A Syrian soldier relaxes after destroying a rat nest in Khan Al-Wazier.



Nice interview here with uplifting commentary:

Yahoo and AP propaganda are great reading for our folderol addicts.  Note the reliance on SYRPER’S LIAR OF THE YEAR FOR 2012 NOMINEE RAMI  ABDEL-RAHMAN:

Now compare this article from the Zionist side to the Yahoo piece of dreck:

Really nice interview with German editor of Zuerst with more uplifting commentary:

Maronite Lebanese Zionist rag: Note the headline: “Russia fails…..” as though Russia had to do something else. Pure bad English and hogwash; but it’s fun:

John Esquire sends this article about the BBC from WP which answers a serious question: What is the connection between Qatari pedophilism and the British media?




For those of you who are resigned to the fall of Taftanaz because of the propaganda, be advised of the following:  our forces killed a slew of cockroaches today at the airbase:

Bandar Al-Dhahrani (Saudi Arabian insect)

At Binnish, the SAA killed the following:

Sa’ad Khalil Al-Mushtaq
Mamdouh Khawaja
Layth Barbaarah


SAA foiled an attempt by roaches to place two bomb-fitted automobiles at the Namr Bridge.

At Tafas, we confirm the additional deaths of the two following microbes:

Talal Abdel-Samad Al-Mwali
Akram Ali Mahmuod


On the International Roadway in Douma, 18 rodents were sent to Hell.  Three have been identified by Monzer’s people:

Ahmad Dureid Dalqamoony
Samir Ali Badr
Makram Ahmad Fattouh

5 roaches were exterminated at the Al-Ib bridge between Douma and Shifooniya.  No names available at this time.

At Al-Mleeha, the following excrement was swept into the sewer:

Mustapha Kheirallah
Jamil Muhammad Al-Qasir
Mahmoud Alam

At small firefights in Daarayya, the SAA and militia dispatched the following rats:

Ghassan Shamma
Abdallah Burma
Khalil Habib

At Al-Hajar Al-Aswad and Tadamon, these rat droppings were dispatched:

Alaa Daqqaq
Ammar Al-Masri
Rami Jum’ah


SAA ambushes Jabhat Al-Nusra terrorists and kills 6 at Ksheish.  2 rats captured:

Manbij:  The Al-Karama School was the scene of a major raid by SAA backed by police on a warehouse used to store weapons and drugs for the FSA.  One rat was killed:

Umran Muhammad Mardini 

At the now-notorious Ibn Khaldun Mental Hospital near Al-Duwayrini, the same criminals who took mentally ill people hostage to use them as human bombs were killed in a uniquely qualitative operation:

Mahmoud Wahid
One named “Abi Al-Khattab“, a Shura Council member of Liwaa Al-Fatih
Mani’ Al-Busri
Khalid Mahmoud Madani

At Khan Al-Wazir, in Aleppo City, 18 rodents were dispatched north of the Umayyad Mosque near the Palace of Justice.  I have no names yet.

Other clean-up operations were reported at Muwaasalat, Bab Al-Qadim Road, the Islamic cemetery near Al-Miqdad Mosque in Al-Saalihin, Al-Hal Market and the Al-Na’na’ah Mosque. 

At Bani Zeid, a continuing operation has led to the bagging of the following vermin:

Mahmoud Mallouh
Saber Ali Rizq
Akbar Ali Moussa (Pakistani)

At Sheikh Sa’id, the SAA intercepts a load of 30 tons of wheat stolen by rats and delivers them to local bakeries.  See, there’s always a silver lining someplace.


At the crossroad of Qassarin Village on the Hama-Salamiyya Highway, a den of rats was raided and destroyed by SAA soldiers.  At Tiybet Al-Imam and Jinan, 3 flatbeds fitted with heavy machine guns were destroyed along with 9 IEDs found close to the town of Qamhana. 


A cockroach assault on a checkpoint near Al-Taybeh resulted in the deaths of all the attackers.  Two have been identified.  Five remain subject to further investigation and are believed to be foreigners.

At Burj Qaai’y Village, 2 flatbeds with machine guns were destroyed.  In the battle, the following deaths were confirmed:

Ahmad Abdel-‘Aal Hamdoush
Yahya Abdel-Latif Al-Darwish 
Hassan Fawzi Al-Umar
Muhammad Ahmad Al-Ta’i (Iraqi)

Anonymous sends this one with a reference to Matt.  Welcome aboard, all of you:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “SECOND POST – JANUARY 12, 2013 – NEWS FOR MORNING …“:

 the first post – I am not having the problem that you are experiencing, probably your browser.

To Matt, very well said! I agree with your statement. I visit syrper daily to get an insightful take on current events.

Mark send this nice commentary.  Great to have you along, Mark:

  Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “SECOND POST – JANUARY 12, 2013 – NEWS FOR MORNING …“:

Thank you for doing such a great job with this site. You provide my daily required reading. I find your site to be more informative and truthful than pretty much any other.

I share your views concerning the sell outs who call themselves the FSA, and the thugs and terrorists who have allowed themselves to be manipulated into going into Syria to create chaos, murder, and destruction.

The animals who are conducting the violence in Syria have no ability to think for themselves. If they did, they certainly would question the credentials of their foreign sponsors. They call themselves Muslims, but the are doing the bidding of the USA, and the Zionists. They take encouragement from Hilary Clinton, and they support the policies that enslave and imprison the Palestinians. Their who program is so filled with contradictions, and ideological incongruities, as to be completely incomprehensible. They say they are the enemies to the west? but they are allied with them? The Saudi’s biggest trade partners are the U.S.A. and Europe, and they are the biggest supporters of the world wide central banking system by providing the sole source of value for the U.S. Dollar…thus perpetuating the endless fiat money system which enslaves the masses, and creates the power base for the zionists regime, the neo-cons, and the entire military industrial complex.
The so called “rebels” are at the forefront, the front lines…fighting for the continuation of U.S. hegemony in the middle east, Isreali expansion, Palestinian suffering, and the current globalist economic status quo…which deprives us all of our property through the criminal banking system.
Any high school student should be able to connect the dots, and yet these “rebels” continue Alluh Akbaring themselves into a frenzy as they rape, pillage, and murder a proud decent population of Syrians who only want to live in dignity.
I keep a picture of President Bashar Al Assad on my wall, and pray from him and the Syrian Army, and the Syrian people every night….and I’m an American born in Burbank California….because my future is at stake as well.

P.S. Can you please find out some more hard news on Teftnaz. I don’t know what has happened there, nor can I find out.

Thank you,

God Bless,

Matt Cusumano  

ANSWER:  Matt, here’s what I know based on reports from Wael in Latakia:  The Western media has jumped on a Jabhat Al-Nusra announcement that it had taken over the entire base.  It’s not true.  What is true is that the terrorists penetrated a perimeter and are being repulsed by the SAA and elements of the Air Force Intelligence Service.  This base is unimportant because it houses non-operational helicopters.  All ordnance and weapons have been explosively wired so that the rats will never get their hands on them.  Wael also says that the Air Force is ready to hit the weapons caches on the base in the event it ever falls.  Don’t believe the western media.

Anonymous liked our article on the French Connection to the triple murders in Paris:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “FIRST POST – JANUARY 12, 2013 – FRANCE BEHIND ASSA…“:

Very informative, thank you


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Ziad, Anon from Burbank raises a very interesting issue. How is it that a considerable number of Muslims became so misguided as to want to destroy Syria? We are not referring to professional criminals, Blackwater types, or those released from death row to join the fight. No, we are asking how destroying Israel’s biggest enemy seems desirable to more than a few crazy nuts. It seems that the great deterioration that has occurred in the West over the last few decades has largely occurred in the Muslim world, too. A related question is the rise of fake Islamic posturing, such… Read more »