This is not a good year for France.  It’s even worse for France’s reckless president, Francois Hollande.  We have a sense here that the French have deliberately misread every event of the last, failed presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy, then dyslexically conflated and confused the dreadful news that’s been flowing in through the leaky faucets of the French media.  Is Snafu a French word?  It means “Systems Normal All Fouled Up”, or something more vulgar.  Maybe it’s really: Systems Normal All Frenched Up.  
Someone at the Quai D’Orsay or Versailles must believe that the Anglo-French-American assault on Libya was a rip-roaring success.  Having snookered the Russians and Chinese into abstaining on a U.N.S.C. resolution authorizing military intervention solely to protect Libyan civilians from a concocted threat of harm by the forces of then-supremo, Col. Muammar Al-Qaddafi,  the French and their British foils (with subtle American help) managed to overthrow the sitting government, destroy infrastructure, install a friendly government of Barbary apes and publicly pat each other on the back even as their accomplishments started to immediately fray at the edges and break apart at the seams.  Libya is a failed state on the verge of a long and bloody civil war, thanks to France and England.
Then, French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, a certifiable dunderhead, put in motion a French intervention in Syria by sending electronics specialists and special forces to “direct” fanatical Islamist Jihadists and Free Syrian Army deserters from Northern Lebanon as they wrought havoc inside the nation to the East.  The entry at Beirut Airport had all the characteristics of a Inspector Clouseau comedy with Lebanese customs officials being ordered by former General Security officer, Wissam Al-Hassan, to look at the ceiling fans while patently espionage-related equipment was blithely placed before them and tucked away in Oscar Meyer Wiener trucks.

The entire French commando and electronic-ops team poses in front of the Grand Seraille in Beirut after having stealthily penetrated the country to assist Jihadist freaks to fight a secular government in Syria.

Well, thanks to the French,  terrorists in Lebanon have been massacred while trying to foolishly make the crossing from Wadi Khalid into Tel Kalakh.  Our sources with deep knowledge of the area estimate that French terrorism-enablers are responsible for the deaths of over 2,000 miserable Al-Qaeda Jihadists and FSA insurgents.  The border is now impassable thanks to Syria’s accurate reading of the French style of commanding felons and directing operations.  A complete military disaster for France and a potential piece of evidence at a trial for war crimes against both Sarkozy and Hollande is now taking form.   
Then, Hollande tried his hand at acting.  He met openly with Sakine Cansiz, a co-founder of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Paris just hours before she was assassinated in the same city by what we have determined to be a French-Turkish liquidation team.  Two other young Kurdish women were murdered with Cansiz also in a Central Paris building on that January 9, 2013.  Turkish Prime Minister and fellow war criminal, Recep Tayyip Erdoghan, pretended to be appalled that Hollande would meet with Cansiz and demanded “an explanation”. Well, what is Hollande supposed to tell him?  “You’re the ones who wanted the hit.”(?)  
The predictably botched investigation will be swept under the rug by this knuckleheaded conspiracy of imbeciles without regard to the natural tendencies of aggressive investigative reporters to expose chicanery, fraud, abject failure and scandal.    
Never one satisfied with mediocre failure, Hollande has multiplied his forgettableness by singlehandedly volunteering to save Mali from savage Jihadist Al-Qaeda-types occupying huge swathes of that country’s largely barren land.  His jets are roaring across the skies, one having managed to get shot down.  The French High Command has indicated that the enemy fighters are “tougher than we thought”.  Oh, really!  So what now? Maybe you should just call it off and leave it to the old colonials.    

Hollande, seen here biting off more than he can chew, as his “Glory Guys” fight for old France in the moon-crater nation of Mali.  We hope the baguette stuffed with crow meat will taste good. 

And then, when all was sinking into the sewers of Paris, the French bungled a rescue attempt in Somalia by sending in one of their “elite special forces” units which managed to not only kill 17 Somali fighters – but, also, managed to lose three of its own trying to save a useless intelligence agent by the name of Denis Allex.  The French spy was captured by the Al-Shabab terrorist group back in 2009 in Mogadishu and has been held since then in various locations.  Apparently, and no doubt with American help, the French finally got a fix on his site and bungled an entire rescue operation.  According to the Al-Shabab,  Allex is still alive with a lot more years on his actuarial table to enjoy Somalian hospitality.    
What could be the cause of this SNAFU?  We know exactly what it is.  It’s Mussolini and Abyssinia redux.  The deceased Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini, used to beam with pride whenever his son’s name was mentioned – for he was a pilot with the Royal Italian Air Force fighting helpless tribesmen in Ethiopia.  In his book, “Wings Over Ambe“, Vittorio Mussolini boasted of his great exploits bombarding nomadic peoples while bringing Italian civilization and genocide to this backward part of East Africa.  
Proud as a peacock, and as dumb as one, Il Duce glowers at the camera lens – exuding Roman arrogance while flanked by his sons.  Vittorio is to the leader’s left, seen after he returned from Ethiopia having killed thousands of confused nomads by dropping wine bottles from his plane.
And so it is for Mr. Hollande.  As he vies for the love of two viragoes in his life, his strategy is one of Gaullist machismo.  His dream is to dispel all the ghosts of his sordid love life by an heroic act(s) which would cloak his truly epicene character.  When he goes to bed, he wants to be seen as Alexander, Hannibal, Germanicus, Napoleon or even Genghis Khan after a fresh and stunning victory.  If he’s lucky, history will most likely place him alongside such luminaries as George Custer, Romanus Diogenes, Italo Gariboldi or Chicken Little.   
France is clearly on the way to extinction.  It’s wines are challenged everywhere today.  It’s cuisine is so copied and reinvented that claims to uniqueness sound like the incessant dripping of a leaky pipe in someone’s basement.  France’s lionized thespians are moving to Russia to escape rapacious taxes.  And its vaunted “Force de Frappe” sounds more like a drink you’d buy at a soda counter in Boston.  Hollande is not merely the father of four bastards, he is Le Premiere Batard – Le Maitre de Fiasco.  Keep up the good work, Monsieur Hollande.



Douma:  An entire terrorist group was captured when SAA regulars supported by militia raided a home in Douma where a huge quantity of C-4 explosive was found.  Besides, wiring, timing and remote control devices, drugs were discovered.  These rats were dressed in ordinary street clothes, a serious problem, as Monzer says, when it comes to distinguishing between innocent civilians and the enemy:

(Courtesy SANA)  A photo of the captured killers.

At Rukn-Al-Din, a quarter in the capital, 8 cockroaches were killed in a firefight after their den was uncovered by the SAA.  They were in the process of assembling crude IEDs.  Their names are:
Wajih Abu-Sara
Mufid Zeid Al-Jundi
Arif Ahmad Shalhout
Alaa’-Al-Din Wardani
Muhammad Ahmad Afar (non-Syrian)
Khattar Youssef Al-Mufarreh (Jordanian)
Ali Mu’in Al-Awad
Muhammad Shadi Ali-Ahmad

5 Turks arrested trying to pillage a warehouse at Khan Al-‘Asal.
At Hanano, several rats were captured inside their den surrounded by drugs and bomb-making devices.\
No names available.
At the town of Maheen, 27 cockroaches were crushed and deposited in the toilet.   Only two names have been sent to us.  There are some Saudis and Lebanese in the group:
Ammar Sabri Muwaqqet
Wajdi Muhammad Khalifeh
I can also confirm that the four Turkish pilots captured in Northern Syria at the Kweirek airbase were a part of the exchange for the 48 Iranians.  I think it was Hans who wanted to know.  It’s confirmed now.
Large demonstration demanding removal of terrorists and giving support to the Army in Idlib City.
(Courtesy SANA) Demonstrators carry the flag of the republic and reject the message of nihilism spread by the deserters and their sociopathic Jihadist freak allies.

Hans sends this one:

hans has left a new comment on your post “FIRST POST – JANUARY 14, 2013 – BIG NEWS GLOBALLY;…“:

Syrian army regulars from the First Army Group, 2nd mechanized armored division, move through Suweida triumphantly at the head of a unit of T-72 battle tanks.

They look determined and they will fight to the end. They have a task at hand, not some Hollywood picture shoot. Send them some UAE, Qatari, Saudi or better still all the GCC clowns.


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Libya was a success for FUKUS. Syria has been a failure. From a big picture point of view, it seems likely that those who orchestrated this Arab Spring a hundred years after the one they had with Lawrence of Arabia are dissatisfied. This is something Syrians can be proud of.

On a different topic, when is Syria going to send a lunatic gang to attack the Louvre? That would get the cafe crowd in Paris to become unhappy with their government’s war lust.


Arabi Souri
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You’d love this one Ziad:

Mahdi Harati in Mali