Our reader, Arabi Souri, sends this tube confirming what SyrPer told you yesterday about a huge demonstration in Antioch against War Criminal Erdoghan.  Thanks, Arabi Souri, I hope you saw the post yesterday.  The Erdoghan regime is careful not to make one mistake.  All it will take is one casualty among demonstrators and we believe the South will explode:

Terrorists have no morals.  The attack on Halfaya was by the FSA.  A car bomb exploded in front of a baker where people had queued up for bread.  The FSA, with the aid of British terrorist-enablers, then fashioned a story so that blame would be cast on our army.  Pure hogwash from this boneheaded source of news:

No read the truth about Halfaya:

I’m surprised the author did not mention the impending horror of Jihadism on the Chrisitians of Syria.

Here’s one to show Infowars can come back with a nice punch after a bad round:

Chechens! Chechens!  Chechens for Sale.  (In truth, Chechens have made terrible fighters in Syria.  Poor language skills and disorientation.)

Mumbling, stumbling, bumbling, crumbling Prince Saudi Al-Faisal (we thought he was dead) brings hilarity to Saudi Arabian foreign policy.  Get this one about meddling in neighbors affairs.  It’s a howler:

Oh, Gosh!  I didn’t know there were Russians in Syria!  What about the navy outside Tartous.  This article goes to show you how shallow reporting has become.  Read SyrPer, it’s better for you:

We are following this report with much interest.  The terrorist terrorists in Darayya have taken massive casualties and are not long for this world:

John Esquire sends this Cockburn piece. Good reading if you can tolerate the obnoxious advertising and bullying emphasis on subscribing:

John Esquire sends another from the Guardian authored by Suemas Milne.  I really think Farouq Al-Shara’a should be sent to the funny farm:


The Halfaya “massacre” is a public relations fiasco for the terrorist terrorists and NACOSROF, ostensibly their political cover and lighting rod.  Inhabitants of the town outside Hama have been uniform in their condemnation of the FSA and blame extremists for blowing up a car and firing on innocent civilians.  It appears the terrorists don’t want Syrians to eat and try to prevent them from obtaining sustenance.  This is England at its worst with electronic intercepts constantly demonstrating that British terrorists in Incirlik, Turkey, are committing the worst kinds of war crimes.  It was the Syrian army which came into the town to stop the killing.

Wael says over 12 terrorists were killed in Halfaya with the majority escaping as the armored units of the SAA came in.

Lakhdar Brahimi has arrived in Damascus by automobile from Beirut.  Security sources tell us he was dissuaded from flying into the capital because of threats by the terrorist terrorists to fire at any civilian plane.  Brahimi, if you will remember, is SyrPer’s winner of the 2012 MIGUEL DE CERVANTES DON QUIXOTE TILTING AT WINDMILLS PRIZE.  We expect nothing from this feckless scarecrow of a failed diplomat.  Any talk of our president stepping down is a waste of everyone’s time.  As an Algerian, he should know what it’s like to fight Jihadist terrorists, especially the Salafist type with which Algeria is filled.

There are some derogatory comments about our redoubtable and reliable Information Minister, Dr. Umran Al-Zoubi.  It has to do with a question asked of him yesterday by a reporter concerning the Brahimi arrival. Al-Zoubi told the reporter he did not know if the U.N. envoy was coming.  He was telling the truth.  Monzer says that Brahimi told Syrian General Intelligence that he would only come if the road to Damascus was safe. Monzer says that he was assured it would be.  So it was up in the air at the time Al-Zoubi responded.  So much for analyses intimating that there was “chaos” or a “disconnect” between the branches of government in the capital.

The terrorists took a drubbing in Bani Zeid yesterday near Aleppo.  Well planned ambushes netted 16 terrorists with an entire unit surrounded by militia and infantry.  Of the known killers and terrorists identified in Bani Zeid are the following carcasses:

Adib Arfan Al-Sousou
Fahman Suleiman Ahmad Bairaqdar (Iraqi)
Sufyan Khalifa
Jihad Mansour Abu-Ghammas
Ra’ad Saif Uteiris (?) (Iraqi)
Sami Bilal Shammameh
Belmahdi Abdel-Latif Khaldoun Lahwal (Tunisian)
Falah Muhammad Ghandour (Iraqi)

In the East Ghouta near the airport,  Monzer says, at least 30 terrorists were dispatched.  It was a night battle.

Six known killers were taken down in Darayya, a ghost city now, thanks to Obama & Co.  One of them was a major commander in the Tuzz Syrian Army (FSA).

Homs remains terrorist-free and rebuilding is moving slowly and cautiously.  The infestation could come back as any Orkin Man will tell you.

Reports of new takeovers by the terrorists of northern military bases are propaganda.  Nothing of the kind is going on.

Wael reports reliably from Latakia that his Intel remains that Abdel-Jabbar Al-Okaidi was hit in Nairab near Aleppo.  His explanation for his appearance two nights ago on Al-Mayadeen was that he might have survived the injuries and recovered.  He still has doubts about the report, although, as I told him, Al-Mayadeen would not invent this story out of whole cloth.  He agrees and is puzzled.

Wael does say that the big threat to the Christian towns of Sqeilbiyyeh and Mhardeh is over.  Apparently the terrorists decided it would be suicidal to attack them with both large towns rife with special forces commandos and experienced, battle-hardened militia, not to mention the lumbering arrival of Syrian armor.  The two towns are known for making excellent Araq and have a large number of air defence units in the area.
No reader comments today.  Is is hangover?  Is it just laziness?  Come on.  We love to hear from our thousands of readers around the world.


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dearest Syrian people, my hearts bleeds for you in this joyous season. Now the winter solstice has passed and the Zionist and their rats have failed more peaceful days are ahead for you’ll. Once again my apologise for all the troubles you brave people have had to endure.