FIRST POST – DECEMBER 16, 2012 – GREAT NEWS FOR SYRIA; BAD NEWS FOR NATO.  WE’RE SERVING UP SOUR GRAPES AND HYPOCRISY FOR BREAKFAST THIS MORNING. No able to do anything about Syria besides committing war crimes,  NATO and some of its colonials are going to invade Mali.  Get the title of this article, it’s great.  OBAMA TO HELP INVADE MALI.   It’s what the U.S. does best.  And what about the terrorists in Syria?

This is an important article for propaganda mavens.  It also exposes the lies and hypocrisy of the German media:

Important article about Cockburn and his view of Syria.   A must-read for all British propagandists:

Let’s hope the Russians are coming.  Good article about the Americans and their terrorist confederates:

John Esquire sends this fascinating report about the bad chemistry between Jews and Bourbon.  General Grant as Babylonian monarch:

And now, John provides all you ornithologists out there with some food for thought.  If you think “Buzzard Hawk”, Uqab Saqr, is a deadly avian, read this one:

Syrian state t.v. has reported, and we have confirmed, the death of one of the most cruel and “adored” commanders of the Jabhat Al-Nusra (Al-Qaeda), one Youssuf Al-Jaader.  This Al-Jaader character was called “Chief of Staff” of the Jabhat Al-Nusra and went by the nom de guerre of Abu Al-Furat, which in Arabic means “He of the Euphrates River”.  Luckily for all Syrians, Al-Jaader is now “of the River Styx” over which he is now being ferried to his abode in a fiery Hell.  He was dispatched at Handerat near Aleppo when his military skills somehow failed to keep him out of the way of a bullet fired by an infantryman.  The bullet first passed through his right thigh and emerged from the left side striking the other thigh.  When he fell, the infantryman gave him the coup de grace in the head.  His body will be cremated and his dust fed to the four winds.  Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Homs is indeed terrorist-free.  It is amazing how much Schrift was given to the battle for Baba Amro.  It’s over for now.  Yet, we hear reports of constant efforts by terrorists to cross over from Lebanon’s Wadi Khalid into theTalkalakh area.  This should be a priority for the Lebanese government.  The Suleiman regime in Beirut has even turned a blind eye to the open and obvious presence of French spies and terrorism enablers skulking around the Northern Lebanese countryside.  It is time for Syria to insist on an end to this double-dealing else a new phase in the conflict.  This note is an answer to Hans’ query about what in God’s name the Lebanese are doing?  Thanks, Hans.      

Twenty one would-be terrorists were killed West of Talkalakh yesterday.  Wael has provided the names of some of the Syrian and Lebanese terrorists.  They are meaningless and take up necessary space.

The so-called takeover by the terrorists of Aleppo’s officer academy is totally false.  Do not believe any of it.  In any case, just like most of the propaganda from the terrorists,  the academy is unoccupied.

In Al-Rastan, an intolerant and restive Sunni town just outside of Homs, the hometown of the Tlas family,  three major operations resulted in the capture of 44 terrorists terrorists.  Two of the operations netted factories for the manufacture and assembly of IED devices.  The third was a nest of terrorists that was completely annihilated.  Two of the dead, Zaher Al-Trabulsi and Alahmar Ben Kato, were North Africans.  Their bodies will be donated to the Aleppo School of Veterinary Medicine.


Interesting one from Hans.  It differs from what I was told and what I reported.  My information was that the terrorists came in dressed like militia and gained the trust of the villagers in Akrab.  One of the terrorists spoke with an accent that sounded familiar to the villagers.  In any case, here is Hans’ very stimulating letter about the mass murder of Alawi townspeople by the American-sponsored terrorist terrorists:

hans has left a new comment on your post “SECOND POST – DECEMBER 12, 2012 – MISCELLANEOUS RE…“:

How much truth in this
So yesterday reports of another mass killing. This time scores of civilians from the minority Alawite community in the village of Aqrab killed after rebels reportedly visited from the al-Houla area a few days ago. According to Aqrab villagers they kidnapped the son of the local Alawite religious leader.

The Aqrabi villagers say they mounted a counter-attack to try and free the hostage. There were armed clashes and injuries.

The villagers say the rebels then came back from al-Houla and took over the place. Most people fled but around 260 were corralled into one section of the village and it is there that they were hit by missiles fired by rebels.

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