The mighty Erdoghan appears to have bungled his way into another hornet’s nest in Turkey.  The end is coming to this fascist tyrant: 

Some of you will be relieved to know that Syria has a huge military presence in this area and elements of the Third Army are on their way.  Also, the population of Sqailbiyyeh and Mhardeh are very well armed.  The rats won‘t take these towns without massive losses: 

More glorious murders for the rats.  And by the way, the Spanish reporter has been confirmed killed by the terrorists.  Here’s another attempt to cover up for the felons:  

Here’s some hilarious propaganda from a pro-rat rag.  It works, actually, against the rat cause:  

Luckily, our formidable air defense is highly mobile and well-protected

Yahoo rarely presents a mildly intelligent article.  This one might be an exception:

Interesting article for those who doubt the presence of Al-Qaeda and for those who question the intelligence of Obama & Co.

The amount of propaganda pouring out from Western media is appalling.  Today’s big lie is Russian abandonment of Syria.  This is obviously a U.S. coordinated effort to give the terrorists a morale boost after their humiliating defeat at the Yarmouk Camp. Monzer says the rats were just “annihilated”.  Their remnants are still waiting on the Southern side of the camp for word on their fate.  They are completely surrounded.

Another item of propaganda is Syria’s use of its Scud missiles.  Anyone who has studied the history of air power knows that weather can affect an aircraft’s ability to spot targets.  Missiles can be used to compensate for any visual problems by area-bombing an enemy position.  Missiles are also safe for the military since they do not require a pilot.  In Syria, Scud Bs, Cs and Ds are manufactured locally and do not cost the government very much.  We say: use them.  We say: load some Sarin or VTX on them.

We, at SyrPer, are not overly concerned about threats to overrun the two Christian towns of Sqeilbiyyeh and Mhardeh.  They are in Hama Governorate and produce excellent araq, the Levant’s favorite hooch.  Because of their loyalty to the state, the young men from these two towns are encouraged to join special units of the army and are permitted to carry concealed weapons after honorable discharge.  The terrorists are about to find out that the population of these two towns are not only well-armed, but are also well endowed with special forces veterans who know how to kill rats.

Wael tells me that a relief force from the 7th Mechanized Armored Division is heading toward Sqeilbiyyeh and Mhardeh accompanied by over 600 infantrymen.  They should have arrived by now, based on our estimates here at SyrPer.

Lavrov’s statements to the press have been completely consistent.  Nothing has changed.  President Assad is not going to step down, but you’re free to discuss this matter with him.  In the meantime, we can confirm the delivery from Russia of advanced air-to-ground rockets (purchased last year) at the Port of Tartous.

Terrorist threats to bomb the Aleppo or Damascus airports in order to block weapon deliveries from Iran are particularly silly.  We can assure our readers that Syria’s 250 air bases are more than adequate to accommodate Iranian supply planes.  Anyone who thinks Iran’s weapons have to land at two civilian bases is, obviously, nuts.

Aslan sticks to his belief that Erdoghan’s days are numbered.  He thinks that a lull in the fighting between the PKK and Erdoghan is due to the latter’s willingness to discuss an early release of Abdallah Ocaylan, the Kurdish popular hero who is doing a life sentence for fighting for the cause of his people.  We just don’t know.

Hanadi says there is some fighting in the Deir El-Zor area, but it’s nothing that affects life in the city.  People, as always, are concerned about heating fuel and bread.             

Hoots Mon, a discerning reader, points out that Brian Cox is Scottish, not English.  I have made the correction in the December 21, 2012 Third Post. Thanx, Hoots.  ZAF



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Level 0 - Anonymous

Why does Aslan think Erdoghan will go? Bad leaders can last a long time. Also, what do you think is the deal with not smashing the invaders that are trapped? What kind of a deal could be offered that would be of much value to Syria? Starving them might be less harsh on the infrastructure, but that’s the best reason I can think of.


Level 0 - Anonymous

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