We had to wait for two sources to respond to our inquiries.  We contacted Aslan in Gaziantep and Garabed in Antioch.  We needed to know what they had about the triple murders in Paris.  If the reader will recall, three Kurdish women, intimately involved in the PKK movement to liberate Kurdistan, were killed at short range by a person wielding a high-powered pistol with silencer on January 9, 2013.  Their bodies were discovered the next day after colleagues became suspicious.  Of interest is that SyrPer has learned from a former Lebanese intelligence officer, that Sakine Cansiz, a co-founder of the PKK was planning to leave the next day for Cologne, German, where it was expected she would condemn Abdallah Ocaylan’s self-serving negotiations with Erdoghan’s regime in Ankara in exchange for improved conditions in his cell on Imrali Island where he was the sole prisoner serving a life sentence for terrorism.  (Readers are encouraged to read the article we posted on January 12, 2013)

Aslan has been following events and has read our article which was based on Intel from a man named Tawfiq who lives in Morocco.  Garabed has also been discussing the murders which he says “has people in this area on edge”.  Aslan asserts that the Turkish MIT under Hakan Fidan has no record of extra-judicial killings outside the immediate region.  The only time he can recall the Turkish spy service engaging in international operations is when Ocaylan was kidnapped by MIT agents on February 15, 1999, (with Mossad and CIA assistance),  in Kenya while he was being moved from the Greek Embassy to the airport in Nairobi.  On his way to Turkey,  he was video-taped brown-nosing his captors by saying his mother was of “Turkish origin” and that he “was ready to give all help to the Turkish people”.  It is interesting to note that Ocaylan has a history of distancing himself from his own organization such as in 1998 when he excoriated the PKK for “mistakes” made in Europe.

Sacrificed for a wide-screen television by their beloved “Apo”, Abdallah Ocaylan.

Aslan says his contacts with the Turkish military seem to support Tawfiq’s assessment.  He does note, however, that more than one officer in the Turkish army has remarked that the Erdoghan “government” would not have authorized the assassination without Ocaylan’s approval.  Garabed goes even further by saying that Ocaylan would have to, not only sanction the killings, but would also have to disclose the name of a confidante whom he trusted to take the assassin inside the Kurdistan Information Center where the women were meeting.  The contact would have to be a person with “impeccable credentials” or the operation would not succeed.

Garabed says the “contact” was a German-based Kurd whom Cansiz and Dogan both knew and trusted.  That person would almost certainly have been on the German BND’s radar screen and most probably a high-ranking member of the Free Kurdish Women’s Association.  Germany is Europe’s biggest host country for expatriated Kurdish people with tens of thousands of Kurds enjoying citizenship.  The largest concentration of PKK supporters is in Germany and the center for money collecting is Cologne.  The PKK in Germany is also the most heavily surveilled organization, outstripping even neo-nazi groups for the attention of the Bundesverfassungschutz.  Interestingly, the PKK is not classified as a “terrorist” organization but a “criminal syndicate” by the Berlin government.  Despite that, German security specialists treat the PKK as terrorist and all communications of the organization are monitored.  

Tawfiq contacted us yesterday when your editor was working on something outside the office.  He says that Cansiz was heading for Cologne in order to “have her usual argument over money and to expose Ocaylan’s treachery”.  He says his sources tell him Germany’s Gerhard Schindler called Hakan Fidan and told him that the PKK leadership in Germany was going to condemn Ocaylan as a Barzani“, in PKK-Kurdish parlance a “Vikun Quisling”.  What happened then is pretty obvious.  Tawfiq speculates that Hakan Fidan went to Imrali Island and gave Apo the bad news.  There, he must have told the Turkish master spy that it was necessary to “liquidate” Cansiz to facilitate the peace talks between him and Ankara.  Tawfiq also mentioned that Ocaylan would almost certainly insist that some hostile action take place to camouflage his treachery.  Moreover, Ocaylan would disclose the name of a trusted person whom he was certain would both act as Trojan Horse and trusted confederate.  Enter Germany.

Garabed does not have the contacts enjoyed by Aslan.  But he has his finger on the pulse of life in Southern Turkey.  He says everyone believes Ocaylan set this up.  Everyone also believes that the matter will be swept under the carpet.  He notes that Turkish media are not playing up the event, a silence which reminds him of how crushing Erdoghan’s oppression really is and how much editors fear for their lives in an Islamist Turkey. 

For those of you who want to have a good belly-laugh, read this short article from bianet:

Tawfiq tells me to watch carefully for German media treatment of the assassination.  He says the truth will come out from the silence.

It’s as though he was there to mourn the deaths of those whom he murdered.  In a scene straight out of “gangland” Hollywood, Ocaylan graces the doorway to the Kurdish Institute of Paris.  Ocaylan means “avenger” in Turkish – and that’s what Cansiz got.

The coroner in Paris has determined that the three women were executed between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Wednesday, January 9, 2013.  That would make it dark in Paris with the usual bustling nightlife enveloping the escaped killers in a sea of humanity.  Evidence indicates that there was no scuffle or screams.  All women were shot quickly in the head.  We predict the Paris police detectives will find no usable forensic evidence.  This was a professional operation with all scientific tests accounted for.  Cansiz, who has extensive military training as a fighter with the PKK, did not have a chance.  Why should she worry?  She just met with Francois Hollande.



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