This comment from John Esquire has the ring of truth:


Note the first comment following the WP story I sent:

The Americans wonder why the rest of the world detests them. Well this is why – because you can’t keep your stupid noses out of the business of others.

You have NO business in Syria whatsoever. What the hell makes you think that you have any right to organise any sort of opposition leadership in another nation?

Would you tolerate a foreign power usurping your president and congress with slush funds and arms? I bet you’d all scream to hell and gone, but you Americans constantly do it to other nations.

And you better believe that what the USA is doing in Syria is highly illegal. There is a legitimate government in that nation that is recognised by the UN and the USA is aiding and abetting criminals who are trying to overthrown this government.

No wonder you are petrified about another 9/11 happening – you invite these things with your warmongering and your illegal interference in other nations.

And here’s the article. Incidentally, Andrew Tabler is a fraud and a charlatan.  He works for Zionist Neo-Cons just like his detestable Joshua Landis (another pretender to Arabic proficiency):

Infowars sends this article which contains some inaccuracies.  Look at the map especially:
The Brigades of Dawood Rajiha strike in Saudi Arabia. Don’t believe this is an accident.  The Saudis are terrible liars because they don’t have the intellectual wherewithal to construct a good story and stick with it.  This was caused by an IED:

Paul sends in the English translation of the article from Voltairenet which we posted in Arabic:

Hans rails against Palestinians ingrates and traitors:

Yet again the Palestinians Lions being led by donkeys. Now they want to fight against the state which has consistently backed them and given them freedom as equal citizens. Here is an excerpt from the so called FSA
We’ve been arming Palestinians who are willing to fight. We have formed the Liwa al-Asifah (the Storm Brigade) which is made up of Palestinian fighters only. Its task is to be in charge of the Yarmouk camp. We all support it and back it.

Tell me how they will benefit?
Let me answer you question Hans. We are assuming this article you read is true.  I know many Palestinians in Syria and they have done quite well under the Assad family.  Only Jihadists would be recruitable for fighting our government.  The PFLP-GC is very much in control of the Yarmouk complex and it’s not easy for these rats to challenge Ahmad Jibril’s control.  We also, in Syria, have a very effective “Palestininian Branch” of the Political Intelligence Directorate which is under the control of the Ministry of the Interior.  I’m not worries about Palestinians.   


Ziad knows Jibril personally.  His sister, Fawziyya and her husband, Marwan Yahya, were my parent’s friends.  Don’t mess with Abu Jihad.  He’s a former captain in the Syrian army and a chemical engineer. He is one of the world’s experts on the use of explosives.