Syria. Similarly, there… Read more »