If Qatar has been buying weapons for Islamist terrorists in Syria, how is it the United States has just begun to acknowledge the threat?  If Qatar is as dependent on the U.S. as we know, how is it we didn’t know Qatar was doing these horrible things.  If Jabhat Al-Nusra and allied Jihadist groups were getting lethal weapons from Libya, why didn’t the U.S. stop it?  If American allies were sending lethal weapons to the Jihadist terrorists in Syria, why didn’t the U.S. do the same thing?  Does Qatar have the ability to set up a weapons smuggling network without American help?  Was American ambassador Christopher Stevens facilitating a Qatari-bought weapons shipment to Syria at the time of his death?  The evidence is pretty clear that he was doing exactly that. 

These same questions could be asked of Saudi Arabia, mutatis mutandis.   

Over the last few days, the U.S. has done what it should have over 18 months ago:  designated Jabhat Al-Nusra a terrorist organizations.  In a move that reminds one of the Terry Southern satires of the 50s and 60s, the U.S. has announced that it will no longer allow financial assistance to reach this savagely militant group.  And how will the U.S. stop Qatar from sending such assistance?  SyrPer believes the U.S. will do nothing to impede the flow from Qatar to these criminals. It’s all a studied lie. 


Christopher Stevens grins widely for the camera.  Why he’s just your average American diplomat and gun runner.  The lives of thousands of Syrians were lost because of this monster. 

If it’s true the conspiracy to destabilize Syria began in 2007, as so many write,  the U.S. and its spooks had multiple feelers out there to test the vibrations in the region.  It took the so-called “Arab Spring” disaster to ignite the necessary chemicals in Syria whose combustibility was enhanced through patient husbanding of opposition activists during the presidency of Dr. Bashar Al-Assad.  Dr. Assad himself always pooh-poohed the chance that such a movement could affect Syria; after all, in 2010, Syria’s economic growth had reached 6% per annum; Syria had eradicated all debt; trade with Turkey, Iran, Russia and Iraq was booming.  The Gulf oil states were sending money for coastal hotel ventures as though some power had made hotels illegal if built after 2011.  My wife and I were in Syria in 2010 and were amazed at how the country was developing.

But the lie is in the details – just like the devil.  In February 2011,  Dr. Assad made a serious mistake.  A Damascene merchant’s son was manhandled by some security people in the Souq Al-Hamidiyya for some remark he made about the economy.  A sudden eruption of anger turned into a small demonstration against the government which prompted the president to send his Interior Minister to the centrally located souq to mollify the feelings of the merchant and his fellow businessmen.  The Interior Minister promised a full investigation and justice for the ruffled young man who was mistreated.  The incident died down, but not its memory.  The sense that Bashar Al-Assad differed from his “Stalinist” father took root.  It was possible to make a stir without the brutish repercussions.

That the Syrian uprising began in Der’ah is actually a lie.  It started in Damascus with the incident we just mentioned.

In March of 2011, some juvenile delinquents in Der’ah spray-painted public walls with anti-Assad graffiti.  Like any jurisdiction in the civilized world, the teens were arrested and charged with misdemeanors for “defacing public property”.  What happened to the children in custody is well-known to SyrPer. A police officer slapped some of the boys while ostracizing them for the vandalism.  The children were turned over to their parents the next day with formal complaints.  What Dr. Assad did not know at the time was that agents provacateurs were already in place to agitate for justice.  A rumor started to make the rounds that the boys were tortured by the mukhabarat, a generic term in the Arab World which means roughly “secret police”.     Demonstrations (which were not peaceful, by the way) erupted and Dr. Assad sent Dr. Faisal Miqdad, the Der’ah-born Deputy Foreign Minister to smooth over any hurt feelings.  (The cases against the juvenile delinquents were dropped).

Dr. Miqdad’s promise to investigate and punish any offending police officer was never carried out because the evidence of vandalism was clear and the boys never suffered any harm except to their pride.  Agitators began once again to stir up hard feelings and we began to see more and more demonstrations on Fridays mirroring the same eructations of bile witnessed in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.  Dr. Assad said in an interview that “mistakes” were made during those early days.  We, at SyrPer, agree wholeheartedly with that assessment because if Dr. Assad had used his head he would brought the ceiling down on the demonstrators and liquidated the agitators (who were identified by Political Security Bureau agents) in one fell swoop. He did neither.  This was a nearly fatal error.


A demonstration in Der’ah near the Omari Mosque by essentially bucolic tribesmen is fomented by professional agitators hired by the CIA and funded by Saudi Arabia.  Agitators always wore masks or kuffiyyehs as both protection and a suggestion of “zeal for the cause”.  

The expansion of fiery protests into Hama, an historically impossible city with a population of mostly Muslim Sunnis and Orthodox Christians who vie with one another for religious fervor, was fanned by the American ambassador, Robert Ford whose shameless trips with his French colleague, Eric Chevalier, to assure opposition elements of American support had become a genuine low point in the history of diplomacy.  Ford, as it turned out, negligently exposed hundreds of Syrian dissidents to the hawk-like internal security services.  Lt. Gen. Ali Mamlouk considered him one of the best Syrian agents he ever encountered.

The hope in Washington was that increasing pressure on Assad would force him to do a Ben Ali, i.e. leave voluntarily so that an anti-Iranian Syrian would arise and put the kibosh on the Fatimid Crescent that is the bane of the Wahhabist troglodytes and their Turkish Sunni Islamist allies in Ankara.  But Syria differed enormously from either Tunisia or Libya.  Dr. Assad was not going to leave.

Dr. Assad, as analyzed by CIA, Gerald Post-style, was viewed as “dweebish”, “uncomfortable in office”, “happy to practice medicine” and “brittle”, was predicted to lean in favor of abdicating and living in some more pleasant environment.  They were wrong.  Dr. Assad had his father’s steeliness and determination.  He would not go gently. 

The U.S., which knew that the young president of Syria was favored by a majority of the population in Syria,  had to have a drubbing in the media in order to prepare for his demise.  The U.S., through the mephitic Robert Ford, began to assemble an alliance of Sunni states committed to the demise and emasculation of Iran:  Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Emirates, Turkey and (temporarily) Jordan.  Other members of this constellation would include NATO countries: France, the U.K and Germany.  The plan to be followed was already in place in 2007 and only had to be tweaked a little.  The CIA would lead in carrying out the plan.

The State Department and Britain’s Foreign Office made contacts with the major news media:  BBC, CNN, NYT, WP and even Public Television and promised them “exclusives” and “greater access” if they toed the line.  Those media outlets like Reuters and AP which depended on a staff of semi-independent journalists were selectively bribed by the money-baggers in Qatar.  Reporters like Khaled Oweiss, schlockmeisters like Danny the Syrian,  fabricators like Arwa Damon of CNN, the BBC’s vapid Lyse Doucet, NYT’s inept Ann Barnard and the doomed Anthony Shadid,  inter alia, were all recruited for duty as dispensers of hogwash and paid handsomely for it.                  


Poor Anderson Cooper of CNN.  He spent so much time with this flim-flam man, Danny Abdel-Dayem, in an imaginary Homs which was, more likely,  the Pinewood Studios in England where he filmed bogus, fraudulent movies to showcase the brutality of the Syrian military.  He was exposed after a tape was found by Syrian agents that showed Danny literally “directing” bombings with sound machines.  A disaster for Mr. Cooper.  We haven’t seen neither hide nor hair of Danny since. 

But more “pressure” had to be developed.  Turkish P.M., Erdoghan, was recruited to play a role in easing Dr. Assad from office.  Erdoghan and his utterly insubstantial F.M., Davutoghlu, were heard testifying that “Assad has agreed to step down”.  They were so sure of their convictions that they pretended to be livid after Dr. Assad failed to do what they promised the world.

In the meantime, enter Prince Fatso of Qatar:  he pushed his P.M., catamite son, and child of incest, Sheikh Hamad Bin Jaber, to push for suspending Syria at the Arab League.  Imagine Dr. Assad’s wonderment at being suspended by an organization that historically did absolutely “nothing”!  But it made good copy for the NYT which trumpeted more “pressure” on Assad by his Arab brethren – forgetting that we Syrians are as related to Arabs as the ape is to a slug.

Sanctions of every kind were imposed; ambassadors were withdrawn; aircraft intercepted; ships forced to dock; accounts seized; government officials put on lists even if they had never been to any Western country; oil sales denied; medicine denied; t.v. channels denied satellite service and even more.

To promote the lie that the “people”of Syria were rising up, the U.S. had to find an explanation why the army was neither moving against Dr. Assad, as it did in Egypt, or remaining neutral, as it did in Tunisia.  The U.S. decided to ignore any sign that Assad was supported by clipping and editing reports from the region. Readers and viewers had to believe that Assad was an unpopular dictator when, in fact, even FSA terrorists have admitted that, in any election,  he would win a minimum of 70% of the vote! Even a Qatari-funded poll completed in 2011 found that over 58% of the Syrians polled supported Assad – and this was a study for Qatar!  Lyse Doucet, the devious but clumsy BBC reporter, once wrote after a visit to Damascus that “President Assad enjoyed some support in Damascus”. 

Key words had to be found to detract from the obvious questions.  These words were selected because they created an image which was to take root before questions could even be asked.  Dr. Assad was to be described as: “isolated”, “embattled”, “pursued”, “pressured”, “encircled”, “abandoned” and “beleaguered”.

To accomplish the double purpose of creating the image of a resilient, popular military resistance while giving the opposition morale-boosting reports, the media was instructed to always describe the opposition’s actions as: “inching toward a take-over”; “after having successfully seized…” and “tenaciously refusing to give up territory to `loyalis’ forces”.

Recognizing useless exile organizations became a trendy activity for the purveyors of lies.  If it wasn’t the Syrian National Council (which the U.S. dropped), it became another foreign-created body with a hopeless acronymic name: NATIONAL COALITION FOR SYRIAN REVOLUTION AND OPPOSITION FORCES (NACOSROF)!

When persons defected, they were always made to sound significant:  Manaf Tlas, who was under house arrest for 16 months because of his incompetence, was trumpeted as “the highest ranking official to quit Assad”;  when a do-nothing corrupt deputy oil minister left the government he would be announced as “high ranking” even though no one had ever heard of him.  Lt. Gen. Adnan Sinnu, recent deserter,  was announced as Syria’s head of its WMD program even if he was never allowed to approach a Coleman propane canister.

The media was not allowed to mention certain unmentionables: Russia’s fleet at Tartous; Iran’s mutual defense pact with Syria; Syria’s vast arsenal of ballistic missiles. anti-aircraft missiles, anti-ship missiles, 500,000 reservists, weapons manufacturing installations.  The American public did not want to know about how difficult it might be to dislodge a sitting president of a sovereign country, so, you had to keep the bad things out.

The lying reached epic proportions with deliberately cynical acts such as American U.N. ambassador Susan Rice blaming Syria for the Houleh massacre which turned out to be one committed by the opposition.  The media took up the case of Zeinab Al-Hosni, a young girl reportedly tortured to death by “Syrian Assadist goons”.  When Zeinab turned up on television, alive and well, she excoriated the media for the false reports. News reporters who were killed while covering their stories were always victims of “regime shelling” even though it was proven later that they were killed by the Islamist terrorists with whom they were embedded.

Acts of terrorism were systematically ignored, such as the July 18, 2012 assassination of our four generals in Damascus.  The terrorists were called “rebels”, “freedom fighters”, “the opposition” – never what they really were.

The U.S. covered up transfers of weapons from Libya to Syria even though its own ambassador, Christopher Stevens, was the primary facilitator.  The U.S. kited stories about how Qatar was doing “its own thing”, even though the U.S. blithely watched as lethal weapons got into the hands of vicious, anti-American terrorists.  The cover-ups are beyond anything your editor has seen in his many years watching politics.
An example of the lying is in today’s NYT and is a must-read for anyone interested in how the government manipulates the media to manipulate the public. 

Speculation about Dr. Assad turns to outright fancy as reporters convey their suspicions that Dr. Assad is planning to move his family to Venezuela or Ecuador because his emissary paid a visit there.  These are not media organs with reputations like the National Enquirer.  This is in the NYT and WP!

Even though, for example, we know the Syrian army is rampaging its way into the belly of the insurrection – defeating the enemy in every battle and removing the scourge of Wahhabism from our homeland, the press continues to spread lies; quoting sources in England about events in Syria even though the source has been exposed as a fraud.  Its all a part of a complex web of lying that almost succeeded but for the staltwartness of our army whose source is the people of Syria.


                           You are our president and we are with you until victory over Obama’s lies.   

With the talk about WMDs and references to other famous lies, we can expect more from Obama’s regime. It seems to be the only thing this regime of tyranny can generate.  ZAF








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The media was not allowed to mention certain unmentionables: Russia’s fleet at Tartous; Iran’s mutual defence pact with Syria;

They will never mention Iran’s treaty with Syria because if Iran was to invoke it’s defence treaty (no different then NATO) this is the excuse for all out war.