SyrPer has introduced a new category of rank tastelessness; brutish, perverse perseveration of false data and folderol; programmatic adherence to anemic ideas, hackneyed expressions, putrid poppycock.  See if you
can identify the personality who is the subject of these “tiresome” statements:

1.  “Oh, no, he must step down.”
2.  He is embattled.
3.  He is besieged.
4.  It’s a matter of a short time before his regime collapses. (Statement made on August 2011)
5.  He is isolated.
6.  His government is falling apart.
7.  There can be no negotiation unless he steps down.
8.  Oh, he’s crossed the red line.
9.  He is surrounded.
10.He may have lost control.
11.Aleppo is now controlled by the FSA.
12.They are inching closer to his center of power.
13.We will provide him with safe conduct if he leaves.
14.His army is deserting him.
15.Russia is beginning to soften its position on him.
16.It’s not a matter of weeks anymore, he will collapse in days.
17.The regime is in its final phase.     
18.He better not use chemical weapons!


Guess who they’re talking about.  If you are a SyrPer reader, you know exactly who that person is. And isn’t it all silly when you realize he is more in power today that two years ago.

Of interest to SyrPer was the article we exhibited in the First Post today in which Bundesnachrichtdienst (BND) Director, Gerhard Schindler, (who is reeling from innumerable intelligence failures) said that the Syrian government was in its “last phases”.  But the news is that he is in his last phases!  German blundering in intercepting and conveying Syrian military communications was described by Aslan, our source in Turkey, as “historically catastrophic”.  Schindler, who belongs to that class of spy more akin to Mr. Bean, Jacques Clouseau, Agent WD-40 or Maxwell Smart, is struggling to keep the bad news from the Hundin von Teufel, Frau Kartoffeln, herself!  Like the Beast Raban in Dune, he can’t disclose the ugly truth about the situation on Arakis  to the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen lest he find himself separated from his torso.  Schindler, who today, along with fellow EGON KRENZ MEMORIAL MEDAL WINNER (2011), ROBERT FORD, uttered the embarrassing lines about Dr. Assad’s expected demise, has to keep up the pretense that the NATO stratagem is, despite all evidence to the contrary, not a debacle that is falling apart more quickly than his own career.   

He thinks he looks like Admiral Canaris.  He does, a little.  But,  that’s where the resemblance ends.  If Schindler is lucky, he will find a Rattebau where he can hide with the other miserable vermin of the German terrorism syndicate in Turkey.

Any article that quotes Robert Ford, one of this year’s candidates for the LIAR OF THE YEAR AWARD, is desperate for a story or is kiting more propaganda for the CIA.  Ford is a fraud, a Svengali, who actually had Syrian bigots in the palm of his hand by spouting democratic platitudes to them when, in truth, his interest was critically pivoted on two imperialist necessities in the Near East: crushing Iran and puncturing the tumescent collar that would be named the “Shi’i Crescent” by King Abdallah of Jordan.  Whereas the “Fatimid Crescent” is a source of power, irredentism and resistance to the imperialist machinations of “false prophet” Obama and his clique of European neo-revanchists, it is, to Europe,  a festering boil that threatens to squelch the Continent’s ravenous appetite for cheap natural gas; its desire to break free of Russia’s Gazprom monopoly; its obsessive insistence on maintaining Arab ignorance and backwardness as insurance for the white man’s domination of the Mediterranean and its natural resources.  Thus, the aberrant and unnatural alliance of Jihadist Islam and NATO!

But Obama’s cynical, nay, Satanic! investment in radical Islam does not come without consequence.  Russia, which has an overarching interest in keeping its natural gas monopoly, a lifeline to Europe and Turkey, and holding on to its one warm-water port (Tartous), cannot but strive to quash NATO’s plans.  The confluence of all these competing national interests is in Syria.  And the question is now:  How far will Russia go to protect her investment in Dr. Assad, the same leader who is the subject of all those banal, mantra-like slogans?  The Eskandar missile system which was just delivered to our army might be the answer to the question.  Better buy yourself a new air raid shelter.  ZAF

Schindler and Ford are banking on these bearded Jihadist criminals, who claim to be Muslims, for the unseating of our great president, Dr. Bashar Al-Assad.  We are killing scads of these rodents in record numbers. 



Here’s one that’ll have you screaming with laughter.  The CIA operatives have developed relations with the freedom-loving trash of the FSA:

With the arrival of the Eskandar missiles, Russia has hardened her position.  Clinton, by the way, is a vicious little fat liar:

I can confirm to you that the SOHR in London, England, is not source of information about anything to do with Syria unless you want to hear the Geagea line or the Cameron nonsense.  Yalibnan is a Maronite Hariri/Phalanfist rag.  Read this and try not to laugh. No such takeover of any military base took place: 

Why doesn’t Terry Waite ask Cameron to help Syria’s Christians?

But here’s the cap of the day.  Nine judges defect. Do you have their names?  No. And guess who announced the defection?  LIAR OF THE YEAR NOMINEE RAMI ABDEL-RAHMAN.  All of this from ADLIB, SYRIA.


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Level 0 - Anonymous

Ziad, there is an old saying, “truth is stranger than fiction”. The west has repeated these banal phrases so often that they believe them to be true and self-evident. It is wondrous how the Europe countries allowed millions of these so-called Islamic fundamentalists to immigrate into their countries. Now they are allied with the same bunch to control and, as you say, keep the peoples of the Middle East in ignorance and poverty. Are these plans close to unravelling? The stunning large protests in Cairo this past week point to a situation that is rapidly heading out of control. When… Read more »

Level 0 - Anonymous

Ziad, my second comment for this post. If anyone wonders about Russian resolve, then take an hour of time to watch this YouTube video from May 9th of this year. Does the west really want to provoke these guys? Does anyone remember the Russian reaction to the silly tie-eating Georgian president and his grand plans to reconquer South Ossetia? I wonder, are the western leaders mad? Maybe they will prevail and Syria will fall. But in this case, all bets are off. I stayed up one night enjoying a couple of cocktails and watched this grand military parade. The… Read more »

Level 0 - Anonymous

Ziad, what are they saying?