The New York Times never mentions that these staged events were denied by the Syrian government.  It is unbelievable to what extent the NYT has become an exemplar of the worst journalism.  My sources in Damascus, including Monzer, say no helicopter base was taken over by terrorists:

Golly!  Do you think Arafat went out like that, too?  Is there a way to have Erdoghan swallow some of that DDT?

Yawn. Here’s more Russian posturing.

We don’t know if any of this is true.  You know SyrPer’s antipathy toward anything to do with the Muslim Brotherhood.  Here’s something to chew on:

Go Hizbollah!!  We like Hassan Nasrallah, if not for his religiosity, then, for his speaking the truth:

Big Brother has arrived in the U.S.  He already visited Britain and made a big investment there:

Besides being SyrPer’s “Nowhere Man of the Year”, does he really collaborate with “Israel”?

And now a co-axiom to Proscia-Time, Fergie Time, as posted by our friend, Mark the Brit:

John Esquire sends in this insightful article about Neo-Con machinations:

More fun for King Abdallah the Second:

A great article from “Fikra” about Erdoghan’s troubles:

A Zionist rag rags against Obama giving Turkey any missiles:


At Idlib, a wild and wooley battle took place between rival terrorist gangs resulting in the death of Al-Mahdi Al-Thani.  Syrian television reported that the battle resulted in the death of this virulently anti-Shi’i felon when he insisted on his share of drugs his gang supposedly pilfered from a local pharmacy.  The death toll, according to Wael in Latakia was 14!  This is also proof that the British and the Germans will stop at nothing when it comes to hiring thugs and vermin to do their dirty work.  But it’s all coming to them soon. 

Monzer denies any attack on an airbase near Damascus.  It’s a part of a new media blitz designed to raise the morale of the rats.

Tal Kalakh is amazingly silent.  As we reported weeks ago,  the terrorist presence across the border in Lebanon has been neutralized.  A spectacular operation two months ago virtually wiped out all the FSA vermin in what was a gloriously successful eradication. But you won’t get that at the BBC, NYT or WP.

Operations in Aleppo continue with a slow, methodical progress measured in yards.  Most of Aleppo, especially the new sections, are terrorist free.  The central areas of Sulaymaniyya and Azziziyya have not seen any rats for over 45 days.  The terrorist assault to take Aleppo has failed miserably but has caused much economic devastation to the entrepreneurial classes.  Support for Dr. Assad remains high since the alternative is the Salafist regime of nihilism and reaction. 

We can report that almost the entirey of Latakia Governorate is free of rats.  With the exception of some towns along the border with Idlib Governorate,  terrorist mercenaries have not been seen.  Banias is particularly quiet despite its once volatile character. 

The news about the terrorist takeover of a damn on the Euphrates near Manbej is giving us dangerously spasm-filled laughter.  We have seen articles in Yahoo, BBC, the AP and others touting the temporary occupation of the dam as “a strategic victory” for the mercenaries.  What strategic value this dam has in late November is questionable.  You have to be desperate for news to publish this kind of silliness. In any case, Monzer says the government is sending forces to the dam to “liberate” it.  Yawn.

Fighting around Damascus is infrequent.  Three terrorist campaigns to take positions around the capital have failed.  Darayya, Tadamon, Hajr Al-Aswad and the Yarmouk area have been cleared with pro-government Palestinians effectively in control.

Three terrorists were killed trying to infiltrate Kafr Soussa last night.  A fourth, who surrendered without much of a fight,  confessed to General Security agents that they were planning to “take back” a cache of drugs abandoned during a firefight last month.  Monzer laughed as he told me that the young man, Taleb Muhammad Safar, age 19, insisted they were only going to get the drugs because one of the dead terrorists had an addiction to Valium.  Drugs are becoming an issue for these rats.  Monzer says that Western handlers are encouraging drug use among more secular elements of the terrorist units under their control. 

Iraq has stopped intercepting military supplies to Syria.  P.M. Maliki has made it clear to his officers that interdicting supply efforts to Syria is not in the interest of Iraq.  Relations between Iraq and Turkey are at rock bottom with talk of PKK-Iraqi Army military cooperation topping conversations.  Government spokesman, Ali Dabbagh, has been curiously quiet during the last few weeks.  Might merit watching.

Aslan has reported hearing about an attempted assassination of a prominent Syrian officer.  He thinks it’s Adnan Sinnu, but isn’t sure.  The Turkish press has been “encouraged” not to report about these incidents and journalists who stick their nose into such matters are being routinely arrested or harassed in a country that is the world leader in strangling journalistic freedom. 

I have been told that the Patriot missile system is “awful”.  This comes from an acquaintance who reads our blog but who prefers to remain anonymous.  His experience in the military sheds light on one particular flaw in the development of the system:  it is not well-tested.  The German network which is probably the one most likely to be deployed is also the worst of the group.  It appears that SyrPer has been the first to raise the issue of the dams on the Euphrates River.  Hmmm.  It also appears that Turkey’s request for the deployment is related to that.  You see, my friends, Erdoghan has bitten off more than he can chew.

Syria is openly training and arming the PKK, the PYD and the KNC.  There is no secret any more.  Hanadi in Hasakeh, tells us that young Kurdish males and females are joining the fight in “very large numbers”.  Their training bases in Syria are close to the Iraqi border east of Qamishli and are highly restricted when it comes to approaching them.  There is going to be a major offensive in the winter that the Turkish army is expecting, hence, the build-up of army units in Mardin, Sirnak and Hakkari.  Weapons captured from terrorists in Syria are winding up with the Kurdish military forces.  Iran has supplied the PKK with its own, domestically produced RPG which was used to devastating effect against the Zionist army in South Lebanon by Hizbollah fighters.  She says the Turks are scared while PKK and Kurdish morale is “rising to the heavens”.  واصلة للسماء يا زياد

Larijani’s visit to Syria a day ago is the final step in the declaration of war against Erdoghan and his Arabian child molesting enablers.  The spike in Western media misreporting; the deliberate fictionalization of events by well-exposed lie-factories such as the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and the non-existent, non-local (read: Lebanon)  Local Coordinating Committees (read: FSA); the sudden up-tick in exaggerated reports puffing up terrorist “gains” in Syria, all promoted shamelessly by American-Arabian catamites Hariri and Geagea; all point to a perception in Russia, Iran and Syria, that the Big Push is coming.

This just in by an e-mail from Monzer in Damascus:  126 terrorists killed in fighting around Idlib Governorate yesterday in what he describes as a “uniquely designed ambush using disinformation about a convoy of diesel tanker-trucks which the Germans or the English believed” was heading toward the border town of Salqin.  Alerted to this fat prize,  the terrorist units from the Jabhat Al-Nusra and Ghuraba Al-Sham (Salafist groups controlled by the beer-guzzling Limeys and Krauts),  collected on Highway 2 West to intercept the truck which was reportedly accompanied by a small contingent of militia and police. 
The actual ambush was at Armanaz, a sleepy little town known more for its delicious figs than the kind of cacophony it was about to hear in the middle of the night.  Syrian Hind helicopter gunships had almost straddled the border with Turkish-Occupied Hatay in order to close off any retreat.  Gunners were equipped with night-vision goggles and were ordered to kill every fleeing “pimp” عرص they saw.  In the meantime, according to Monzer, the rear of the caravan was accompanied by over twenty trucks carrying special forces units including the Al-Sa’iqa Regiment based at Al-Qutaifa which traveled without any lights or reflectors.  The terrorists apparently figured out the trap quickly when someone must have reported our helicopters to their North – an obvious snare.  They rapidly dispersed to hide in the hilly terrain but were confronted by both SF and militia.  By morning, the count was 126 dead with no prisoners.  They refused to surrender, preferring evidently a slippery, uneventful descent into Hell. 

Of the terrorists killed at Armanaz were Suhaib Al-Ghamidi (Saudi national) and Said Muhammad Zein Al-Kalouti (Jordanian national).  Monzer is certain that many more foreigners were among the dead but is waiting to get details.  Their bodies will be cremated and their dust fed to the Four Winds.     

Thanks to Raytheon, the Zionist Abomination reaches a questionable 33% target acquisition range:

If you want March 14 propaganda, you’ve got to read this farrago of lies.  Our relatives in Aleppo are delighted to inform the buffoons at Daily Star that our army is cleaning up the rats.  All they quote is the military genius, Rami Abdel-Rahman, draft dodger and professional liar.


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Level 0 - Anonymous

If there is a big push coming, it may not be near the Patriot systems. All war is based on deception.

Of course, one thing they might try is something that involves saying there was an internal coup, and start shooting down Syrian planes from the Turkish side. Just lie and say that the “good guys” in the Syrian military did it.


Level 0 - Anonymous

he Helicopter graveyard rebels say they have taken Serge ‏@ZinvorHere’s the base AP video claims the rebels have taken: , here’s the heli graveyard to its south: 8h Serge Serge ‏@Zinvor @rougek67 the actual base they claim to have taken is this one: which is a bit north to the helicopter graveyard.8h Serge Serge ‏@Zinvor #PT can tell simply by the missing rotors/blades found in the video helis & on the helis in the satellite archived image of the alleged site8h Serge Serge ‏@Zinvor The “captured airbase near Damascus” … actually seems like a quasi-helicopter graveyard… Read more »