DAMASCUS:  Lt. General Fahd Jassem Al-Fureij will be interviewed this evening on Syrian state television (Al-Ikhbariyya) and will discuss the Zionist attack on Jamraya, defeat of the FSA and its allies and new discoveries regarding foreign support for terrorism.  We will be watching the interview to give our readers a synopsis tomorrow.

NORTHERN DARAYYA:  There can be no dispute any longer; the rodent infestation in Darayya is in its final phases.  Trenches and tunnels have been found and destroyed at the Al-Saadiq Al-Amin Mosque which were used to transport ammunition and weapons during happier days for the vermin.  No more!  Sappers also dismantled several IEDs of various sizes.  In fighting in Darayya, we can confirm the death of this useless weasel:

Ghassan Abdul-Aziz Fawwal


A Syrian soldier fires on plague-bearing rodents in Northern Darayya.   

At Tall Kurdi, in a devastating blow to the Islamist Jabhat Al-Nusra, a franchisee of Al-Qaeda, the SAA backed by new militia arrested many terrorists, some of whom became famous for atrocities committed in the Eastern Al-Ghouta.  The SAA also seized 5 cars and 1 flatbed carrying a heavy machine gun.  Syrian Army Engineers (sappers) also dismantled 15 IEDs loaded with explosives between 25-60 kgs (SANA) on the road which leads into the town.  The arrested excrement are:

Ubaida Ma’akiyya (of the so-called “Hamza Brigade”)
Rateb Al-Mudawwar (of the “Uqba Bin Naa’fi’ Brigade)
Yahya Kabkab (“Liwaa Al-Islam”)
Aasem Abdul-Razzaq
Muhammad Ayboor
“Hamza Al-Hindi” (real i.d. pending)
Jamal Hamza (real i.d. pending)
Uthman Uthman (of the Martyr’s Brigades”)
Muhiyeddine Al=Khudari 
Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Khashour

SyrPer has conveyed to Monzer its demand that he convey our wishes for the swift execution of criminals.
At Zabadani, one of Damascus’ most beautiful summer resorts on the Lebanese border, the SAA arrested 14 killers (in the Al-Zahraa neighorhood) whose identities are still being determined.  Zabadani is the place where former Major General Manaf Tlas made a deal with the terrorists allowing them to remain as long as they did not disrupt life.  That deal so enraged Maj. Gen. Hafez Makhlouf that he arranged for Tlas to be relieved of his command and placed under house arrest.  Tlas left Syria and almost committed outright treason when he accepted money from Prince Syphilis of Qatar.

At Harasta, rats fired RPGs and mortars at a police station.  All rats were surrounded and killed.  Monzer sends this list of identified rodents:

Muhammad Khalil Z’eiter
Abdul-Karim Sati’ Hammouda
Diab Mahmoud Idlibi
Khattar Ahmad Al-Daffeh
Bilal Ali Sirajeddine
Jihad Farouq Bleisi
Iskandar Muwaffaq Shammaa’

HOMS:  Another French-encouraged attempt to cross from Lebanon into Syria faced the SAA and alert Syrian border police who not only squelched the effort but shot over 20 rodents.  The infiltrators used cars and motorcycles to cross the border from Idlin and Uzeir in an effort to reach Tal Kalakh.  The names of the rats are not available.  Many of them escaped back to Lebanon.

At the Al-Awja roundabout in Al-Hisn in rural Homs, the SAA destroyed a flatbed mounted with an anti-aircraft machine gun.  3 rats identified:

Hamdi Sultaniyya
Udayy Sa’id Al-Makkar
Ali Sabri Ali 

At Talbiseh, a firefight near the area of “Al-Karaajat” or “Garages” netted the following snakes:

Abdul-Aziz Mahmoud
Muhammad Yousuf

At the constantly restive city of Al-Rastan which has more morons per square foot than all of Der’ah, several rat leaders were killed in a firefight.  We are still looking for Abdul-Fattah Tlas.  His end is near.

IDLIB:  At Abu Dhuhour Township, a veritable catastrophe for the FSA took place when SAA uncovered a fully occupied den of grubs and exterminated them.  The names of some of the identified fly larvae:

Hani Nijmeddine Arraf
Durri Alaa Al-Dhahabi
Shukri Muhammad Al-Qawooq
Muhsin Jalil Abu-Khalil
Jassem Ali Maltawi
Bad’i Fadil Aqqad

Another 10 cannot be identified because they did not carry papers.  Wael says 3 of their bodies were burned beyong recognition by withdrawing rats.  These people are in all likelihood foreigners.

At Tal Salmo and Umm Hurrayn and Al-Hamidiyya,  6 rats were arrested and are singing arias right now to the Air Force Intelligence unit assigned to interrogate them.  No names available.

At Basnaqool and Ariha, the SAA destroyed a heavy machine gun and a mortar.  Many rats were killed in this firefight but names are not available yet.


No daily dose of propaganda, lying, fabrication or outright fiction would be complete without a reference to the New York Times.  Here’s one that makes no sense about the attack on Jamraya with fabricated references, as usual, and made-up events.  Note the CIA-inspired effort to humanize the terrorist rats even though the article isn’t about them:

This is one whacko article.  Does anybody know anything about the World Tribune?  Here the Turks try to look like they’re opposed to terrorism:

The Saudis keep making headlines with their savagery.  Here’s more about that child-murderer fined for murdering his own 5-year old daughter.  It’s a scandal!:

You’ll be laughing your heads off when you hear WOG OF THE YEAR Al-Khatib offer Dr. Assad a “peaceful” departure.  We know who’s going first, you slimy agent of Zionism!:

Mmmm.  Syrian terrorists receiving orders from Pakistan….Well.  What will Hillary think of next?

John Esq. sends this article that confirms the direct news you’re getting from us:


Hans sends us this poem he collected from another blog:

hans has left a new comment on your post “FIRST POST – SUNDAY FEBRUARY 3, 2013 – NEWS FROM S…“:

Found this poem in another forum, hope u like it Ziad
Why is it that you dare not criticize?
Why is it that you fall for all my lies?
I’m really just a Nazi in disguise
But I claim to be a “Jew”
So there’s nothing you can do.
See me profit? Hear me laugh?
While you make war on my behalf.
These wars go down in infamy
Yet you’ll do anything for me –
because I claim to be a “Jew”
You give me billions every year
What is it that you goyim fear?
See me profit? Hear me laugh?
While you make war on my behalf.
Why are you afraid to ask
What lies behind my “Jewish” mask?
You lack the brains to see
that the wolf you idolize
is just a Nazi in disguise.
See me profit? Hear me laugh?
While you make war on my behalf.
You seem to want to be my slave.
Servitude is what you crave.
So please continue to attack.
while we Nazis just sit back.
See us profit? Hear us laugh?

Anonymous sends this link about the Turk-Dwarf slamming our president for not hitting the Zionists. But they did and no one wants to fess up to it:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “FIRST POST – SUNDAY FEBRUARY 3, 2013 – NEWS FROM S…“:

This article reeks of the midgets duplicity. What a scum bag! They are losing the proxy war to oust Assad. Syria needs to be prepared for more attacks. Would be great to see them shoot down Zionist jets before they do any damage.

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Level 0 - Anonymous

Here an article to think about

“Israel plans defence buffer inside Syria”

Would be great to see them get their butts handed to them.

Level 0 - Anonymous

Does anybody know anything about the World Tribune?

It is an American blog, newspaper based in Santa Monica, CA. It is probably funded by NED (George Soros) and staffed editorially by Trotskyist. I never read anything they write

Level 0 - Anonymous

Sorry did not realize the link for above article wanted money for full read. Here is the full article (thanks info clearing house)

Another article to follow up on the Zionist attack of Syria recently

Syrian Resistance needs to be fully prepared for Zionist escalation. Would be great to see Zionist jets falling from Syrian skies!

The Hypocrisy from the rats (Turkey, SA, FSA..)

Oh No You Di'nt
Level 0 - Anonymous
Oh No You Di'nt

Z, With all of the captured weapons, IEDs, & terrorists, there seems to be an opportunity for a recycling program. For example, these captured assets could be recycled to “peaceful, civilian protesters” behind enemy lines in Turkish & Zionist controlled territories respectively without Syrian finger prints. The key would be to support separatist movements so that ultimately these enemy states are divided into pieces & pushed back in the case of Turkey to beyond the Taurus Mountains, Syria’s natural line of defence, & in the case of the Zionists, at least off of the Jolan. Occupied Iskenderun province is entirey… Read more »

Oh No You Di'nt
Level 0 - Anonymous
Oh No You Di'nt

Oh…one more thing…alternatively, the Syrian government could at least use the terrorist prisoners for hard labor to rehabilitate areas that have been destroyed by their imposed war. Imagine chain-gangs of terrorists under the watchful eye of all female national defence army forces, wearing T-shirts that say: “I waged jihad against Syria and all I got was this lousy T-shirt” or your classic “I am with this idiot ->” or “I am not a terrorist, I just seriously need a shave” or “Payback is a bitch, and now so am I” or…ah, you get it already. It would be a nice… Read more »

Level 0 - Anonymous

Nationalists in Europe Support your struggle, especially the great groups like Jobbick or Golden Dawn, Keep firm and as straight as an Arrow!