Our friend with the cryptic name FHTEX writes:

Here is what this article did not say:

1. The Syrian Army is still not on its highest stage of alert and has not called up its reserves (with a total armed forces strength of over 300,000)
2. The oil and gas fields care in government hands and continue to produce and send exports to other nations
3. Not a single regular military base has been taken over by the rebels
4. The horrible massacres committed by the Jihadists have turned off the vast majority of Syrians, as witnessed by the hostility of the citizens of major cities such as Damascus and Aleppo.
5. The rebels cannot increase their numbers beyond 30,000, and are maintaining those numbers only though the addition of foreign jihadists and child soldiers.

So, who do really think is going to win?


Syrian armed forces are at 375,000 with close to 500,000 in reserves.  It is expensive to call up the reserves, especially when they are not needed.  To this date only 25,000 reserves have been called up and most have been “specialized” soldiers with expertise in areas such as explosives, counter-intelligence and maintenance. 

Indicators of who is going to win point to the army for the following reasons:

1.  The Russian navy continues to invest huge sums in money and materiel to improve the port facilities at Tartous;

2.  Iran has made no major military moves to support the Syrian government; Quds Force elements remain near Zabadani within reach of some terrorist concentrations but apparently see no need to intervene; The nascent natural gas pipeline continues construction across the borders of Iraq to Syria.

3.  As our friend FHTEX noted, the “opposition” is incapable of maintaining sufficient numbers of fighters without substantial help from the foreign apes upon whom they, and their English handlers,  must now rely;

4.  Syrian ammunition seems boundless;  and so, the 48 billion Syria has in gold reserves;

5.  Iraq and the Kurds appear to be on our page.

The recent announcement of NATO’s sympathetic response to Erdoghan’s request for Patriot missiles as a “defense shield” only proves that we are now at the endgame phase of this Western fiasco.  SyrPer adheres to its assessment that the U.S. is plodding its way out and leaving the EU to handle what was, from the beginning, a totally fatuous wish; one borne of a misguided faith in the law of human momentum, no matter to where that momentum might lead.  Saudi Arabia and Qatar were promised results by Erdoghan who received over ten billion dollars in venture money; his venture has come a bit of a cropper and now, with a full-blown civil war at his doorstep, seeks help from the self- same scabrous clutch of charlatans and shills who personally hauled this plague across the Bosporus with the usual enticements contrived out of promises, emoluments,  and untested missiles – shields of carton to establish a “no-fly zone”  protecting a strip of territory just small enough to hide the revanchist ambitions of their retrograde, Islamist lapdog Sultan of Stupefying Scurviness – His Highness, the Caliph,  Recep Tayyip Erdoghan,  Abdel-Hamid III.!!!

This loyal Syrian soldier looks at the devastation brought to Syria by the English and French cockroaches who seem to have forgotten WWII Coventry.  This is coming to Turkey very soon.  

Pro-Syrian Arab television is reporting an ingathering of over 8,000 terrorist mercenaries on Turkish soil.  The confluence of this event with the sudden request for the Patriot missile shield cannot be relegated to coincidence.  The West has tried and failed to establish a land base for their cadres of murderers, Islamist freaks and nihilists through frequent infiltrations and an obvious effort to “tire” the Syrian army.  As we wrote before, this is due to the Western misreading of the situation in Syria.  This misreading will bring on days of suffering for everyone, especially the puppeteers. 

Erdoghan has fallen prey to the same desperation of his Ottoman ancestors.  His reliance on Western powers to save him from a policy gone clearly haywire is an indicator he is no longer in control of even his own country.  Any rational leader could have seen the evolution of the PKK’s power as a corollary to the injection of foreign fighters in the Syrian affray; but not Erdoghan.  He sees it now, but it’s too late.  He might have seen, also, the volcano erupting under his feet as his large Alevi and Alawi population begin speaking openly of sedition.  But that is another story.