Monzer writes today that the Army is expecting a new campaign originating in Lebanon.  The City of Homs will be the target.  The Army is reinforcing in that city and is going to use weapons systems never seen before in Syria.  He says “the terrorist mercenaries are about to get a taste of Hell you only read about in books”.

Radwan in Lebanon says everyone is disgusted with Lebanon’s security establishment.  There is a genuine fear that if the Lebanese government can’t do anything to stop the flow of mercenaries into the country, Syria will be forced to invade.  Or, just as bad, Hizbollah will be forced to take on security responsibilities in the North which will create a sectarian conflict there.  Radwan says that many Hizbollah commanders are wondering why Sheikh Nasrallah is so hesitant about committing his troops against the foreign-backed terrorists.

Hizbollah fighters number in the tens of thousands and are equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry.  It is only a matter of time before Sheikh Nasrallah and Iran decide to commit these troops to the battle in Syria.

Radwan adds that there is a palpable desire on the part of the Shi’is in Lebanon to aid Dr.Assad and the Syrian Army.  The war across the border is taking too long and many feel that the President of Syria is too diffident in the way he is conducting his response.  Radwan says that there has to be a Russian-based theme to the way he is interacting with events on the ground.

I told Wael in Latakia about some of the remarks from Radwan.  His position is that the army is “very powerful” and “has not used any of its major weapons yet on the mercenaries”.  Like everyone else, he doesn’t know why.  He has confirmed that many of his relatives have been called up to the reserves.  This usually means a big offensive is coming, probably around January.  Morale in the army is high with minorities completely invested in the campaign to defeat the Salafist rats.  He said, “this is a war of destiny”.  Indeed.

Russian battleships are moving more in the Mediterranean.  This was confirmed by Louis in Tartous.  He e-mailed me yesterday, basically saying hello and that everything on the coast is excellent.  His description of the interior was not so up-beat.  His brother in Homs is fine but shell-shocked.

In Hama, three mini-factories for the assembly of IEDs and bombs were discovered by troops.  The ordnance was sent to the PKK for use against Erdoghan.     

In Al-Rastan, two Saudis were killed in a firefight with militia.  The Saudi rats carried documents giving their names as:  Muhammad Saad Al-Harbi and Abdel-Khaliq Mahmoud Al-Dhufeiri.

Deir El-Zor is relatively calm.  Hanadi says you could hear a battle near Maysaloun but, “it wasn’t big”.

                         COMMENTARY:  DON’T PLAY WITH BEARS!  THEY BITE!   

It is becoming increasingly clear that Moscow sees the Geneva Declaration as a sterile document, essentially bought into for the sake of floating a fraud.  The U.S. is playing with fire here.  When NATO snookered Russia and China into abstaining on the S.C. vote to authorize intervention in Libya for the stated purpose of protecting civilians, there was a subtle hint of Sino-Russian injury which the West did not appreciate.  That feeling of scorn is no longer hidden today. When Russia sent its fleet into the Mediterranean and docked at Tartous, a message went out that Obama was evidently too drunk on power to perceive.  When the Patriot missile issue became hot, Russia sent Eskandar missiles for deployment in Syria.  Do not be surprised if the Russians don’t have boots on the ground in Syria by January of 2013.

That Obama is an incompetent president can be readily ascertained from the sorry state of economic affairs in which he has drowned the United States.  In four years in office, he has accomplished next to nothing in correcting the failures of his predecessor – another psychotic who could just as easily be written off as a footnote to the fall of the American Empire.  In foreign relations he has been even more conspicuously inept. His vote against the Palestinians in the U.N. was pure idiocy,  conclusively uprooting the United States from any constructive role in that dispute, handing it over to the Europeans and ultimately, killing each and every opportunity to bring peace to the region.  His support of terrorism in Syria is pure criminal conduct, leaving aside the non-actionable label of hypocrisy.

The disappointments are yet to come, Obama, when you put the U.S. on the brink of war with Russia.

But, now, he is taking the world into a new level of danger.  He just won’t be straight with the American people, either because he fears a backlash from those who are loath to involve their country in another international adventure or because he is just what he appears to be:  an unscrupulous street thug incapable of speaking the truth out of a fear that it must come back to hurt him.  The American people must be told that what he is doing takes them to the brink of global catastrophe over a country, Syria, which is viewed by a major competitor as exclusively within its sphere of influence.  Russia will not abandon Syria.  It is clear from the Russian deployment of the Eskandars that Obama is running willy-nilly into the the maelstrom of self-destruction.  He must level with the American people.  The sooner the better.  ZAF      

And now, the FSA, the armed rat militia of NACOSROF, kidnaps and threatens to execute a journalist if its ransom demand for $50,000,000.00 is not met.  This must be read with the knowledge that the Muslim Brotherhood’s Wog Dog, Ahmad Muaz Al-Khatib, protests the designation of Jabhat Al-Nusra as “terrorist”.  Can anyone believe this nonsense:

Finally, someone is saying what we have been saying all along:  American leaders are guilty of war crimes:

Interesting article from Globalresearch about the US marriage to terrorism:

Big Rat recognizes the little rats but forgets about the angry Bear who thought he had an agreement.  Mr. Lavrov, when will you realize you’re being played for some fool.  Don’t fall for it.  Let’s gas the terrorist rats now:

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Perhaps you could write a post on some of the mysteries of this war. One would be why Hezbollah has seemed so quiet. Another would be why Syria has had so little ability to influence Lebanon. Is the West’s money and threat of removal greater than Syria’s? Then comes why infiltration has been so easy. Finally, who is setting the strategy for Syria? A passive strategy entices the West to push on. Then there is one ugly question. It is possible, as some have suggested, that the West is basically planning to set up a situation that would lead to… Read more »