The Zionist attack on Syria dominates the news today.  Here’s some interesting stuff from Infowars:

BBC comes up once in a while with an intelligent article.  Here is one of the rare instances:

But not the NYT:

Good analysis by Global Research of the Zionist air strike:

Erdoghan’s lies exposed by PKK.  We’re still waiting for the big uptick in attacks.  Ocalan is a traitor.  The sooner they discover this the better.  Cansiz was killed on orders from Ocalan:

Al-Akhbar is a very unprofessional news source.  They put a picture of a terrorist rodent at the top of an article having to do with the Zionist attack on Syria’s facility at Jamraya.  You figure:

We told you so.  And she is in Syria.  So is Dr. Assad’s mother, Anisa.  The propaganda is thick:

This article by opposition criminal Kamal Al-Labwani is important because it displays the ineffectiveness of the NACOSROF and SNC and the rest of the criminals.  Good read though:

Now read about WOG of the YEAR AL-KHATIB and his overture to Dr. Assad.




At Douma, mopping up continues with our forces confronting remnant rats unable to escape.  SAA infantry today killed the following rat excrement:

Muhammad Saryoul
Farouq Ahmad Labaaqa
Adnan Dughayr
Abdel-Azim Darmoush
Abdallah Hamid Al-Samid

In Darayya, a rat nest was uncovered with rats inside.  According to Monzer, the troops were warned that the nest was not empty and they went in with machine guns, on automatic, spraying everything.  This battle took place at Al-Shreida and netted the following carcasses:

Qutayba Khudeir
Abdul -Razzaq Khalil
Fadl Muhammad Alloush
Hussein Mahmoud Al-Hussayni
Hatem Al-Qaadiri
“Abu Umar Al-Shami”, his i.d. still pending

At the Shrine of Our Lady Sakina in Darayya, several IEDs were dismantled by sappers.

Watch this long video showing the liberation of Darayya by Tischtern and posted by John Esq.:–NfY9M& 

Another video taken by some rube shows our tanks in combat in Darayya.  The use of the expression Allahu Akbar makes you almost sick when it’s repeated constantly:

SyrPer confirms the deaths of the following roaches at Al-Sabina and Hajr Al-Aswad:

Taha Oussama
Muhammad Ramadan  
Ghanem Al-Ghanem
Yasser Al-Hajj
Riyad Al-Burghush

In a continuing operation at Al-Nabak, the following additional rats were killed:

Hazem Al-Rifa’i
Muheeb Al-Jabrani
Tariz Ahmad Al-Ma’touq
Ali Hussein Madani
Taher Makram Dreikneh 
Khaled Al-Rifa’i


See this video of people cheering the victorious Syrian Army rolling through Aleppo.  Thanks, John Esq.:

Al-Safira in rural Aleppo, a firefight with superior SAA forces from the 3rd Army Group, 8th Division, resulted in the deaths  of the followings grubs:

Jihad Afif Kassab
Walid Istaif
Abdul-Razzaq Al-Hawaarina
Khaled Walid Al-Khatib
Mahmoud Abboud Smeidi

At Khan Touman, Wael reports a vicious firefight that netted these imbeciles:

Udayy Ra’fat Hiblis
“Abu Ghadab”, a sniper of Egyptian origin whose actual identity is still being investigated.  
Muhammad Mulhim Al-Asmar

At Mannagh, the flies still keep dropping.  Wael says no reinforcements have come in to help the insects:

Muhammad Al-Burj
Fadi Abdul-Muhsin Mheissin
Hussein Faisal Al-Dugheim 
Ali Abdul-Samad
Ahmad Bilal Eid
Saber Muhammad Ali
Talal Jaam’i Faraj
Mahmoud Ahmad Hammad Qandil
Ali Hassan Marzooq

This infantryman scouts for rats in northern Aleppo.  (Credit: SANA)

Army sappers also dismantled a IEDs on the road from Mannagh south.

At Kafr Naasih, Jabhat Al-Nusra clashed with the Mu’tasim Brigade leaving one identified rodent:

Abdul-Aziz Muhammad Sadiq
3 other carcasses were found but not identified as yet.

In Aleppo City, at Sheikh Sa’id, a clash with militia resulted in the deaths of the following scum belonging to the “Dhi Al-Noorayn Brigade” :

Muhammad Abdul-Rahman Badawi
Lutfi Mahmoud Osmandi
Ismat Muhammad Jubeili 
Ayman Abdul-Aziz Ramadan  

At Al-Naqqaareen, The Old Gate Road, Al-‘Aamiriyya and Al-Zaraazeer, a large number of bodies are being counted in a moving battle that lasted all night.  Both SAA and militia participated in killing about 16 rodents. Wael is trying to get names for us. 

At Khan Al-‘Asal,  terrorist hyenas tried to blow up 200 kgs of explosives placed in a boiler to heat water and carried inside a car.  Alert security people noticed something strange about the vehicle, to wit: its suspension system was depressed indicating it was carrying something heavy.  The driver was stopped and searched.  The driver, Mahmoud Madaraati is now in custody and has much to tell our people. 

At Al-Haidariyya, an internecine conflict between competing gangs loyal to Erdoghan’s Islamist microbes resulted in the deaths of 12 rodents as they fought over merchandise received from abroad and plunder taken from innocent Syrians.  Wael reports that almost all these criminals were non-Syrians.  He expects to see Libyan and Yemeni identification.

At Hayy Al-Sukkari,  inhabitants have confirmed what we already know about the propaganda war; rodents are burying their dead in the local cemetery but not before taking pictures to send to Al-Jazeera or Al-Arabiyya to show civilian deaths.


It’s amazing how the cradle of this miserable conflict is becoming one the safest zones in Syria with the Jordanian Army now fully invested in keeping the border safe and non-porous.

On the main road to Al-Yaadouda in the Western part of Der’ah Governorate, SAA uncovers a substantial cache of IEDs used to attack armor.  Each IED was fitted with about 50kgs of explosives.

HAMA:  At Kirnaz, Al-Hawash, Al-Hamamiyyat, Kafr Nabbouda in the rural north,  SAA unearthed 2 rat dens and destroyed 8 cars used to ferry terrorists to their crime scenes.  The following names have been provided by SANA with additional information from Monzer:

Ali Al-Ahmad
Abdel-Hamid Darwiche

Monzer adds the following names which were positively identified at Al-Hamamiyyat:

Burhan Ali Al-Raa’fi’ (Lebanese)
Kifah Karam Al-Hassan   
Anis Mahmoud Ali Qallab
Daher Ali Daher


At Talbiseh, in a spectacular operation which has not ended yet,  6 flatbed trucks carrying heavy anti-aircraft machine guns were destroyed with over 31 terrorists killed or wounded.  Wael will send details.

At Al-Qusayr, now a killing zone for our SAA, a truck carrying a cannon was destroyed by militia.

IDLIB:  At the Idlib-Sarmeen Road,  a head rat was killed along with his litter of runts:

“Abu Bakr Al-Shami”, still to be identified positively.
Hussam-Al-Deen Issa
As’ad Kheir Muhammad
Abdul-Hakim Abu Awadallah
Abu Hassan Al-Tunisi (aka “Al-Muhaajir”)  Tunisian pig.
Umar Mustafa Hajj Hamdan (aka Yousuf Al-Shami)
At Kafr Zeita,  several safe houses were found and destroyed with an undisclosed number of rodents dispatched by SAA.

JOHN ESQUIRE PROVIDES US WITH THE FULL INTERVIEW BY BARBARA WALTERS WITH DR. ASSAD.  Most of you probably saw the edited television version – not the whole unexpurgated one.  Here it is for all you archivists.  Thanks, John: 

Great video by Arabi Souri, who has contacted us directly in the past, posted by John Esq.  A must see.

John Doe did this video about foreign terrorists in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, sent by John Esq.:
Hans sends this thoughtful message about how Iran must respond to the Zionist aggression against Syria:

hans has left a new comment on your post “SECOND POST – JANUARY 30,2013 – THE OBAMA DOCTRIN…“:

Syrian Army Command: Israeli Warplanes Violated Syrian Airspace and Bombarded Scientific Research Center in Damascus Countryside

This is a real test for Iran, this is not for Syria. Iran has/must be seen to do something else it will be attacked.
ANSWER:  I agree. Ziad

Anonymous sends this strongly-worded complaint about the Syrian defence system:

 Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “FIRST POST – JANUARY 30, 2013 – BAN KI MOON DRUNK …“:

can someone explain how israeli jets were able to attack a target near Demascus without being tracked. what happened to the russian air defence systems? this does not bode well for the future. why is syria not responding military? this will embolden the enemy greatly.

ANSWER:  The route the Zionist jets took to avoid the S-300 is instructive.  They flew, first of all, over the Mediterranean and then used a route over the Lebanese border close to Syria’s and fired inside Lebanese territory.  They are clearly afraid of the Syrian air defense system.  We must now wait to see if any reaction is forthcoming from Syria and Iran.  Let’s keep following the details of this event.  Ziad

Another Anonymous writes about the hypocrisy of aid to Syria from those who are the source of all the misery:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “FIRST POST – JANUARY 30, 2013 – BAN KI MOON DRUNK …“:

To read about the West & allies collecting money for Syrian humanitarian aide is sickening! They are the cause of it & the money will never reach the Syrian people. It will fill the pockets of the cockroaches & buy guns and more mercs while fooling the willfully ignorant masses
“look at our humanity, we are the good guys” what utter DUPLICITY & HYPOCRISY! (sickening). I read comments where idiots are complaining about the US giving aide when they are needy. This horrible farce never fails. The West has never given so-called “aide” without DEADLY strings attached!

ANSWER:  I couldn’t agree more with you.  Ziad

Another Anonymous sends this note about the Iranian facility that wasn’t really bombed and asks the same question I’ve been asking every time the Zionists hit our military sites in Syria:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “FIRST POST – JANUARY 30, 2013 – BAN KI MOON DRUNK …“:

More news concerning Iran Nuclear Facility

IAEA dismisses reports of explosion at Fordow nuclear facility. Looks like source was an Iranian traitor for Zionist agendas.

Also, just read that Israel attacked (air strike) on Syrian Research Facility. Do you have any info additional info on this?

I wish that those who are committing these heinous crimes would get their “just” reward. How long can a country get attacked before they retaliate or crumble? I am horrible at diplomacy(chess) but see only the pain of the average person(pawns). When a bully continuously gets away with attacks it becomes institutionalized. Would be great to see a setup(ambush) of a zio airstrike attack or their N Facility sabotaged.

John Esq. sends this Russian video showing our special forces training:

Wanna see the terrorist rats burning the bodies of their fellow rats?  See this one sent by Arabi Souri and posted to us by John Esq.:

Hans lambastes Medvyedev as I did yesterday:

hans has left a new comment on your post “FIRST POST – JANUARY 27, 2013 – SYRIAN ARMY LOCKS …“:

What is this Russian weasel and clown upto, has the Zionist finally getting to Putin and his boy wonder
Assad’s chances of retaining power get ‘smaller and smaller’
Discussing the ongoing civil war in Syria, which has seen around 60,000 people killed there during almost two years, Medvedev said that Syrian President Bashar Assad’s chances of retaining power are getting “smaller and smaller” every day.

“President Assad made a mistake in carrying out political reforms. He had to do everything much more quickly, attracting to his side part of the moderate opposition, which was ready to sit with him at the same table. This is a considerable mistake, maybe a fatal one,” said Medvedev adding that Assad’s days could be numbered.

Medvedev reiterated calls for talks between the government and its foes and repeated Moscow’s position that Assad must not be pushed out by external forces.

“Therefore, the task of the international community and all countries – and the United States and the Europeans, and regional powers, such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other countries – to put parties together at the negotiating table, but not just demand that Assad should leave, and then he is either executed like Gaddafi, or carried on a stretcher at the hearing, as they are carrying now Hosni Mubarak,” concluded the PM

Anonymous thanks NATO for making Dr. Assad so popular:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “FIRST POST – JANUARY 27, 2013 – SYRIAN ARMY LOCKS …“:

If the rebels are in control of any area why must they move around by way of tunnels? giving them heavy weapons will not work. as to use them they must come out into the open and fight conventionally. this is not the strong suit of a guerilla army. all in all, they are outgunned, out manned, out planned and have lost the moral high ground [ if they ever had it ]. this is fiasco of the highest order .A democratic election tomorrow would see Assad an easy winner. for that he can thank NATO



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Level 0 - Anonymous

Ziad, whatever the route – Syria should have watched that coming & intercepted the missiles or fired on the plane even on Lebanese territory. There has to be a policy in place that any attack will have at least missiles fired at Israhell.

Syria took care of Turkish plane, why not these ones.

Wishing for the best of Syria.
Your Indo-Canadian follower.

Level 0 - Anonymous

I really enjoy your blog Ziad and especially love your description of the rats being killed by the SAA (and the lists). I laugh and laugh when reading it.

Thanks for the good work you do.

Level 0 - Anonymous

Here is a link to an interview that gives an interesting POV (point of view) on how the “Arab Spring” emerged (an extension “Plan B” of Gladio) and Turkey’s bloody hands in all of this (no wonder they are “all in” for the destruction of Syria and the Zionist NWO resistance).

Level 0 - Anonymous

Here is an embedded video on global research by RT. The interviewee is VERY good and gives an explanation on how the Zionist scum were probably able to get by Syria’s defense. He also says how Syria would possibly retaliate (arming Hezbollah).

Only time will tell how this plays out but our prayers are with Syria’s VICTORY and the destruction of the Zionist FILTH!

Level 0 - Anonymous

Ladies and Gentleman I want you to see this video, the Choosen People watch this tough machs of the IDF and laugh. Soon Syria will confront these rodents and Satan’s choice war criminals. To me nothing’s better than seeing a bunch of grieving yids. Real drama queens!

Level 0 - Anonymous

Crocodile tears! Where are their tears when the attack defenseless indigenous woman and children. Their talmud has corrupted/destroyed their soul/spirit and any chance at humanity. They are the REAL walking dead (zombie filth).