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“It’s all in ze brain.  I wish I lived long enough to do SyrPer’s Brainteaser”.
Here are the rules.  You have only ten minutes to finish the questions.  You must use only one sheet of legal sized paper.  You must use a lead pencil.  No erasing allowed.  No research tools can be used.  You cannot discuss your answers with anyone.  Those caught violating our rules will be subject to life-changing animosity and interference in expectations.  Don’t take the chance!
1.  Which famous personality listed below did not convert to Islam?

a.  Mohamad Ali
b.  Cat Stevens
c.  Lew Alcindor
d.   Mike Tyson
e.   David Duke
2.  How many fifths of vodka can fit into a litre of scotch?
a.  1 and 1/2
b.  2
c.  2 and 1/2
d.  6
e.  Vodka cannot be mixed with scotch, dummy. 
3.  What is the name of the old white bigot character who slaps Mr. Tibbs in “In the Heat of the Night“?
a.   Entrecot
b.   Endicott
c.   Apricot
d.   Artichoke
e.   Bandicoot
4.  “Semper Fidelis”, the Marines’ motto, means what?
a.   “We’re always fiddling”
b.   “Fiddlesticks”
c.   “Your bona fides are filled with distemper”
d.   “Ever loyal”
e.   “My sub pump is loyal”
5.  Gerard Depardieu moved to Russia because?

a.  Russian women are sleazy tarts and will go out with old, fat French has-been actors;
b.  He was high on Absinthe;
c.  He did not approve of French morals;
d.  The caviar is cheaper;
e.  Taxes.

6.  Which remedy best staves off a hangover from rum consumption?

a.  Alka Seltzer;
b.  Vitamin B complex;
c.  Angostura Bitters;
d.  Water;
e.  Rum consumption.

7.  How is Pater Noster related to Notre Dame?

a.  He’s married to the hag;
b.  She’s his illegitimate French daughter;
c.  He plays on the Notre Dame football team;
d.  You might say one in Notre Dame;
e.  His real name is Nostradamus, which is also Notre Dame!

8.  Rami Makhlouf is Bashar Al-Assad’s first cousin.  Who is Rami Makhlouf’s first cousin?

a.  Riad Al-As’ad;
b.  Kamel Al-As’ad;
c.  Bashar Al-Assad;
d.  Ahmad Al-As’ad;
e.  Mustapha Lutfi Al-Manfalouti.

9.  Is it possible to ride a bike from Montreal to Vienna?

a.  Yeah, if the bike has pontoons;
b.  Sure, if the airlines will let you ride your bike up and down the aisles of an aircraft for 22 hours;
c.  No, treaty obligations specifically outlaw extended bike voyages;
d.  Yes. If the bike is equipped with jet engines and you are wearing an astronaut’s outfit;
e.  It is theoretically possible to exploit the once icy arctic perimeter and ride down from Siberia.  However, only lunatics or Englishmen would do anything so preposterous.

10.  Thomas Mann’s story of a man in love with a beautiful boy in “A Death in Venice” is about what person?

 a.  Jerry Sandusky;
b.  Alexander the Great;
c.  John Wayne Gacy;
d.  Gustav Mahler;
e.  Heinrich Heine.

The winner of this week’s contest will be automatically made a lifetime member of “DENSA”, Syrian Perspective’s elite group of marginalized, antisocial and alienated geniuses.  You will wear your badge with pride when you are a “Densie”!       

Dertus Moncrief won a membership to DENSA two weeks ago.  “My life was changed radically”, he wrote to us in appreciation.

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