If you don’t think he’s shrewd with a surgeon’s penchant for planning, look again. 
Dr. Bashar Al-Assad, the sitting president of the Syrian Arab Republic, stood at the Opera House in downtown Damascus on Sunday, January 9, 2013, and addressed the people of Syria and no one else.  He already knew that NATO countries would denounce his speech before it was translated.  He has known from the very beginning that the enemies of Syria are the enemies of Iran and Hizbollah; and they wanted regime change.  He knows that nothing he could do could change the atmosphere of hostility and confrontation enveloping the Near East.
In the Summer of 2011, a few months after the violent demonstrations in rustic Der’ah,  the Syrian ambassador to the U.S. was the guest of honor at a demonstration in Dearborn, Michigan.  The demonstration was nothing special with about 500 pro-government activists attending.  Dr. Imad Moustapha, a computer maven and media expert, was asked as he departed why the U.S. was fomenting so much discord in Syria.  He responded cryptically:  “Oh, it’s really about three things.  If we deal with those, the U.S. will stop”.  One of the listeners nodded his head and said:  “Iran, Hizbollah, Hamas”. Dr. Mustapha smiled and walked to his waiting car.
The U.S. would lead a psyops war against Syria by withdrawing disgraced spook-diplomat, Robert Ford, from his ambassadorship in Damascus during which time he managed to “out” hundreds of spies, activists and terrorists working against the Syrian government.  Syria, in turn, withdrew Dr. Moustapha who returned to Damascus to tell Dr. Assad what the latter, the Russians, the Chinese and the Iranians already knew: the American position was pinioned on a plot to overthrow the sitting government and replace it with a friendly, Sunni puppet regime allied with the Banana-Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
On January 6, 2013, Dr. Assad spoke while knowing fully well that his audience was his people.  The Americans were either disconnecting from the Middle East, as Thierry Meyssan thinks, or they were continuing a proxy relationship with NATO on the lines of Libya, as we at SyrPer think.  The Americans were not his audience any more than the British.
Here’s what he said in plain English as derived from the Arabic:  
1.  The U.S. and its allies, both European and Arabian, had failed to force his resignation.  In fact, he was more emphatic than ever about holding on to power while defending Syria’s sovereignty;
2.  The U.S. backed NACOSROF coalition is an abject failure.  It has no more legitimacy than the American YMCA.  Any talk of negotiations with this NATO-created abomination was going straight to the dumpster.  Here’s why:  NACOSROF is already showing signs of splintering.  Inherent contradictions within its ranks are now becoming all too obvious to the extent that it seems to be floating in a void with Ahmad Mu’adh Al-Khatib acting like some bonding cement that is quickly hardening and withering.  Moreover, the NACOSROF coalition is substantially penetrated by Syria’s intelligence services rendering anything done by it an open secret subject to sabotage or obstructionism.  
3.  The war in Syria is swinging toward the Syrian army and government.  The devastating defeat suffered by the terrorist army at Damascus during the trumpeted “Zero Hour” campaign has led all military assessments in the direction of “hold what you can” and “regroup”.  The same is true in Aleppo where some early advances have been reduced to an infestation in rubble-strewn abandoned quarters fit for vermin. They too are trying to regroup, but Syria’s army is becoming more savvy.   And Dr. Assad is not interesting in letting the terrorists regroup which is why he is so tenaciously cleaning out Darayya and Douma, not to mention Hanano and Bustan Al-Qasr, inter alia.        
4.  His speech was a wake-up call to all his citizens and a demoralizing blow to the failed military policies of the Germans off the coast of Turkey, the English in Southern Turkey and the French in Northern Lebanon.  While the leaders of the NATO countries continue to spout nonsense about Dr. Assad’s durability,  he continues to stealthily pummel their terrorist proxies and on some days, killing them in the hundreds.  
5.  He now knows he has the full backing of Iran and Russia.  His army is not tiring.  His officers are confident and tell him so.  His army is flush with weapons.  His binary chemical weapons are safe but ready to use at any time, having been readied over a month ago. Iran and Hizbollah could join the fighting if he needed it.  40,000 newly trained soldiers in counter-insurgency have been absorbed into the Syrian fighting machine. 
6.  Syria is secure financially.  Russia has been slighted by NATO and will not let its ally down.  Moreover, unknown to many of the anti-Assad propagandists in the U.S. and Europe,  Syria is sitting on over 48 billion dollars in actual gold reserves.  Syria has no debt, it being discharged completely back in 2007.  Syria has the support of Iraq and Iran and can call on Venezuela at any time to supply her with diesel fuel for army tanks and vehicles.
7.  Syrian assessments of the FSA and Jabhat Al-Nusra is that they are not competent to fight this war and will grow tired, just as Saudi Arabia and Qatar will tire of the expense of paying for travel and wages.  Syrian Sunni secularists (majority), Christians, Alawis, Druze, Armenians, Ismailis and others are terrified of an Islamist take-over and will not be deterred in ridding the country of these plague-carrying vermin.  If they want a long war,  the people of Syria are resigned to it and will fight it ferociously.
8.  He also knows that over 50,000 troops from the Russian-inspired Collective Security Treaty Organization are ready for deployment as soon as the military situation in the north, along the Turkish border, stabilizes.  Which is what we have been telling you about the up-coming, but much-delayed, Idlib campaign that will annihilate 20,000 terrorist rats.

Dr. Assad’s speech was a warning to the foreign conspirators, like the NACOSROF coalition.  He said “you have no place at the negotiating table because you have supported violence and terror.  You aren’t even Syrian!”  He told NATO: “you have failed to oust me and our army is devastating the ranks of your terrorists gangs. I have no interest in talking to you.”  He told the world that the neo-imperialist conspiracy to shape the old colonies in an antique mold is a rank, humiliating failure. His approach was stealthy…a thumb in the eye of the criminals who keep lying….the ones who tell us “he’s embattled”, “he’s on the verge of collapse”, “he’s surrounded”, “Damascus is falling to the rebels”…and all the other tommyrot they’ve been purveying.  His was a speech hatched in the mind of a triumphant general prepared to rub the enemies nose in its own ordure.  ZAF


Syrian Perspective is delighted to report another beheading in Saudi Arabia.  The one yesterday was for a Syrian man convicted of smuggling drugs.  This time its for a Sri Lankan maid who was subject to typical Saudi torture at the age of 17.  Saudis and Wahhabism mean stupidity and savagery.

This one from the NYT is great.  It’s about Aleppo and is basically true.  Good show Cameron, Merkel and Hollande.  Excellent reading:

And just when you thought it was safe to go to Turkey, you find out the Poles are Coming!!


Hans sends this question:
hans has left a new comment on your post “FIRST POST – JANUARY 9, 2013 – SYRIAN ARMY DELIVER…“:

What is your insider information regarding the release of the Iranian hostages. Was the 4 Turkish pilots part of this exchange. 2,130 is a huge number, and for 50 Iranian civilians? I don’t buy it.

 ANSWER:  Hans, my friend, I have no insider information on this.  I do know that Syria values its alliance with Iran to the extent that it would be willing to release a large number of civilian prisoners who are charged with crimes involving disturbing the peace, some minor sedition or demonstrating without a permit.  It’s not a bad deal.  The terrorists did not get any hardened Jihadists.  They really played into Dr. Assad’s hands in the sense that he was going to order another general amnesty.  So, all in all, it does not appear to be a very controversial event.  Ziad 

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Arabi Souri
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You can very well add to the speech analysis: Dr. Assad chose the Opera House as a deep message to the cavemen & their Takfiri ideology, this Syria that has that beautiful opera house in the heart of its heart Damascus city, will not fall into the ages of darkness, retardness & ignorance these cavemen bring with them.

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