Syrian infantrymen and sharpshooters from the Republican Guard take aim at rats infesting a Palestinian building in the Yarmouk Camp.  
Be advised, the terrorist campaign in the Yarmouk Camp was completely anticipated by the Syrian High Command.  In battle after battle, from Darayya to Douma, Al-Hajar Al-Aswad to Tadhamon, the terrorist rats of the FSA have been annihilated, forcing them to take positions inside the Yarmouk Camp.  But a problem arose when PFLP-GC commandos tried to fight them off, unsuccessfully, and called in the Syrian Army to intervene.  At first, General Ali Ayoub, Chief of the General Staff, opted to let the criminals concentrate in the camp, a decision which unfortunately led to a mass migration from the camp to other areas, including Lebanon.  But the decision, from a tactical point of view, was judicious and sensible.  The terrorists cause more damage when they are free to roam the countryside.  Now, encircled by the army, they have nowhere to go but Hell.  
Monzer is in the Tadamon suburb of Damascus and sends me an e-mail describing what is happening on the ground:  “The Yarmouk Camp has tunnels which were dug a long time ago by fighters loyal to Arafat.  The tunnels are well known to the PFLP-GC and Internal Security – Palestine Division.  These tunnels have been closed off.  
“Ziad, The High Command both announced by radio and with leaflets that the population should abandon the camp temporarily because the army was going to unleash a savage response to the occupation by terrorists of the Palestinian suburb.  The Command was not joking.  I can see howitzers and cannons being lined up southeast of the Yarmouk with MiGs firing three or four missiles every five minutes.  We have spotters in the camp who are directing fire.  The orders are to take prisoners only if they immediately surrender.  No prisoners if soldiers have to demand surrender.  No assistance to any wounded terrorists and summary executions are absolutely prohibited.  
“Ziad, I can count over two hundred dead terrorists already.  A lieutenant in the Republican Guard,  Hassan Bahjat, says that over three thousand terrorists have escaped from battles in Tadamon, Duma, Darayya, Kafr Sousa, Dhiyabiyya and have collected in the camp.  They thought the population of Palestinians would protect them.  They also thought that the government would not dare to strike the camps because of sympathy for the Palestinian cause.  They were dead wrong.”
Without having to translate everything that came in three separate e-mails from Monzer,  he says that Palestinians, for the most part, support President Assad and despise the bearded killers.  He saw, from a distance, five mercenaries on Haifa Street, spread out after a direct strike from an artillery shell fired by our troops south of the camp.  Our soldiers are able to listen in on communications between terrorist commanders even though it appears Americans think they have some inviolable system.  One terrorist named Qadado led our troops straight into his den of rats by keeping his cell phone open.  Military Intelligence, using Iranian technology, directed a battalion of Syrian soldiers straight to where this rat was hiding and they wiped him and a whole unit (seven mercenaries) out.  
Syria has demonstrated over and over again that talk of a deficiency in ammunition is pure propaganda.  Monzer says that “…our army and air force could turn the camp into so much debris in two days, but, the President has nullified this idea, asking that more precise fire be used to eradicate the enemy.”  
People in Damascus, who support Dr. Assad up to 95%, are waiting anxiously the end of the terrorist rats inside the camp.  This concentration inside the camp was an incredible disaster for American terrorism-enablers in Jordan.  They are about to lose over 3,000 of their plague-carrying killers.
The number of terrorists captured so far in the fighting around the Yarmouk Camp is 36.  Monzer has explained that the majority of the captured are civilians trained inside Jordan by Americans.  He says they are inept and seem disoriented by the intensity of the fighting.  One captured rat told Military Intelligence that he was first directed to fighting west of Tadamon with a unit of experienced terrorists.  Once that unit was decimated by our army,  the commander told him that he had received orders to redeploy in the camp which is how this rube wound up here.  He said that he tried to follow the remnants of his unit but got lost.  He was from an area near Al-Raqqa.  He was eventually helped by another terrorists who also was moving southeast toward the camp.  Once he arrived and tried to find a command link,  he was taken prisoner by militia and handed over to MI.  He confirms that the U.S. is deeply involved in training terrorists.  Right under the nose of King Abdallah whose recent acceptance of 5 billion dollars from Saudi Arabian apes has suddenly made him a linchpin in the Quixotic effort to depose our president.  This prisoner also told MI that the training for the terrorists is being sped up for reasons he does not understand.  
In Der’ah, our militia and security forces were triumphant again in uncovering three separate caches of IEDs, automatic weapons and drugs.  It is unbelievable how drugs are playing such a role in the tactics of these mercenary killers. 

One of our MiG Fishbeds drops two 500 kg bombs on terrorist mercenary rats.  This is filmed over Yarmouk.

Oh, My God!  The Russians are evacuating their nationals from Syria.  That must mean the terrorists are winning.  That must mean Russia is abandoning the lost cause of Dr. Assad.  Oh woe!

Balderdash!  There are only five ships being deployed to the Eastern Mediterranean to “replace” aging vessels moored off the coast of Syria.  The five ships include three warships and two support ships.  One of the ships is a frigate, the Yaroslav Mudri,  carrying materiel for some purpose.  Two landing ships: the Kaliningrad an Shabalin, are also accompanied by a tow boat.

The Russian Navy Command has made it clear that “while these ships could participate in an evacuation, their main purpose is air defense exercises, anti-ship warfare and anti-submarine warfare.”  That’s all folks.

This is the Yaroslav Mudri being deployed from its base in Baltiysk to the Eastern Mediterranean.

 A family that delivers up so many idiots to wasteful quests….. a family intent upon extinction….a family so mesmerized by the promise of a fake Paradise for its ignorant runts….cannot be thought of as your ordinary Syrian clan.  No.  This family is like the Tlases of Al-Rastan: committed to doing the wrong thing at all times in the belief that the Creator of this universe is a supreme moron.  There is no other explanation. 

Their predecessor in simple-mindedness, Hussein Harmoush, trumpeted his valor by being one of the first traitors to desert his army position and help to establish the Fake Syrian Army in Turkey.  That didn’t last long, did it?  A few weeks later, after garnering the affections of Robert Ford, disgraced U.S. diplomat, nominee for THE TONY BLAIR LIAR OF THE YEAR AWARD (he lost to Anders Fogh Rasmussen) and EGON KRENZ LAUREATE for service to the Syrian Security Establishment, he was suckered by our Military Intelligence people into a trap that a child could have avoided.  He has delivered a command performance before a firing squad in Al-Qutaif military base after “spilling the beans” about the real FSA.

For those who have forgotten Hussein Harmoush, this is a BBC article about this piece of excrement:

Harmoush outside his home near Idlib.  His wife was not a good homemaker.

But now, through the miracle of pure incompetence, we have three Harmoushes who have been killed trying to fight the Syrian people.  Hussein, of course, the dashing traitor, deserter, American spy and professional village idiot and Ahmad Harmoush, killed a month ago in fighting near Homs; and last but not least, Samih Harmoush, just killed three days ago in a battle near Idlib.  Wow!!  What a family!  Let’s give them all a big hand and encourage them to send more idiots to this war.