This just in from Monzer in Damascus.  Monzer tells me to write that the West is lying about any advances by the terrorists.  Damascus is totally secure but is subject, at times, to acts of terrorism similar to those in Iraq.  In fact, Syrian Internal Security now takes it as given that such operations like IEDs and car-bombs are the work of Al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia now operating as Jabhat Al-Nusra.  But the attacks this time were different – they resembled more the ones in Aleppo, at Saad Al-Din Al-Jaabri, when the terrorists had been surrounded and suspected that their cache of C-4 explosives was going to be uncovered.  This caused them to use the substances as quickly as possible.

Monzer explains that the three bombings were certainly the result of the lock-down in Damascus.  You cannot come into the city any longer and pretend things are normal.  Pressure from businessmen in the city forced Dr. Assad to order a tightening of ingress and egress routes which put a crimp on the ability of the terrorists to smuggle weapons into the capital.  What the Western media is trying to portray with words like “desperation” is, in truth, nothing more than an up-tick in security for the city.

    The Syrian Interior Ministry in Kafr Soussa.  Not much damage.  The Minister is unhurt.

SANA photo shows a paramedic and a policeman loading a body into an ambulance after explosions at the main gate of the Syrian Interior Ministry in Damascus
A dead body is taken from the scene of the explosion by EMS.  Isn’t Obama proud?  How about Cameron?  Isn’t he just elated? 

The explosion at the Ministry of the Interior in Kafr Soussa was puzzling given the incredibly tight security around the building.  The Ministry controls three of Syria’s security services and, thus, would be expected to have superior protection.  But, as it turned out, because of that security, the perpetrator of the operation was filmed and is being pursued as we write this article.  It is expected that when he is found, much more than his carcass will be involved.  Monzer thinks he is in a safe house waiting for instructions on how to escape.  Communications for the terrorists has been compromised with our agencies able to home in on them with great speed.  He may try one last operation and die doing it.

Two other terrorist bombings took place with women and children the victims.  One of the bombings took place in Jaramana, an affluent southern suburb of Damascus with a largely Christian and Druze population.  It supposedly targeted the Justice Center.  Like we said, it killed innocent civilians.

The massacre at Akrab is well-known to SyrPer and evidence coming in from sources like Ali in Homs is that it was definitely committed by FSA terrorist mercenaries.  Akrab is a largely Alawi village whose inhabitants support Dr. Assad without question.  The terrorists, who had been driven from Homs, came in to get one last shot at the government’s most ardent supporters.  Ali says that the films being shown by the opposition are staged.  The names of the people they claim killed “are made up”.  As he put it:  “our group knows everybody in our group.  These were not people whose names we recognized.”        

Ali says that the villagers were armed and could have resisted but for the fact that the terrorists came in dressed like militia with green camouflage and no stripes, aiguilletes or other military identification. There were about fifty of them with the leader speaking in “an accent just like ours”.  Ali said that “he could have been a Sunni from Al-Haffeh, Salma or even from the villages around Jisr Al-Shughour.  The people would

not have known he was a terrorist.”. 

Children interviewed by police after the massacre confirmed that the killers were mostly non-Syrians.  The evidence indicates at the present time that the majority of the murderers were Iraqis and Saudis with a large number of Syrian Salafists among them.  They forced the inhabitants into a circle inside a warehouse where they opened fire on them.  The terrorist rats then tried to blame the massacre on militia loyal to the state.

The photo from Syria Tube says:  “The carcass of a pig.  The germ, Mahmoud Muhammad Tuwqaaj, one of the terrorists from the Free Syrian Army militia”.  This Touqaaj is typical of the kind of mercenary sectarian garbage running freely in the Syrian countryside.  He was killed in hand to hand combat with one of our soldiers.   

Let it be known, our militias in Syria are not just Alawi.  There are many Christians, Druze and Ismailis; and
hundreds of secular Sunnis Muslims, many of whom have membership in the Ba’ath Party.  Recently, there has been an influx of Lebanese in the militias which is the reason why many terrorists believe Hizbollah has joined the fighting.  Not true.  In any case, militia does not attack innocent Alawi villagers.  This whole operation was planned to drive a wedge between Dr. Assad and his co-religionists.  It hasn’t worked.  The word is out about this operation.  We only hope that cool heads will win out and no counter-massacre of Muslims will take place.    

Ali says that Human Rights Watch is a Zionist propaganda agency.  He warns our audience about listening to what they write at HRW.  

Syrian state t.v. has denied the reports that the government has fired Scuds at Northern Syria.  I tend to believe it has only because reports coming in indicate a huge defeat for the terrorist rats in the area of the airport.  However, one would think the mercenaries would take a photo of a Scud either landing or creating a large crater.  So far, nothing.

We will confirm for the fifth time that Darayya, Al-Hajr Al-Aswad, Tadamon, Kafr Soussa, Douma and many other towns in the Damscene countryside have been de-liced completely.  It is embarrassing to keep reading Western media repeating news from two weeks ago.  The FSA’s vaunted “Operation Zero Hour”  has been blunted and rendered a big, fat ZERO!  But you won’t get that from the Western media.

I have a lot more but I have to decide if I want to publish anything about these issues.  I don’t want to compromise anything.  But something big is coming and it has to do with Russia.


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But something big is coming and it has to do with Russia.

Russia by itself will not do much, Russia with Iran will curtail any future ambitions of FUKUS/NATO/GCC ambitions. The end game must be the destruction of the Khazars.

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Ziad, All your emails and calls are most certainly recorded by more than a few groups, so that information is not really compromisable. Russia is likely to do something substantial, but it is still the case that the Syrian side in this fight has been very passive in handling things. The Western media has essentially now made the case that Western governments will intervene if Syria uses chemical weapons. Russia, China, and Iran needed to make a better propaganda effort to say that it is the West that wants to use these as a pretext for a war. Actually, the… Read more »
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