This news came to us overnight from Wael in Latakia.  His sources have confirmed that the Syrian army has secured the main route from Aleppo to Idlib and that mechanized armored units and mobile infantry are “pouring through Ma’arrat Al-Nu’man.  German and English terrorist enablers in Adana and Incirlik, Turkey, directed the terrorists into Ma’arra in order to block the flow of Syrian forces into the Idlib environs for what would be the final assault on the only “terrorist-held” main city in Syria. 

Map of Syria

Ma’arrat Al-Nu’man lies on the direct route between Aleppo and Idlib.  NATO planners had to try to block the Syrian army’s inevitable move to the latter town and province in order to retain one claim to one big city in Syria.  NATO failed. 

With Homs now almost completely terrorist-rein,  Damascus completely free of the Jihadist murderers, Der’ah now under controlled circumstances, Hama generally cleansed of foreign killers;  Aleppo being inexorably restored to normality in a grindingly slow sniper war, only Idlib remains to be brought under control.

In Aleppo, Monzer says from the capital that over 3,000 terrorists have died.  The exact number is unknown because different security agencies keep different records.  Monzer says that most of the terrorists killed in Aleppo were foreigners – a remark consistent with much of the reportage coming in to SyrPer.  Wael says the same thing.  Even in my wife’s ancestral town of Slinfeh, they are getting infiltrations of Jihadists coming in from Turkey or towns around Jisr Al-Shughour which have been liberated by our army.  The terrorist escapees are preferring high elevations now because of the natural defenses mountains can provide against an aggressive professional army.      

According to Wael, the army units moving toward Idlib Province constitute a huge army, larger than the one which was used to assault terrorist positions inside Aleppo.  This means that Syria is beginning to get some relief from the PKK units in the northeast guarding Qamishli and militia effectively controlling Deir El-Zor with help from Iraqi volunteers.  Whatever the reason,  Wael called the army moving toward Idlib:

جيش عرمرم

“a huge army”. 

In related news, Syrian security has uncovered a cache of arms at Busra Al-Sham (site of the spectacular Roman Colosseum that vies with the one in Rome) with C-4 explosives and modern communications equipment.  The owners of the home in question have been identified and are being interrogated.  At Ma’araba in Idlib Province, another substantial collection of arms was uncovered with the help of the locals.  The garage in which the weapons were found contained a “factory” for making IEDs.  Syria now has advanced Russian-manufactured instruments to aid in finding certain types of explosives.

C-4 can look like pizza dough.  It’s deadly and is the substance of choice for Qatari smugglers trying to kill as many Syrians as possible.

Much of the news coming over Syrian state television and radio describes a pattern of “finding caches of weapons and munitions” moreso than actual clashes with terrorists.  This could mean we are turning a corner in the battle to bring stability back to Syria.  Yet, Monzer, Wael, Radwan and the others in our constellation of sources repeat that the number of foreign Jihadists coming from North Africa and Afghanistan is increasing.

I received a note last week from Aslan in Antioch.   I sort of ignored it but, now,  I realize it was significant.  Aslan wrote that the English MI6 terrorist enablers have shown a “greater respect for the nuts from Libya and Afghanistan than for the FSA deserters”.  Aslan has military experience in that he served in the Syrian army as a conscript in the late 60’s but wound up as a military policeman for an additional three years after his first tour of duty.  Evidently, the British like having troops who go easily to their death without asking questions.  Syrian deserters are, for the most part, not Jihadists – many having a normal fear of death.  Aslan writes that the FSA makes planning more difficult for the German and English terrorist leaders.  Plans have to be more elaborate to reduce fatalities.  Not so with the Islamist radical killers.  And with more and more coming into Turkey,  the English are beginning to act like children at a video arcade.

The Islamists are also cheaper to maintain.  To their credit, they require little of the amenities some soldiers expect after risking their lives.  Aslan says that the Islamist are “filthy” from an hygienic point of view, rarely bathing, or, at a minimum, washing their armpits and genitals, as though some passage in the Qur’an prohibited self-purification – which, of course, the Muslim holy book does not.  Their flights from their homelands are paid for by Saudi Arabia and Qatar on CIA and French chartered airplanes.  He has seen terrorists arrive at Turkish airbases on older aircraft with numbers written on the side.  The Turks try to keep them away from the sprawling NATO base at Incirlik, using instead smaller airfields near Adana and Guvecci.  When they arrive, they are immediately under the very strict control of the Turkish Military Intelligence.  Aslan repeated what he said before:  Erdoghan is under pressure from his security people not to keep the terrorists on Turkish soil for too long.  British terrorist enablers are also, therefore, under pressure to insert their wards into Syrian as soon as possible.

Aslan insists that Riad Al-As’ad is suffering from severe depression and is being treated today by a local psychologist.  This ne’er-do-well bigoted former officer has come to realize that his war to unseat our president is not his war any longer.       

We leave you today with this picture of a little boy being groomed to die senselessly among a throng of innocent victims.  This is the Jihadist’s ideal sucker.  The adult behind him walks proudly without any sign of shame.  The bandanna he wraps around his head contains religious phrases reduced to pure drivel by an ideology so un-Islamic it could qualify as “blasphemy”.  


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One thing that many of us underestimated is the number of lunatics that could be dug up in the Islamic world. Another is the rot that must have set in in so many Islamic countries, including Syria, to allow the idea that destroying countries like Syria was somehow a good thing to flourish.

By the way, you still haven’t talked much about how well the opponents of Syria can continue. Is Turkey the only one that matters?