Hakkari Province is going up in flames as PKK forces continue their operations against the Turkish occupation army and Erdoghan’s collaborators.  The Turkish Press has been intimidated into silence by the world’s most vicious enemy of journalistic freedom.  Erdoghan’s junta pretends to be democratic, but the jig is up and the cat’s out of the bag;  his Islamist clique of hypocrites is preventing the Turkish people from knowing about how dire the situation is in Southern Turkey.  In article after article, the Western Press and rights groups have exposed his government’s systematic oppression of journalists; its unfettered use of corrupt courts to bully his opponents into silence; its use of huge money judgments and threats of prison to muffle even the most diffident critics.  But he cannot silence the independent reporters who have direct access to events in Southern Turkey.

Erdoghan’s junta has just requested NATO’s help in positioning Patriot missiles on his Southern border with Syria.  The Western media has tried to cover up this request by depicting its purpose as “defensive:, hilariously at times, identifying the missiles’ use for “deflecting Syrian artillery”!  They have actually written this kind of embarrassing poppycock.  SyrPer now knows the three reasons why Erdoghan’s military has asked for the deployment of Patriot missiles.  We will share our Intel with our readers.

Over the last three months, Turkey’s generals have noticed that Syrian artillery has struck inside Turkish territory with evident indifference to any reaction from Ankara.  While Erdoghan and his thugs have decried these indiscretions and vowed to “retaliate in kind”, the fact is that Turkey has not demonstrated any ability to modulate Syria’s raging artillery and fighter/bomber aircraft.  To the contrary, as we write this article, Syrian jets, mostly MiG 25s and MiG 29s, are incinerating the terrorist rats who share Erdoghan’s oddball, aberrant  kind of Islam.  Erdoghan’s request for the Patriot missiles is to provide air protection for the Fake Syrian Army which has been unable to hold any territory to establish a credible position inside its target country.

 A Syrian MiG 29, seen here, can match any aircraft in the Turkish NATO inventory and is striking the terrorist rats from distances which render their Libyan SA-9s virtually useless.

We are now witnessing the unfolding of NATO’s last gambit.  Anders Fogh Rasmussen has repeatedly denied NATO’s willingness to get involved in the Syrian conflict, contrasting the ease with which British-American-French forces were able to dominate the skies over Libya with Syria’s robust and dense S-300 air defense system complimented by state-of-the-art Pantsyr anti-aircraft weapons which make Syrian skies very unfriendly to any Western aircraft.  But, a decision has been made in the aftermath of the Doha Conference which saw the creation of an inevitably flawed, yet superficially improved looking coalition with the accursed acronym of NACOSROF.  The decision has been made to proceed with the plan to destroy Syria’s infrastructure in order to render it a failed state.  This is a blunder of the first magnitude evincing the West’s invincible ignorance and stubbornness – the kind of determined behavior which leads people like Hitler into the morass of Soviet Russia, Napoleon into Tsarist Muscovy and Lucius Aemilius Paullus into Canae.      

If NACOSROF is to have a believable constituency, it must hold territory and administer it.  This cannot happen while Syria’s Air Force enjoys unopposed air supremacy.  Turkey is now staking its claim to parts of Northern Syria which Erdoghan thinks he can cover as an haven for Obama’s, Saudi Arabia’s and Qatar’s terrorist murderers.  The Patriot missile system will provide him with the ability to shoo-off Syrian MiGs and shoot down Syria’s massive arsenal of ground-to-ground missiles.  So he thinks.

Secondly, Erdoghan cannot accept his own plan backfiring on him.  Syria, as SyrPer, has repeatedly warned,  has a detailed, fully developed plan to turn Turkey into a large swamp by destroying at least eight hydroelectric dams on the Euphrates River.  This very possibility renders the NATO plan pure folly.  Erdoghan must be able to emerge from this parlous gambit unscathed or, at a maximum, lightly injured.  If Erdoghan ventures into acts of war against Syria,  he must expect (1) that Syria will strike with Scud Bs, Cs and Ds the Eu;hrates dams,  as we wrote before and (2) his armed forces with VTX, Sarin, Tabun and mustard gases, not to mention the yet unproven ability to deploy biological weapons.

Soft targets abound on the Euphrates River in Turkey.  This is the Ataturk dam which is well within the range of Syria’s Scuds.  

Some have argued that there is insufficient water behind the Turkish dams to cause the kind of biblical catastrophe envisioned by SyrPer.  Hydroelectric engineers with whom we spoke and who have studied Turkey’s dams disagree.  Besides the possibly permanent cut-off of electric power,  the breaching of one dam like the Ataturk Dam would deluge lower riparian structures with sufficient force to start a domino effect that will multiply the destructive force exponentially, rendering all affected zones impassable and unusable.

The Third Reason is the burgeoning power of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in the Northeast of Syria and Northern Iraq.  The PKK is striking Turkey’s military and economic infrastructure on a daily basis.  SyrPer has evidence that Erdoghan is convinced that an invasion of both Syria and Iraq is the only way to stanch the evolution of the PKK into a major military force and with that, the PKK’s de facto rule over an independent Kurdish entity that would vie with and, even, control the compradorist Barazani mini-state in Iraqi Kurdistan.  In order to do this, he must have the ability to move troops and aircraft into relevant areas without fear of Syria’s Air Force, its huge missile and artillery arsenal and, of course, its WMDs.  

In order for Erdoghan’s crazed strategy to work, there must be an absence of two actors:  Russia and Iran. SyrPer is not certain that the Russian Federation is willing to wade into WWIII over Syria.  However, F.M. Lavrov has repeatedly warned the West about Russian patience with Libyan-type intervention.  He neither ruled out Russian military involvement nor ruled it in.  Russia remains a mystery at this time.

Iran is no mystery.  SyrPer has Intel that the Iranian government will abide by its 2006 Mutual Defense Pact with Syria and will either send troops and weapons across Iraq to fight in Syria or will attack Turkey from its own borders.  As of right now, Iran is not acting as though the scenario we have narrated is a real possibility.  It may be that Iranian military preparedness is being directed at the Persian Gulf with the option of siphoning forces off to deal with Erdoghan’s Folly. Whatever the case, we hope that Russia, Iran and Syria are watching the big rat in Ankara.

This is a Syrian Scud B, a guardian of our homeland.  It was built in Syria.  May the Creator bring it down on the head of that mephitic rodent, that fake Muslim, that enemy of the Syrian people, Erdoghan.



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Do you really think the Syrian government has the guts to attack Turkish dams? They haven’t shown much guts so far. An example of guts would be to declare a town or region “shoot on sight” and a policy to level everything.

How would Hafez have handled this war?