From Damascus Monzer signals a big, fat V.  Hajira is completely rat free.  The Republican Guard is now sifting through the ruins for ammunition left by the fleeing rats.  It will be turned over to the PKK for use against Erdoghan’s army.  In Hajira alone, over 66 terrorists were found and killed.  Of these specimens of rodent excrement were the following known leaders in the Jabhat Al-Nusra and Liwaa Al-Islam:

Hafiz Muslim Ghandour (Deserter, Syrian)
Muhammad Seif Al-Aqraa’ (Syrian)
Jum’ah Bilal Al-Aqraa’ (Syrian)

Monzer says the count right now is over 450 for terrorists killed last night.  The Eastern Ghouta is still being combed for rats and the process could last another two days.

In Al-Mazzeh, Damascus, the Military Intelligence Directorate is interrogating at least 40 individuals who surrendered or were captured in fighting around Zamalkeh.  These are of particular interest because they received training in Jordan from American skunks and terrorism enablers.  This will be routed back to King Abdallah II who made some broad statements yesterday about his country’s disapproval of violence in Syria.  If King Abdallah is smart and doesn’t want to be replaced by his half-brother, Hamza, he would do well to listen to SyrPer:  “Stay out of this!  And don’t lie!”

The fourth offensive planned by Obama’s rats in Jordan has failed miserably.  This, and all the while, the Syrian High Command was actually debating the use of the First Army Group around Damascus.  It was not necessary.  The Republican Guard and new militia units were sufficient to crush the invading, plague-carrying rodents.  Our army remains on the alert for Zionist and Erdoghanist adventures.  It will not be needed for these stinking microbes.

The battle for some of Aleppo’s old quarters continues.  It is easier for the human waste in Turkey to infiltrate when the Ankara regime is greasing its way toward Syria.  Yet, they cannot deliver a body blow to our army which continues to zealously pursue them with the tenacity and focus of a Mustapha Hamsho.
Most of Aleppo is safe and immune to the rats’ efforts to penetrate the town.  We cannot, however, understate the suffering of the people in that much formerly available medical facilities are now closed.  Pharmacies have been particularly targeted by the felons because of emerging evidence of rampant drug addiction which we reported before.

Not all the terrorists are Jihadists.  Many are actual criminals who developed drug dependencies while living lives outside the law in their native countries.  Four Tunisians were captured the day before yesterday in Hanano.  They were completely disoriented.  Two were determined to be drug addicts having worked for some time in France.  When they were captured, they were desperately trying to find a pharmacy.  One of the criminals, Hicham Bel-Salem, asked to be taken to hospital because of uncontrollable shaking.

We cannot ignore the massive plan envisioned by NATO for the coast of Syria. The plan failed completely.  Aslan reports to us that there is a sense of relief among the Turkish officers he knows.  Turkish officers and enlisted men have no appetite for war with Syria and openly state that their fervent wish is for Erdoghan to stop interfering in the affairs of neighbors.  Aslan repeats what we knew: Iraq is on the verge of severing relations with Ankara.

In Latakia, today, Wael says more weapons caches are being uncovered in Sleibi District.  One cache has been discovered under a popular restaurant on the Corniche known for its Islamist clientele.  The restaurant, set on a picturesque cove, contained three boxes of Russian-made Ak-47s, Israeli manufactured grenades and 30 RPG launchers without ammunition.  Also found, were boxes of advanced satellite cellphones, medical supplies (morphine and American-labeled Demerol).  This is one restaurant we’ll avoid the next time we’re in Latakia.

We share the grief of millions of Antiochian Orthodox Christians for the passing away of their beloved Patriarch Ignatius IV Hazim.  He was 92 years old and a Syrian patriot born in Mehardeh, Idlib Governorate.  His affection for Dr. Bashar Al-Assad was well-known.

The constant upping of the ante is an indication that all NATO plans have failed in Syria.  America’s affirmative action president whose academic record at Harvard Law School cannot be revealed, demonstrates stubbornness more appropriate for the proverbial mule than for a man who pretends to lead the Free World.  This sleazy Chicago rat is now raising the stakes with an approval of Patriot missiles for Turkey; a clear indication that he is hell-bent on establishing a “no-fly zone” in Syria. 
Efforts to degrade Syria’s vaunted S-300 and Pantsyr missile defense system have been rendered an embarrassment.  Efforts to dislodge Dr. Assad from power seem more and more fanciful.  Obama is a failure.  He has now stooped to Bushist WMD war-mongering as though that will persuade Americans to abandon their isolationist mood and support this cheap snake oil salesman’s new pitch for still a bigger and uglier war.  He is a war criminal. 

SyrPer can comfortably predict that the entire Damascus Fourth Offensive will shrivel away to await another.  King Abdallah, we warned you!

If you want to read an article by ignorant, pea brained vagrants, you gotta read this. I can imagine John Esquire cracking up over this:

John Esquire sends this article that comes as a warning from Dr. Assad again about messing with Syria.

John Esquire sends another. This one is from Lew Rockwell who has already figured out the Gulf of Tonkin scenario.  Funny how Rockwell never mentions the fall-out when Russian and Iran join in:

Hillary Clinton can’t understand normal thinking.  Here is an example of unbridled hypocrisy:

More gut-ripping reportage from Azerbaijan about “democracy-loving” Erdoghan:



hans has left a new comment on your post “FOURT POST – DECEMBER 3, 2012 – JIHAD MAKDISI FIRE…“:

why was he appointed in the first place, seems the Syrian government is very amateurish in how they handle propaganda. Come to think about it so is Iran.

Answer:  He was appointed because he looks dapper and youthful.  He was overworked and overwhelmed at the time he was fired by Walid Mouallem.  I found him despicable for all the obsequiousness and transparent efforts to cajole foreign reporters.  It is good to be rid of him.  Z

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “FIRST POST – DECEMBER 4, 2012 – SYRIAN ARMY BATTER…“:

The recent victories are impressive, but do you feel that anything has really changed the dynamics of the West being able to recruit and equip an endless supply of criminals, crazies, and mercenaries to blow things up?

As the US simply creates dollars out of thin air, what is to make them give up any time soon? In other words, are there some dynamics that make FUKUS want to cut a deal?


Answer:  I believe that NATO will not stop this effort to unseat our president.  Saudi and Qatari money is not infinite.  The blowback is beginning to get more coverage.  The amount of salary to these foreign fighters is going up because many have serious doubts about fighting.  Obama is a failed president who lacks a crucial trait:  the ability to stand back and look at what he’s doing.  This man is a monster.

hans has left a new comment on your post “THIRD POST – DECEMBER 3, 2012 – NATO PLANS FOR SYR…“:

I have always said the the Iranian expertise in counter intelligence, intelligence eavesdropping, asymmetrical warfare and decryption technology is second to none. I think NATO over estimated their technological advantage. BTW what you think about the Saudi planes falling off the sky recently! Me thinks the Khazar’s have overplayed their cards, the celestial alignments are the same as when the Khazar empire collapsed and was suppressed.

Answer:  Two aircraft in the Saudi air force crashed within 24 hours.  It’s a sign that the Saudis cannot do anything right.  The F-15 and Hawk were probably flown by the usual Pakistani retired a.f. pilots.  Iran’s technology is fabulous.  The U.S. might be shocked if and when a war starts in the Gulf.  Obama is a loser.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “DECEMBER 3, 2012 – FIRST POST – NEWS ROUNDUP FROM …“:


Thanks for the explanation. Some have said that the army has been using tanks too much. I have no knowledge. One would certainly think that many slightly high-tech weapons could have been used, but weren’t.

It’s clear that the West has driven those with something to lose into the government’s hands. On the other hand, the West has made a fair bit of progress in damaging Syria‘s infrastructure and economy.

One last thing you could discuss is what cards Syria may have. What options has Syria got besides just reacting to the mercenaries? You regularly write about Turkey paying a price, but surely more can be done with Lebanon or perhaps Jordan.


Answer: Syria has many weapons systems which it has not used yet.  Syria’s missile arsenal is vast.  We are hoping at SyrPer that Dr. Assad stop playing footsie and unleash a Scud-B with a VTX or Sarin warhead on Apaydin in Turkish-occupied Syria.  I think the enemy needs to see a little Stalin in Dr. Assad.

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Again, thanks for the explanation. I would think other options than Scuds would be the way to go. For one thing, missiles might have been a much better choice in the past than now. This is due to the current hysteria over Syria’s WMDs and the propaganda that the country is about to collapse. For another, what would be the next step? This would cause more of the anti-Syria alliance to hold together. If you are going to kick a dog, kick him hard. Decided not to say anything here as the West is now totalitarian, but if Syria returned… Read more »