Propaganda Index today is for “slow news”:  8.1


They keep quoting the same disinformation from the same unnamed Russian diplomats.  Funny, we never heard Lavrov or Bogdanov ever talk about evacuations.  Are these sources made up?  You bet your bippy.

This is a must-see and hear.  Egyptian billionaire calls on all Syrians to back Dr. Assad.  

Here’s one to slake your thirst for more grist about the international criminal, Uqab Saqr, “Buzzard Hawk”:  

We don’t know why Iranians think of the Muslim Brotherhood as a kindred movement.  Here’s an article which underlines this paradoxical position: 

You Arab Spring is full focus.  Now they’re attacking Coptic institutions in Libya!

You can’t keep a good man down.  Iran snubs its nose at NATO:

First class article lambastes Joe Lieberman and praises Chuck Hagel.  We think Obama will defer to the experts on Iran:

Maurice Herman’s interview is highlighted in this counterpsyops article.  Good listening:

A must-read for propaganda addicts.  The encounter between the SAA and the RJA did not happen.  It’s totally made up.  Look at the sources and look at the publisher:

We told you that Britain has opted for a failed-state scenario.  Cameron’s policy has collapsed, of course, but here’s one with CIA former spook Baer discussing issue.  Good with a cup of bitter coffee:



Another one of our shy readers, “Anonymous”, remarks:

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Thank You for the link to the video and channel.

I’m so sorry that Syria and it’s people are being invaded by this ruthless sickness.

YES! “Syrians Army and the Syrian people are defending humanity from the spread of evil”.

This one is from Arabi Souri.  Excellent for our readers.  Thanks, my friend, and keep sending us great material:

 Arabi Souri has left a new comment on your post “SECOND POST – DECEMBER 30, 2012 – LEBANESE SECURIT…“:

A must watch documentary about the Syrian crisis & what Syrian people and their army are facing:

Another Anonymous writes:

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Shows their hypocrisy, what they really worship is “(G)old-(O)il-(D)rugs”

Anonymous sends this video of a journalist embedded with our great Syrian Army near the Turk border. Thank you, Mrs. Kalabash, whoever you are.  Keep sending:

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Report by Journalist Embedded with Syrian Army from Lattakia Close to Turkish B

Another wonderful article from Lew Rockwell courtesy of Anonymous:

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Feeding Christians to the dogs

Hans, my friend in German, leaves this comment extremely worthy of your attention.  The Army is readying a major offensive in Idlib and this is proof positive.  The Palestinians should be ashamed of this rodent whose aim in life was to send us back to the Iron Age.  Mit freundlichen Grussen, von deiner Ziad:

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A Palestinian man who was killed in Syria on Friday was a senior figure in Hamas‘ armed wing, rebels and Hamas officials said Saturday.Muhammad Qunneita, 31, from Shati refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, had been in Syria for four months, his brother told Ma’an.Rebels told Reuters on Saturday Qunneita was killed in fighting around Aleppo airport where he had been helping to train Arab and Muslim fighters. Activists in Syria also said he had been a prominent figure in Hamas’ Al-Qassam Brigades. After Qunneita died on Friday, Hamas-affiliated news site Palestine Now described him as a Al-Qassam field commander, quoting a military official in Gaza. He had trained several rebel brigades during his time in Syria, and was fatally wounded during the storming of Idlib airport on Thursday, the report said.But a Hamas source in Gaza told Reuters Qunneita had left the Hamas brigade and joined a jihadi group before leaving for Syria to fight there.

Dear Hans, I made the correction yesterday in our errors section.  Here’s another from our friend in Germany:

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The Palestinian rat killed at Ma’arat Al-Nu’man the day before yesterday is named “Muhammad Qunayta” and not “Qanita”. Sorry, for the error. He was a member of Hamas.

How long will the Iranian Fajr-5 missile be in the hands of the rats in Syria. I wonder if Iranian thought about this blow back when it gave the technology to Hamas? Answer: It’s classical blow-back.  Our philosophy eschews any dealings with the Murderous Brotherhood. They are snakes. 

Hans sends this one about the agent whose job is was to assassinate SyrPer’s Nominee for Man of the Year, Hugo Chavez.  Fascinating:

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Breaking, just in. Venezuela has just extradited a french agent who was conspiring to kill Chavez in 2009.  (It’s in French but an easy read.  ZAF)

Anonymous asks about this youtube channel.

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Are you aware of this youtube channel?

If so, may I ask what is your opinion of it?

Answer: Dear Anon, I listened in on the exchange between the driver of the car and the rather difficult police officer.  I agree with the driver.  I like the site.  The report on the 4th Mechanize Armored Division is a little suspicious only because I think they are referring to the Republican Guard of the Second Division of the First Army Corps.  Interesting, and I will continue to look for more.  Thanks. Ziad 


We are delighted to inform our readers that six rats at the Yarmouk Camp self-vaporized when they mishandled a lump of C-4 in the process of trying to jerry-rig some IED.  The names of three of the rodents are:

Sabri Ahmad Mango  (Palestinian)
Muhammad Radwan Abdel-Rahman
Muhammad Zein Fahmi

Good show!  Keep up the good work!

HOMS:  The clean-up continues.  Wael says that the actual number of rats in Homs may have exceeded at any one time 5,000!  In Deir Ba’albah, the SAA is finding remnant vermin hiding under rocks.  General Murad of the Second Army Corps reportedly told troops to “not be fooled by false surrenders” which, according to Wael, “can lead you to a suicide criminal”.  Obviously,  the fear is that a Jihadist rat might feign surrender while booby-trapping himself with explosives.  In several instances, retreating rodents have actually booby-trapped dead foreign killers knowing the army was particularly interested in terrorists from other countries.  This would both kill our soldiers and destroy the i.d. of the carcass.

ALEPPO:  Don’t believe reports that the terrorists have taken over any airbases.  Airbases which are in the hands of the rats are ones abandoned a long time ago and whose only use was as emergency air strips.  The Western media is trumpeting fantasy victories.

Spectacular triumph for the Syrian Army at Bani Zeid.  We can confirm 23 dead rats there.  Almost all of the terrorists were from foreign countries.  Wael sent this list of the subhumans with the proviso that more would be coming as police identify cadavers:

Mudar Khalaf Majhoul (Iraqi from Mosul)
Jassem Khawli (Iraqi)
Faqir Islam Ali Khorshow (Pakistani)
Izzat Karim Waddah (Iraqi)
Beder Aliyev Hossinbegev  (Kazakhstani)
Muhammad Abdul-Latif Assiouti (Egyptian)
Malik Musleh Awadallah (Jordanian)
Mahmoud Muhammad Deiri (Iraqi)
Adil Kishlawi (Iraqi)

According to Wael, these slugs belonged to a group calling itself “Liwaa Al-Islam”.  Syrian investigators found “Ativan” and codeine-based drugs on their persons.  Their bodies will be cremated, their dust fed to the four winds.

IDLIB:  Soon to be the scene of massive military assaults, the population of the city is still reeling from news of sex orgies conducted by Saudi Arabian terrorist apes.  We are embarrassed to bring up these kinds of things since many thousands of our readers may not view detailed reports of unspeakable acts of licentiousness as anything but pornography.  We will leave you with this note:  some of the acts ordered by the Saudi rats involved forcing the wives of their colleagues to act out as lesbians while completely disrobed. So much for the stinking Arabians and their Wahhabism.   

It’s being reported that Prince Fatso of Catarrh has had another kidney transplant.  It appears he is on the way to the Eternal Presto-Cooker in Hell.  We also heard that he has taken another wife.  Her name is no doubt “Artichoke” to compliment the hag he’s married to now.  This is New Year’s Eve and we can’t help but wish the once-fat prince a speedy and painful death.