For those of you who don’t think of Obama and his European friends as hypocrites, read this hilarious article.  Does it mean the U.S. and the EU are going to stop sending weapons to Syrian and foreign terrorists?

How do they know it isn’t those murdering terrorists who are firing at the Golan?

Our president will live and live in his homeland, Syria:
We told you Erdoghan is on his way out.  Nobody seems to be taking this mess seriously:

Thanks to libber Clinton, the Doha Conference was a real stag party:

The BBC, the final word in stuffy nonsense:

We think Gul is out of the loop.  War is coming or Erdoghan is out:

On a lighter note, Mark the Brit sends this piece of fluff:

Hieronymous the Anonymous sends us this comment about a young Turkish pianist charged with insulting Islam:

Türkey need a regime change

Fazil Say is also accused because he wrote on his twitteraccount based on a verse by famous medieval poet and wine-lover Omar Khayyam – which questioned whether heaven was a tavern or a brothel, because of the promises that wine will flow and each believer will be greeted by virgins.

best regards

And another Hieronymous the Anonymous writes to SyrPer with insightful comment:

It looks like the endgame is fast approaching and it’s not a game that the US/UK/Israel/Saudi/Qatar are going to win. Every time the US does something violent, there’s always a nasty backlash. Case in point the invasion of Iraq. In the end the US, in its infinite wisdom, destroyed the enemy of both Iran and Syria, Saddam. Iraq is more and more entering an alliance with Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, PKK, Russia and China. Russia is being invited back into the oil wells and China is all over Iraq signing agreements. Good going US. On one side you have strong nation states and emerging patriotic movements in alliance with super states such as Russia and China and who does the US support. Decrepit non-state entities who are basically corrupt, pedophiliac,disgusting royal families who illegitimately rule over territory and one so called nation that is a welfare queen of the US government (can you guess which one). By attacking Syria, there will be severe blowback for the US. Syria will be strengthened and the alliance that I mentioned above will be fortified and who knows maybe even Turkey will join it when that bozo Erdoghan and his little punk foreign minister are gotten rid of.

More from another Hieronymous:

It is rarely told, but Syria (including Lebanon, Jordan, Iskandarun and Palestine) was an independent nation from 1918 to 1920 in the form of a constitutional monarchy under the Hashemite King Faisal. This what the western powers promised the Syrians and the big reason the country revolted to throw out the Ottomans during the war. This all ended with the the implementation the of Sykes-Picot Agreement (1916) after the 1920 Versailles Conference and which was subsequently brought violently into effect with the defeat of the independent Syrian nation at the battle of Maysloon.

The Syrian flags are now flying proudly in all the lands of our forefathers. One day soon, we shall all be reunited. Inshallah.

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“The Syrian flags are now flying proudly in all the lands of our forefathers. One day soon, we shall all be reunited. Inshallah. “

Also an inshallah from “liwa iskadarun”