You always know its winter when you get hit with a snowstorm.  At least that’s how it is here in North America.  But snow is not necessarily crystals of frozen precipitation; it can come in the form of deception and programmatic manipulation of opinion wrapped in a trusted coat that contains nothing.  And that’s what we are getting in the Western Media.  For almost two years, we have watched the West create suspicious sources of information (SOHR, for example), promote news personalities (Arwa Damon, Syrian Danny, Khalid Oweis) and flood the airwaves with absurdist stories all designed to prepare the audience for another Libya, Iraq or Afghanistan.  With an audience today that is circumspect, to say the least, the blather has to be overwhelming.

Yesterday, the Syrian army annihilated the terrorists in Aleppo, essentially removing any obstacles to travel between Aleppo and the international airport there.  Notice, Western media didn’t want to cover that.  In Damascus, the battle is not going the way of the armed opposition.  Notice again, the media won’t cover that.  Instead, media coverage is limited to grandiose statements about some countryside controlled by the terrorists as it “inches closer to the capital’s center”.  The only thing the terrorists have been able to do with the “center” is plant bombs.  This is a phenomenon with which Iraq has had to deal for the last ten years.  It is a serious problem, but, it does not shake the foundations of government if the army and institutions continue to function.

Note here also, the pernicious way the Western media interprets certain activities.  For example, the Pakistani government has reduced its presence in Damascus.  The media reports that it is due to “the deteriorating situation on the ground”.  They don’t mention that direct threats have been made by terrorists against the Pakistani delegation which prompted the Islamabad government to exercise caution.  They don’t tell you that.  

Syria has not used its main weapons systems against the terrorists yet.  And that’s a big “yet”.  In addition to this, Syria’s allies have not intervened in any significant way.  Iran has limited its involvement to delivering spare parts, ammunition, and advisors.  There are Iranian Quds Force troops close to the Golan Heights, over 15,000.  Their purpose is to help defend Syria against any “Israeli” attack or to penetrate occupied Palestine to destroy Zionist infrastructure.  They have not been deployed “yet”.  Iran has a legitimate fear of stoking sectarian violence because any overt move to help the Assad government would be exploited by
terrorist apologists as a “Shi’i Intrusion Targeting Sunnis”.  Iran does not want this kind of  publicity no matter how deniable it may be.

Today, the propaganda machines were in full operation.  It was obvious to us that something was being built up.  The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister was misquoted in headlines couched in language suggesting Russia’s surrender to NATO machinations.  If you read the articles, all Mr. Bogdanov says is that the Syrian government is losing control of some parts of the country and that “it is possible” that the opposition might win.  Instead of reading his statements as speculation, they are offered to an audience as headlines conclusively heralding Russia’s abandonment of Dr. Assad.

Here is how we read Mr. Bogdanov’s statement.  It was meant to be understood that Russia might intervene, and soon,  on the ground in Syria to prevent a NATO-Terrorist victory of the kind seen in Libya.  There has to be a justification for such intervention; the West needed it for Libya and used its specious argument for “defending civilians” as the basis.  When Sergei Lavrov announces clearly that the United States has violated its agreement under the Geneva Declaration; that NATO is, in fact, directly involved in fighting in Syria; you will know that the atmosphere is right for a full Russian commitment to Syria’s defense.  Once Russia makes this announcement,  Iran’s forces will begin pouring across Iraq to begin the much-anticipated process of exterminating the Jihadist garbage infesting Syria.

We have said from the beginning that Dr. Assad’s methods of handling this conflict has been modulated by his own professional personality.  Dr. Assad came to office as a physician who had every intention of practicing medicine.  His brother Basil’s tragic death led to a succession by primogeniture which offended many Syrians.  Yet,  he proved himself to be a very competent president and people were willing to look the other way for the sake of stability and continuity.  His test would not be the economy, however,  but the Arab Spring, which he waved off contemptuously in several interviews, forgetting that the planning for his removal started back in 2007.

We are not saying he is some Casper Milquetoast.  His style differs greatly from his father’s.  As we wrote in a previous commentary about the genesis of strife in Syria,  he acted as though the venting of spleen in Damascus and its subsequent echo in Der’ah were mere ephemeralities.  And they would have been but for the 2007 plan.  His demise was being engineered four years before the start of the American-Saudi-Qatari-Turkish-NATO terrorist war on Syria.

We at SyrPer have a belief that Russia cannot afford to let Syria go down in flames.  The issues are massive. Much of this also impacts on Vladimir Putin’s own legacy.  Legacies are important to nations and people of history.  We may be seeing the beginning of something we can call the “Putin Doctrine”, i.e., Russia will not permit foreign nations to effect regime change in those areas of the world where Russia has a vested strategic interest or where Russian economic monopolies are at stake.  It could be phrased differently, I suppose, but the reader, hopefully, gets the message.

If Russia were to default today, it would be followed by more political catastrophe for Moscow.  Allies of Russia or even potential allies would view a close relationship as questionable.  It goes to the idea of good credit;  if Russia sits by and lets an ally drown, what’s to prevent the same timidity in another geographic context?  Russia has to hold on to its principles, not because of any love for Dr. Assad, (one of our readers, Paul, stated correctly that nations follow their interests only) but because those principles inform the quality of the relations Moscow will have with present and future allies.

The vast underwater reservoirs of natural gas off the coast of Syria which would emancipate Europe from Russia’s Gazprom stranglehold on the European continent is at issue.  Turkey is desperate to claim this area as within its Ottoman realm.  This is the key for Erdoghan’s baptism in the European Union.  It’s life or death for Erdoghan, hence, his unrelenting, unscrupulous support for terrorism in my homeland.  But the Russian Bear is even more determined to keep Turkey out of the EU.

Russia has its own conflict in the Caucasus with Islamist killers.  How would the Chechen terrorists view a Russian defeat in Syria?  Mr. Putin must see that a terrorist victory in Syria would become a rallying cry for his own home-grown population of criminals.  And what would stop the Libyan Jihadists from coming to Russia, especially after a triumph in Syria?  How many times can Russia allow NATO to win?

All propaganda aside; the West can hide its head in the sand all it likes and promote a Panglossian view of international crises.  What it cannot do is believe its own lies.  American audiences have to know that the Russian fleet is docked at Tartous.  It’s a nuclear fleet.  The Admiral Kuznetsov is a few days sail away in the Black Sea.  Russia has installed Eskandar missiles in Syria as a message to NATO about trying to set up any no-fly zone.  It’s not going to happen.  Russia also said that the Syrian people must decide Dr. Assad’s role in the country.  If you understand the deployment of the Eskandar’s as one definition of Russia’s, prepare yourselves for what the Western media is trumpeting as a terrorist victory.  That, too, cannot happen.

The CIA hasn’t predicted this yet.  But, we will.  Dr. Assad is going to pull all the stops on the traitors in Lebanon.  Hizbollah will nullify its previously cultivated neutrality and join in the affray.  Iranian troops are waiting for the legitimization of Russia’s announcement that the Geneva Declaration is dead and, then, adopt a policy of constructive involvement.  Russia will begin flying MiG31Bs in our airspace.  Then, the Big Rat in Washington will know when the endgame started; the Big Bear will have begun its last gambit .  Ziad Amin Abu Fadel.        


            If the Big Rat from Chicago doesn’t know what a Siberian Grizzly looks like, here it is.





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Level 0 - Anonymous

Dear MR. Ziad Fadel, I really enjoyed yor commentary on the media blitz on 12/13/12 as a Muslim who is pulling for the Assad Government,to regain total control of Syria. I hope that youre right that Russia will provide air cover and weapons, but right now, someone needs to help the Syrian forces with their ground game, the Syrian Army has no Zealouts and thats where their week at, I caution all to never under estimate zealouts, look what they have manage to do so far, the only force in the region that can match this kind of zeal are… Read more »

Level 0 - Anonymous

For what it is worth, there is a rumor going around that the key topic at the recent Trilateral Commission meeting in DC was about a big war in the Middle East coming. These are closer to the level where decisions are made, so …

Unfortunately, most of the countries in that part of the world are run by puppets, traitors, or sell-outs. It is tragic that nobody could stop Turkey’s march to the cliff.