The New York Times, a knee-jerk mimic of Obama’s domestic and foreign policies, the BBC, the compromised old matron of journalism, embroiled in a cover-up of child molesting behavior worthy of Prince Hamad of Qatar or Jerry Sandusky but which pales when compared to its cover-up of terrorism in Syria supported by the Cameron regime in London;  Reuters, liars for hire posing as a news source when, in truth, they merely echo the consummately unbowdlerized paradigms of poppycock they receive from Al-Jazeera and its sequined, glittering pimp, Prince Fatso;  CNN, PBS, NBC, ABC and CBS, American news services which have accepted shame as a working principle complete with contrived stories from Homs narrated by exposed liar and staged documentary movie producer, Danny “The Syrian” Abdel-Dayem” or Arwa Damon the “Petite Dame of Albanian Child Actors Posing as Syrian Children”; or Richard Engel,  T.V. Reporter in Turkey Pretending to be in Syria.  And the list of lies goes on and on. 

This is Danny “the Syrian” in a split-image photo showing him appearing disheveled and distraught.  If the truth be told,  this photo is as close to the City of Homs as he would ever be. His documentaries turned out to be frauds, filmed at the Shepperton Studios near London or the Chiquita Banana Sound Stage in Qatar.  He brought shame and disgrace to Anderson Cooper of CNN whose gullibility is now legend. 

The misreporting, fabrication and dissemination of false images are part of Barack Obama’s terrorist war on the people of Syria.  With an American population understandably weary of foreign adventures that promised much but delivered little positive return for all the blood and treasure expended, Obama just can’t send troops any more without losing much of his base support and his chance for reelection.  Enter the Wizard of Science, Dr. Science!  A war which can be fought without American soldiers, aircraft or ships….in other words:  a war without American statistics.  It is a dark war, fought in the penumbra of margins, with silhouetted spooks delivering instructions to anyone who will listen; a plan exposed only in left-wing, non-traditional journals which are read by a handful of “effete intellectuals” and anarchists whose patriotism is suspect.  Imagine a war with foreign soldiers as an alter-ego; trained by Obama, vetted by Obama, embraced and loved by Obama…kind of. 

But the enemy has to be good. He’s got to be a villain of the first order.  The villain must not appear as human.  Like the Borg, his menace is in his indeterminateness – an impression really that must leave an acrid taste in the mouth.  Like John Carpenter’s “Thing”, it cannot be known but through its ugliest manifestations as contorted, screaming, sanguinary impersonations of mundane organisms.  You can’t close in on Assad’s eyes: they’re a bright blue;  Obama the black man knows white people, they might take a liking to Assad’s eyes and think of him as one of their own.  He must remain Asiatic; barbaric!  Don’t tell anyone he’s a physician.  Think of him only as a professional tyrant – a killer of children controlled by turbaned Iranian mullahs who pull his strings in order to bring about their Judeophobically-inspired Armageddon!

Dr. Assad’s bright blue Makhloufi eyes are envied by Oreo Cookie Obama.  “He’s gotta look dark like me”, Obama tells himself every night as he plots the murder of Syria’s children. 

But Obama can’t do this alone.  He needs comfort in numbers.  The Neo-Cons: they’re always on board when wars are fought against the enemies of “Israel”.  They’re in the pocket.  But, he needs European allies who understand the necessity of eradicating all threats to the picayune settler state of Eastern European Jews whose vanguards arrived on America’s shores to infiltrate the halls of power and keep the gentiles in line.  He needs them to utter mantras ad nauseam:  “he has lost all legitimacy!”….”he must step down!”……”he is killing his own people!”……”his people want to breathe the air of freedom!”…….”he must stop bombing civilians!”………”The Russians and Iranians are enabling his slaughter of his own people”…. And keep using the word “slaughter”.  And just keep repeating the same lines.  A lie oft-repeated has a life of its own. 

This Cameron character will be remembered as the moron who destroyed Libya while “protecting the civilians of that country”.  His privileged, Oxonian pronunciation of the word “slaughter” will ring hollow at his trial for war crimes.  He will be better remembered as an aider and abettor to Obama – The Biggest War Criminal!   

It makes no difference how many Syrians have died.  We leave the business of statistics to the organs of falsehood on the Arab side.  Today its 30,000 and tomorrow its 18,000.  And so what if the U.S. killed over 300,000 Iraqis in a war that turned out to be based on a chimera?  Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiyya will pick up any slack.  We’ll make sure by letting the CIA feed them the trigger-point words they need to embellish the horrors in their fiction.  We’ll make sure they continue libelous stories from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights even though that organization is a fraud.  We know Cameron will put pressure on the BBC to keep quoting that lice-laden creation of the British Foreign Office.  Susan Rice will drone on about the Al-Houleh massacre even though it was perpetrated by our own terrorists.  Isn’t that a scream?!!   

Obama has killed more Syrians than all the homicidal criminals since 1946.  He has killed more Syrians than the Zionists.  With his hordes of fanatical Jihadists,  he has enveloped my ancestral homeland in a morbid shroud of murder, mayhem and carnage.  We actually voted for this miscreant thinking he was a breath of fresh air.  If we knew that he was the Devil, we would have abstained.  May God damn him to Hell.


Lebanon’s situation is outlined in this article:

Ceasefire won’t work because the terrorists have no central command and represent a crazy-quilt of militant groups.  The Syrian High Command knows this but the Russians want Syrian government cooperation with Brahimi.

Bob the Bear is going to love this one from The Blaze.  Just mention George Soros and he looks for bees to stuff in his bonnet:

And if you don’t believe Panetta is just a Goombah, read this one about Stinger missiles. Dont’t you feel safe now with Obama in office?  Syria must supply the PKK with shoulder-fired Strelas:–finance.html

The Wall Street Journal is not our favorite newspaper.  But, here’s one about anti-aircraft missiles which we predict will soon be downing an American civilian airplane, thanks to Obama:

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The evilarchy running the West might be happy with a plane or two being brought down. They would say a crazed Syrian or Iranian did it. Perhaps Ban Ki Moon would lead the investigation. So, if you thought the BS about Lockerbie was bad, just wait.


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