Syrian President Bashar al-Assad greets supporters during a visit to the city of Raqqa. (File photo)
President Assad seen here greeting a tumultuous crowd of Syrian citizens in Al-Raqqa.  He knows the West and the Arabian cockroaches have failed.  Robert Ford is crying under his bed.

ALEPPO:  Spectacular advances all along the front with the Syrian Army crushing FSA and Jihadists at the following points:

At Hanano, in a botched attempt by the armed rodents of Obama and Prince Hog of Qatar to overtake a checkpoint on the Airport Highway, the following excrement was swept up by the Orkin Man:

Hussein Ali Shmeisani
Abdul-Qader Humaid Al-‘Issawi
Ghalib Muhammad Dreissi
Jihad Ahmad Qabalan
Mufid Bilal Kallas

Another 7 remain unidentified.  Wael says they might be undocumented foreign garbage.  Three were taken prisoner and are warbling – probably implicating their own mothers.

Al-Shaikh Sa’id close to the Akko vineyards, 12 rats were killed and three vehicles carrying weapons were destroyed by SAA regulars.  Wael provides the names of 6 rats.  The remaining 6 are subject to identification:

Aziz Muhammad 
Qassem Mahmoud Bairaqdar (Iraqi)
Ali Lami’ Taffass
Riad Ali Izzo
Muhammad Adib Qaraman
Muhammad Diib Al-Mousali

Syrian soldiers fire on squirming rats close to the Aleppo Citadel.  This jewel of our history is firmly in the hands of the SAA and was never in danger of falling to the apes.


At Haidariyya, Taldo and Al-Houleh, SAA and inhabitants combine to smash an attempt by terrorist vermin to enter these towns.  Monzer reports 63 dead from the enemy.  There are documented foreigners.  He will get me the list as soon as he can.

IDLIB:  At Jisr Al-Shughour rural zone, terrorists attacked civilians in the towns of Al-Shughur, Ya’qoubiyya and Freika with little success since an entire SAA mechanized unit was just south of the area in the Wadi-Al-Ghaab.  The following simian droppings were brushed away:

Ahmad Talal Ghobeishi
Karim Muhammad Al-Waddah
Sufyan Badii Madfoun
Ali Ahmad Al-Khayyat
Ali Sabri Dimo
Khamis Jabr Hawwa
Ammar Ali Dakhlallah
Mahmoud Muhammad Hourani
Ma’moun Abdel-Basset BouAli
Chafiq Ali Adnan Al-Rasn

DAMASCUS:  Heavy fighting still reported at Aqraba on the Airport Highway with Monzer telling us that this is the last stand for the scum terrorists.  Their numbers in Darayya are now down to maybe 70.  Douma has been cleansed of most vermin with some families trying to return to their demolished homes.   More details will be coming as soon as they are available.

SYRIAN PERSPECTIVE EXTENDS AN HEARTFELT “THANK YOU” TO THE UNITED STATES MILITARY AND PRESIDENT OBAMA FOR PROVIDING OUR FORCES WITH NEW DRONES BASED ON AMERICAN DESIGNS.  These new drones, arrived last week from Iran and represent the best in reverse engineering.  Syria now has night-vision drones with missile-firing capacity, you know, the same ones Pistol Pete’s been using on those pesky Taliban fighters in Pakistan.  Thank you, President Obama!  

In actuality, Syria had a number of drones provided by Iran since at least April of 2011.  But these are much better thanks to the U.S.  We will use them judiciously to rid Syria of its rat population.

Our great Syrian Army, defenders of Syria, demonstrate the sky-high level of morale infusing their ranks as they win battle after battle against the rodents sent by the U.S.  

FRENCH F.M., LAURENT FABIUS,  ADMITS TO ABJECT FAILURE IN HIS EFFORTS TO UNSEAT PRESIDENT ASSAD.  On Thursday, speaking to a number of French television stations, Fabius admits that removing president Assad is “no longer viable “.   Like Saudi muttering oaf, Saud Al-Faisal, he has just talked his way into a war crimes trial.  Thank you, Monsieur Fabius.    

Fabius seen here describing to reporters what it’s like to have a really big headache.  

SPANISH SECURITY CHIEF REVEALS TERRORISTS FROM SPAIN GONE TO SYRIA AND MALI.  Enrique Baron claims they get 15 days of  training which explains why they are such horrible fighters.  Good show, Spain!  Thank you.  Maybe they’ll come back and bite you in hour haunches.  



Here’s another gut-buster about 4 colonels defecting to Turkey.  Defecting?  To what are they defecting?  And why does Aslan say it’s just more Turkish propaganda.  No colonels defected:

Those of you who know the Syrian military will immediately detect the outright lying in this article from the Zionist propaganda factory.  The base at Sa’sa’ would have been important in 1973.  Since that time, Syria’s forward military bases are concentrated around Qatana.  The Jihadists are losing ground everywhere and they’ve started inventing military bases to conquer.  Note the remarks from that feckless, child molesting Laurent Fabius, though:

You know it’s pure drivel when a Phalangist propaganda outlet like Ya Libnan quotes internationally recognized failures like Robert Ford.  His entire strategy has collapsed.  And don’t believe the president’s mother has moved to the Emirates; it’s quite the contrary.  She is visiting her daughter Bushra who has been depressed over the loss of her husband, Lt. Gen. Assef Shawkat.  This one’s a laugh-a-minute:

We love it when the WP slams Hollande and his inept military in Mali.  This is going to be fun:

I’ve already posted an article about the leaked Qatari minutes of meetings with Dwarf Davutoglu and Gorilla Morsi.  Here’s another look from Global Research:

Hurray for Scotland Yard.  I don’t know if any of this is true, but the British have trying to look better during the last few weeks:

Hoots Mon writes this interesting commentary followed by a question:

Hoots Mon! has left a new comment on your post “FIRST POST – JANUARY 24, 2013 – SAUDIS LOSING WAR …“:

Re. the Qatari leaks-
Davutoğlu: Coordination between us is important. Bashar is relying on two things and he has a lot of problems. He thinks that Russia and China are with him, and he thinks he can play the Russian and Chinese card with the West. We helped him break his isolation in 2006, when he was isolated by the West. We offered him a 14-point plan and we discussed everything with him. We know him and his regime very well. Our ambassador in Syria was with me, and Bouthaina Shaaban was present. He agreed to pull the army out of Hama, Homs, Daraa, and the rest of the cities, issue a new media law, allow the foreign press to enter the country, amend Article 8 of the constitution, hold elections, and sit down with the opposition. He agreed to all this. And after two days he attacked the mosques, launched an offensive on Latakia, killing people. Our plan was to back him if he implemented the plan. He pulled out of Hama as our ambassador watched on, only to return and attack it. Our ambassador notified us in a secret letter that they are in the process of destroying Hama. He was deceiving us. When he attacked Latakia, I called him and asked him how is it that you are destroying the mosques, we will not remain quiet over it.

What’s your take on that, who destroyed the mosques in Latakia, Ziad? I was inclined to believe it was FSA false-flagging the SAA, but wouldn’t Davutoğlu know the reality?

ANSWER:  Dear Hoots Mon, I have not seen this newest leak.  It seems to be about Dwarf Davutoglu reciting from memory incidents with Dr. Assad that resulted in the break between Ankara and Damascus.  I know that Erdoghan had given Washington and other NATO countries the impression that he enjoyed excellent relations with Bashar Al-Assad. He even gave assurances that Dr. Assad would stop down – a mistaken assumption that would haunt Erdoghan and introduce his own war crimes into the history books.  

My wife is from Latakia and I have excellent sources there for Intel.  No mosques were destroyed in Latakia. Davutoglu is a liar.  He is also lying about Hama which, fortunately, has been spared much of the bloody warfare inflicted on Homs and Aleppo.  His talk is just a lot of malarkey with no substance.  Your friend, Ziad. 

Anonymous asks our kind of questions.   I will try to answer them:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “SECOND POST – JANUARY 22, 2013 – MISCELLANEOUS REP…“:

Can someone give me info on ”verified news ” . it is a military blog complete with maps strategy etc. it has commentary by a chap called dave. he seems to know his stuff. he appears to be saying that the syrian army is winning but that the battle theatres are very chaotic. no clear cut fronts etc. rebels fighters are obviously coming in through roads seeing they are in vehicles. why is it so hard to control recognised transport routes? surely there is only a limited number of them? why does syria play so diplomatically with turkey, qatar and saudi arabia.?there seems to be no effort to hold these countries too account at all. isn’t it time to get a little nasty?

ANSWER:  Dear Anon., I have found the blog and can only say it has some detailed analyses of combat in Syria which sometimes supports our positions at SyrPer.

Dave is right about the army winning.  The battle theatres are chaotic for the reason that insurgencies are that way.  Many of the rats are poorly trained and use battle strategies that are more intuitive than actually practiced by expert soldiers.  Note the news about the Spanish terrorists we posted today.  According to the Spanish Security supremo, Enrique Baron, these terrorists receive 15 days of training and are unleashed to carry out their missions.  

The issue of infiltration is very interesting.  We know the terrorists have targeted four-wheel drive vehicles for the reason such instrumentalities allow use of non-roads to by-pass SAA checkpoints.  It was not uncommon to see terrorists riding on 4-wheel drive flatbeds equipped with Doschka anti-aircraft guns.  These vehicles allow them much more maneuverability to avoid head-to-head combat with Syria’s very well-trained military.  It has worked for them somewhat.  With our new drones sending clear pictures to the Command Center in Al-Mazzeh, these kinds of maneuvers may become rarer as the population of rats is culled.  Your friend, Ziad

All of us want to get nasty with the apes of Qatar and Saudi Arabia.  But, the problem is politics, diplomacy and finesse.  All these things were learnt by Dr. Assad during his apprenticeship with his father.  Two weeks ago, during his speech to the nation,  Bashar Al-Assad warned that Syrian would not forget the forces which brought the killers to its land.  Let’s see what happens.  I am not optimistic about this.  Syria has a government which plans perhaps too punctiliously.  Israelis flew over his home in Latakia; they bombed a base belonging to the PFLP-GC near the Golan; they bombed our facility at Al-Kibar.  So far, no revenge.  We have to wait.  Your friend, Ziad

Another Anonymous writes with skepticism about claims concerning liberation of Aleppo from rats.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “FIRST POST – JANUARY 24, 2013 – SAUDIS LOSING WAR …“:

“In Aleppo City, now almost completely rat-free”
It doesn’t make sense. Only 1 week ago they were controlling the East sector and parts ot the center/south with several thousands of men. It would take several week before to clear those areas. Nowhere else did I see such a claim.

ANSWER: Dear Anon,  We stand by what we wrote based on reports from Wael and our relatives in Aleppo.  It appears that the FSA is abandoning its positions in Aleppo and moving westwards to Idlib for a last stand.  Saudi Arabia and France have now hinted that the war has not gone their way and maybe, the only game in town is to secure one last bastion in the north.  I am only speculating, but the process of cleaning Aleppo is going very well.  Note that the airport is open with the highway clear for vehicular traffic.  It’s important.  You friend, Ziad

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Aleppo Citadel. This jewel of our history is firmly in the hands of the SAA and was never in danger of falling to the apes. The Aleppo Citadel was meant to have been taken and destroyed before the start of the UNGA last year, this barbaric act was meant to be the crowing of the defeat of independent Syria. These same bastards from the FUKUSI who destroyed BABYLON, Mesopotamia were willing to see the destruction of the Citadel. So much for Christians. Now where is the ex Nazi Pope heard anything from him, or that Western SAINT Mandela. I guess… Read more »

Hoots Mon!
Level 0 - Anonymous
Hoots Mon!

The quote about Davutoğlu and the Latakia mosques was from the link that you gave regarding the Qatari leaks; the 3rd section. Wasn’t it the case that even the HRW was forced to admit that a Shia Mosque and some Churches were destroyed by the ‘rebels’ (or am I getting confused?)?

What I’m trying to get at here is that this shows not so much that Davutoğlu is a liar (politician=liar) but that he’s acting out a false-reality – these people actually believe their own mythology. So even at this supposedly high-level of discussion the protagonists are just puppets.(?)