Western reporters will be the stars of chapters written for future generations of journalism students on how to promote agendas of governments without regard to reality or the truth.  The BBC’s Lyse Doucet, NYT’s Anthony Shadid (Tony Blair Liar of the Year Award Recipient for 2011; deceased),  Ann Barnard inter alia, Richard Engel of NBC (reporting in Syria while really in Turkey),  Karim Fahim, Khalid Oweiss (the Dean of Qatari-bribed Liars) and the list goes on and on.  Their names will be emblazoned in the nitred bricks of laureled halls, collecting moss and fetid algae for all the ages to come.

To prove these “reporters’ ” professional fecklessness,  Russia, as leader of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, (CSTO) has just completed, today,  preparation for the injection of new peacekeepers in Syria.  This is a force of over 50,000 soldiers who have been training for six months in anti-insurgency and peace-keeping techniques. Russian experience in Afghanistan and Chechnya has been applied quite effectively in producing a force capable of stanching the flow of radical Islamist killers and that motley crew of riff-raff from Erdoghan’s Turkey.  Their presence will free two Syrian security divisions to pursue the remnants of the terrorists organizations straight to their reserved cul de sac in Motel D’Enfer.

That the journalists mentioned herein-above have been remiss in even noting this event is proof positive that they work for government agencies bent on skewing facts to skewer Western taxpayers.

We have no sources in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirghyzstan, Uzbekistan or Tajikstan.  We do have sources in Russia and Armenia.  The project called “Inviolable Fraternity” is now at logistics level – the stage when Russian Antonov and Ilyushin super-carriers will be readied for in-country delivery of the 50,000 soldiers.  Our source in Russia, Mr. Imaddedine, knows little or nothing about the project.  He says he has heard only rumors.  But, Aslan, in Turkey has much more to say about this.

CSTO is a big chunk of the world’s land.  It was created as a counter-force to NATO.  The Syrian gambit will be its first thumb in the eye of the decrepit Western alliance.  It reminds Syrper of Steve Allen’s classic: “This Could Be The Start of Something Big”. 

Aslan, in Turkey, says he has heard about a Russian move to end Turkey’s involvement in Syria’s Northern Front.  Aslan says that Turkish officers seem favorably disposed to this because the situation in South Turkey has become frighteningly unstable with PKK forces now in control of whole swathes of Anatolian land in the South-East and foreign terrorists filling the ranks of what once was a purely Syrian deserter army.  Turkish officers in the MIT (not to be confused with the Cambridge, MA institution) who regularly sit with both German, English and American spooks relate stories of frustration at having plans disrupted by crazed Qatari-Erdoghan Salafist/Takfiri mercenaries arriving in large numbers from Libya, Tunisia, Chechenya, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia.  These terrorists would normally be in the cross-hairs of NATO rifles; instead, to show how preposterous this war of wills has become, the rabble is being armed by NATO and the Banana Emirates protected by the U.S.!!!!  Aslan says he has heard Turkish officers describe arguments between German and English spies as to how they might convince the Arabians to exert “greater effort” to block terrorist access to anti-aircraft weapons bought from Libya.

Sergei Lavrov, Russian F.M., and master diplomatic tactician, will have the honor of bearing the true name of the project called: “Inviolable Fraternity”.   SyrPer will also refer to it as “LAVROV’S GAMBIT”.  And we predict it will be the prelude to the endgame in Syria.

The project is being done in a manner consistent with Lavrov’s insistence on coordination with the Security Council.  This is quite brilliant.  Let us show you how.  The U.S. is going to have serious problems with this; after all, it has been trying to pass a resolution under Chapter 7 of the U.N. Charter allowing for “direct action” against the Syrian government.  Both Russia and China have put the kibosh on that three times precedent to the din of plangent Western vituperations.  What the U.S. and its allies cannot tell the world is the following: “Humanitarian considerations are irrelevant, it’s the Iranians, stupid! It’s Hizbollah, stupid!”.  What benefit to having the conflict end if Assad stays in power?  NATO wants a Libyan scenario played out like a sequel to a financially successful film.  Russia and China didn’t like the movie and gave it bad reviews.

The U.S. and NATO cannot also permit a Russian/Chinese victory here, an event which would rock the carefully staged ascendance of Western culture in a post-Soviet world.  A Russian triumph would herald a new age in which the world order reverts to a bi-axial structure – Eurasia v. Western Europe/U.S.  The Non-Aligned Nations would then have a choice between two competing world orders; NANs could choose the bloc most amenable to a particular project without fear of disproportionate retaliation.  The Russian Bear and the Chinese Dragon become a shield whose attributes are worth hiring to ward off the the evil NATO white people and their annoying hypocrisies.

Don’t mess with the bear.  We’ve said it so many times.  Lavrov’s steely eyes, chess-master’s mind, and Jobian patience is on the verge of cataclysmic triumph. 





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Again some great insight and good information from your blog. Do you think that the cease-fire now being discussed in the media will hold?

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